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Oh, the baggage under my eyes. ‘Sup you beautiful bastards, Hope you’re having a great Sunday. Uh, this video I’m whisper-talking because my wife and my son are sleeping upstairs and I don’t wanna wake them. Uh, also I said I was gonna announce something big this week I’ve been asked now to push the exacts of that big update to next Sunday. Uh, what I will say is that its in relation to people that want to work with and for me, both in person and online, that’s all I’ll be able to say about it now. Opening the door soon. Mhm? MHM?! Mhm. Okay. And the rest of this video is an update I’ll probably delete by the end of the day so whoever came to the channel today You saw it, if you didn’t, whatever. Big update is, uh, as you’ve known for the past week We’ve been up for two Streamy Awards One for news and culture and one for best show of the year. And the best show of the year is one that you’ve guys been going to vote (At Link). And doing the 100 votes a day Uh, you can also go to Twitter and as long as you tweet vote (Hashtag) Streamys and Philip Defranco Show. Every time you tweet that or every time you retweet it, up to 100 times a day those also count as votes. And so thank you to everyone who has been uh, participating and doing that. Please keep those votes coming in, I think that we actually might have a chance And it’d be so cool for the Philip Defranco Show to win that. But, last night, was the Streamy’s like first initial get together Where they announced thirty of the kind of small awards And in that was, “News and Culture”. And uh, this happened: Announcer: “Streamy of the night goes to…” “The Philip Defranco Show!” (Loud Screaming) I love you, person I can’t see! Oh my gosh, I, uh (Stutter) uh. I thought the “Young Turks” were gonna take this, so I’m sorry. But also…HaHa! Uhm…(Crowd Laughs) I wanna thank, uh, the Streamy’s for having me Uh, I guess everyone who voted for me. Uh, My editor James who makes me look like less of an asshole everyday! Uh, my, (Laugh) Thank you, James! Uh, my producer, my wife for dealing with my bullshit And just everyone that watches me that’s cool with me talking about the news And not having to agree with me and having, uh, A place to talk about stuff rather than having to be just one thing. So, uh, thank you! I love your faces and I’m gonna go get drunk now. Bye! (Clapping and Cheering) And I meant what I said, I did get drunk!… I didn’t. I didn’t get drunk, I had one drink…Two. They’re watered down drinks…It doesn’t… Also, Thank you! That’s what I mean, thank you, to you guys who have been watching. Even though last night’s vote, uhm, and award were based off of (Stuttering) Whatever the academy is for the Streamys, I wouldn’t have a show without you guys. I wouldn’t get in front of more people if you guys didn’t share my stuff And think that what we’re doing is something special, so thank you. I love your faces but also Keep those votes coming in (Vote you guys!) The fight is not over! Uh, I don’t know why, why am I being so dramatic? It’d be cool if we won though. Also good luck to everyone I’m facing in Fantasy Football today over at DKPhil.com I hope you win, in your other fights but to the five-hundred people I’m doing head-to-heads with I hope I fucking crush you. But that’s it, I hope you have a great Sunday, I love ya faces be on the look out next week For all the regular Philip Defranco Show stuff And Monday, Wednesday, the new days for daily vlogs…One daily vlogs No no no, take..(Rewind Noise) Docu-Vlogs, Monday/Wednesday And, uh, we’re gonna do that two more weeks then we’re gonna go to three times a week. Okay? I love ya, have a good one.

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