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Last night, at the local pub,
somebody said… and I won’t say who, … that a tie against Guastalla would be
enough . What the fuck! Everyone listen carefully I want… … that the Borgorosso Football Club, this team that I raised from
shit in the amateur category up to the promotion, to enter heads up in
the upper category. We only have two
matches, both away, in the enemy’s land. We have to win! At any cost,
even at the cost of dying! Be careful and remember… … that those of
Guastalla are not fools. So, no stories, no waiting tactics, no bullshit! We shall win! – Holy shit…
– What’s going on? – Are you crazy?
– Why are you braking? – Doctor! – Why did you stop? Passeretti, come here! What’s happening? What is it, idiots? – The President is sick!
– The President? What is happening? – I told him to stay home!
– My Lord! Descend on you and
stay forever. Amen. Amen. May I? I’m Benito. – Oh, dear Benito.
– May I, Monsignor? I was in the print shop. In my opinion, in the first sheet
of the “Priesthood” series the color is too bright and strong.
If you allow me, I would like to burn it, I wouldn’t
want it to fall into the wrong hands. – Good, Benito, make yourself
comfortable. – You see, Monsignor… I didn’t want to talk to you about this. Do you remember Don Regazzoni? Ah yes, you left Romagna when
he hadn’t yet taken orders. I left 30 years ago from Borgorosso,
my hometown… – What about your father? – Have you not seen him for 30 years?
– I haven’t seen him since ’46, Monsignor. When I had scarlet fever, I vaguely
remember it because I had a high fever, he stopped briefly not to see my mother.
You know my parents… – Benito, The time has come to forget some
misunderstandings. – They are not misunderstandings,
but concrete facts. – I can’t forget my father’s wrongs. – A
little while ago Don Regazzoni called me, – to tell me that your father had a
heart attack. – It’s not the first time. However… … it could be the last one. And at this moment, your precise
duty as a son and as a Christian, your place, is to stand next to him. And… … you have to convince your
mother to accompany you too, son. I can also forget
the wrongs suffered, but my mother can’t! I am sure she won’t enter the house
where she was much offended and humiliated! If you don’t hurry up, you idiot,
that cow will snatch the sheets too. How much do I owe you? – That’s 4,900, sir.
– All right. It’s 4,900, mum. Thank you sir. Keep the change. – Thanks. – Bye dear. Goodbye sir. Damn you,
they even come from the Vatican. – Did you leave him 100 lire?
– The change fell in up the drain! Do we have to pay? – That is the monument to the hero Baracca.
– Yes, I know, mom. I remember,
it was in the school notebooks. – The countryside is flourishing,
right mom? – Yes, the fruit is wonderful. In fact, they throw it away. We have done many miles,
yet we have not seen anyone. Really? Nobody? – Not even one person.
Where is everyone? – Who knows. Where are the people? – You are right.
– Is there an epidemic? – Here we are. This is Borgorosso.
– Ah! This is a desert town too.
Where is everyone hiding? “Camillo Fornaciari”. Who was it, mum?
My revolutionary great-grandfather? Mum! May I! Hey! Dad’s old studio. I didn’t remember it
to be on the ground floor. Mum. Mum! Mum! – There’s nobody here!
Maybe they took him to the hospital. – Or don Regazzoni has exaggerated.
– God forbid he got better. I didn’t remember the house to be so
big, beautiful, warm, welcoming. I hate this house! – Here’s dad, mum. – Yup… What do we have here?
A delicatessen? – Disgusting… – You think so? Is there anybody? Excuse me! What a smell! Mum! – What are you doing?
– That’s why heart attacks come! – Look at that salami!
– But aren’t you ashamed? – Sir? There’s someone, mum. – Sir! – Excuse me, Reverend… – Do tell. Mrs. Amelia!
Darling. – So you’re Benito? – Yes. Don’t you remember me, Benito? – I’m don Regazzoni! Benito…!
– Dear Don Hamlet… Nice to see you again! You look a lot like your father, you know? – Thank goodness you came in time.
– Where is he? He’s upstairs, unfortunately.
I’m afraid this is the right time… I wanted you to make peace,
your father is a good man. Fortunately,
you arrived on time. – We told him to be calm.
– Is it very serious? Unfortunately your father has the
tired heart of passionate men. – Scipione, how are we doing?
– Bad, still 1 – 0. – Oh no! – What’s up? We are losing! – Who are they?
– Maybe his wife and son. To the right. Benito! Benito! Come. Of course the house,
after so many years… If you allow me, I’ll show you the way.
Sorry. This way. What’s this? And why? I must be really sick
if the crow has arrived. Do not move. Your place is here! – Mrs. Amelia, where are you going!
– Didn’t you see her? – That shameless one!
– Yes, but it’s not the right time. – I’m surprised at you,
but what are you saying? – I’m back after 30 years and
still find her there – What? But she is not Dalgisa. Dalgisa has been dead a long time, when Fiorentina won the
Championship for the first time. That is Erminia, the niece.
Excuse me a moment. Hello, who am I talking to? Yes Pasolini, tell me. No! -… cross, a magnificent ball, Giorgetti!
Giorgetti II is an asshole! What’s up? Nothing, what do you want there to be? Don’t be a Jesuit,
what’s going on? In Massa, the Celerina tied. Pasolini called me just now,
and the match ends in few minutes. – Damn it! – I know… If we don’t tie, we’re screwed! – Goodbye promotion. Erminia!
– Yes. Tell the coach to release Giorgetti II.
Let Passalacqua enter! – Pierino? Get Giorgetti out
and let Passalacqua enter. – The President says to hurry. – No, I won’t change Giorgetti II.
– If you don’t do it, I’ll do it! – I am the coach here, and I can’t…
– No! You’re a beast! He’s right! Come on Passalacqua, get up! Warm up. Attack, come on! – As soon as he entered the field,
Passalacqua threw himself into the fray… May I, madame?
I’m accountant Braglia. I take care of the administration. -… a great heart, which
beats in unison with its great President! Tell him to stop talking bullshit, do not crowd in the center, widen the
game, this way they will never pass! – All right, President,
send the order to the coach. You are Benito. Yes. How white you are. You’re really ugly. … Passalacqua, goal! It’s goal! Passalacqua has scored! – Great Passalacqua!
– Great President! You were right, President! – Long live the Borgorosso!
– We made it! Bullshit! If the Celerina
ties, we have the same scores! We still have to fight
the decisive battle! Next Sunday the Championship
will be decided. I’ll be at the bench, I’ll show you! Damn it. Holy cow, disgusting… Hello? Hello? – Hello? – What’s up? – The President…
– What does he say? He no longer says anything. If you can understand, I absolve you from your sins.
In the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Yes, on the sixth page and in the
biggest possible bold character. and listed in the mourning, please. Excuse me ma’am, a one-minute phone call,
I’ll serve you right away, be patient. The title: “The death of Libero Fornaciari Valli,
President of Borgorosso Football Club”. Yes. The text: “With Libero Fornaciari Valli
a great sportsman disappears, an exemplary figure
of Romagna football. Illuminated and successful entrepreneur, he had put all his energy
and enthusiasm to empower the
Borgorosso Football Club. In the soul of all sportsmen, beyond a great sense of emptiness
for the departure of its President, an anxious question is urgent: who will take his place? Who will be the new President of the
Borgorosso black and white zebras? And we ask ourselves too.
Who will it be?” I. I assure you, accountant.
I’ve never seen such a beautiful cellar. The barrels were your
father’s great passion. Together with the football
team and together with… – You understand me, Professor?
– Yes, I understand it well. – In fact, by the way, tell me…
– Yes? – That woman, you know who I’m talking
about – You mean Erminia? Yes, Erminia. I think it would
be good to make her understand that she is no longer welcome.
– I’ll talk to her. However, Professor, I don’t know
if it will be easy to replace her. You see, these girls have
an exceptional performance, which allowed the
relaunch of the company. Because while your father took
care of the football team, Erminia was running the cellar. – Here Professor, this was her office.
– Yes. Please. You see? I see I see. It looks more like the office of a sports
club than the office of a winery. He was happy in that photo, when
Borgorosso entered the Promotion. That’s when the trouble started. – Before, 10 million was enough.
– 10 million? – You think it isn’t enough? – It’s a lot! Then look here. Your father spent 30 million to buy
these 3 idiots. – It is madness! Of course it’s crazy,
but try to tell the Borgorosso fans. Everyone is a fan here in town. Starting with Don Regazzoni, who, on Sunday, right after the mass
he runs off to see the game. Do you know how much is your father’s
credits to Borgorosso? – No. 157 million. Come in. May I? Excuse me, I need to talk to the
Professor about some private things. I’ll wait for you outside, Professor. If you want, we could go to the
Tredozio farmhouse before breakfast. What I have to say to the Professor
won’t make him waste much time. Please, take a seat. No. I prefer to stand. Listen Professor,
you know who I am. And I’m sure you know the nature
of my relationship with your father. No. – Actually…
– I’ve been his woman for 20 years. And I loved him very much. But I’ve always been in my place. I knew he had a wife and a son, and that one day Erminia
should have left. It is the law of this country. But I’m not complaining. I was happy with your
father, and he with me. But now, if my presence bothers you,
just say it. I will leave right away. Dear Miss, you spoke to me
frankly and sincerely. And I will have to be
equally frank and sincere. It’s true, a little while ago I told accountant
Braglia to inform you that you.. … were not welcome here anymore. But entering this office,
I changed my mind. Now it’s me, Miss, to tell you: “I’d be happy if you
stayed here instead.” All right,
as long as you don’t call me Miss anymore. Okay, as you want! Well? What are you girls doing? Go to work! There are 24 hectares of land. In the
south-facing hill there are all vineyards. Of course, we should renew the trees, your father talked about it with Bulgarelli, in order to get
the funds from the Green Plan. – Bulgarelli? I remember this name.
– Bulgarelli Delicatessen. He’s become Mayor. He’d do anything to become
President of Borgorosso. – Why? For vanity, ambition, interest.
But also for electoral reasons. Your father could have become a
member of Parliament, if he wanted. Taste this wine! “It smells of sea and broom”,
as your poor father used to say. Listen, speaking of dad, you assure me, accountant,
that Borgorosso will pay the 157 million? Absolutely. It has already paid it. You see, Borgorosso is, or rather
was, owned by your father. Now it’s yours. Therefore you are a creditor, to yourself,
of 157 million. – Then it’s a joke! Have a word with Bulgarelli, if he wants
to buy the team, I am up for it. – I can negotiate, but what will the
advisors say? – Don’t worry. Think about selling the team,
I’ll take care of the others. Accountant Braglia is an
asshole, I tell you! – What are they doing?
– They are training. – Sunday’s match is decisive.
– If we win, we will go to D Series. – Has my father built all this?
– Everything. Everything. Every cubic centimeter of cement and
every clod of grass, all his work. – I imagined my dad very different.
– What do you mean? – Different, what can I say.
– Do you want to meet the players? – No, they’re all sweaty.
What could I tell him? – Greet them. Look Benito, tomorrow we have a game that
we will surely win, we will go to D Series the team will be worth double,
so you have to give a big game prize. – A prize?
– 100 thousand lira each. – No, no, wait!
– Come on guys, come here! – Come here guys!
– Come under the grandstand! – We’re coming!
– It’s 100 thousand lira each! It’s 100 thousand lira each, eh! – Thank you Professor!
– You are welcome. You are welcome. – No worries.
– Are you in mourning too? – I’m the goalkeeper. – Ah well. – Thank you Professor!
– You are welcome. Go, go. I’m doing fine, you know mum. I would never have believed it. I didn’t think the vineyards
were so beautiful, you know? I know them. – Did you fire that tramp?
– Not yet, I must be careful. I must not antagonize the staff.
I’ll fire her, don’t worry. – You must fire her.
– Yes mom, at the right time, don’t worry. Now I have to worry
about the team. The Mayor would do anything
to become President of Borgorosso. It’s a mania.
But I will make him suffer! Mum, the amazing thing… … is that I’m becoming
a shrewd business man. – I’ll be back in Rome soon, I’ll marry
Alice and I’ll take you around the world. I want you to be rewarded for the
sacrifices and wrongs you’ve suffered. – Why are you talking like that?
– I have a candy in my mouth. Don’t eat too much. Be careful with the local food, it’s fat
and heavy. Your liver won’t like it… Sure mum, don’t worry! Tonight soup in broth,
soft-boiled egg, cooked plums? Thank you for reminding me,
I’ll tell Cleopatra. Cooked plums! – Cooked plums? – Pour it down. – Bye son. Come back soon, very soon!
– Don’t worry mum. You call Alice. Tell her I miss her much.
Bye, kisses everyone, mum. It is a bottle of Sangiovese from ’54. – It’s a delicacy.
– Let me taste. Blessed are the guests
at the table of the Lord. Behold the Lamb of God who takes
away the sins of the world. Oh Lord, I am not worthy
to attend Your table, But just say a word
and I’ll be saved. Come forward who wants to take Communion.
Come on, hurry up! – Move. – What’s up? What’s happening? Come on, hurry! The Body of Christ. Go, madame. Next. The Body… The Body of Christ. Go. Come on! The Body of Christ. Go away, madame, please.
Hurry up. Go, go. – I’m leaving, Don Hamlet. See you
at the stadium. – Go son, go! – Excuse me, Reverend,
allow an observation. – Yes. You do not celebrate mass.
You hurry. Of course I run. Don’t you hear the
people outside? Do you expect me to get there
when the game has already started? A mass is more important than a
match, right? – Indeed it is. But see,
it can be shorter. – I do a shorter mass.
– Yes, shorter but not skipping the pages. As you, reading the Gospel
of Matthew 10, 16-22, – Yes? “I send you like
sheep among wolves”, he skipped: “Brother
will kill brother”. – Do you know all the Saints and
the Gospels by heart? – Yes all! It will mean that next time I
will be more careful. Let’s go. “Children will rise up against their
parents and will send them to death.” Death to the referee! Death to him! I’m going to the field. If any player
gets hurt… – Okay, bye. – Here Benito, these are our seats.
– Where? I want to introduce you to Mr. Ermanno,
the President of Celerina. – Benito Fornaciari.
– May the best man win. – And who is the best?
– The Celerina, of course! What does he want?! Cheer for the President! – Thanks! Thanks!
– These applauses are also for you. Come on! Go! Kill him! Kill him! Come on come on! Pass the ball! Watch out for offside!
Watch out for offside! They are terrific! – What happened?
– We have scored! We made it! – I’m sorry. – Go to hell! Let’s change place.
And take off those black glasses! I knew you would bring bad luck! – Giuseppe, get here.
– You are beautiful! You are beautiful! – Are you a fan too? – Fuck you! – This is not a child, he is a beast!
– Come on Benito, he’s a boy. Borgorosso! Borgorosso! Borgorosso! Borgorosso! Come on, go! Attack! He hurt himself!
What has he done? Referee, fuck you! Out! Out! Here, that’s the first
that brings bad luck! Reverend, when a player gets
hurt, what happens? With the new regulation,
he can be replaced by another player. – Come on come on! Courage, courage!
– Go! Borgorosso! Borgorosso! Borgorosso! What is that fool doing! – A goal like is first in years!
– What’s up? – We hadn’t seen a goal like that for
years. – Do you want to make fun of me? Sports enthusiasm! It is the outlet of animal instincts. – Pass!
“Shall we go away, Reverend?” – Where do you want to go? – Away!
Do we have to be among these thugs? – We won. – We didn’t
win, there is still some time left. The first half will end soon. Careful! Give away that ball! Those sheep deserve a good lecture! – Let’s go down to the locker room.
– Yes let’s go. – Where are you going?
– What do you want from me? – We’ll kick your ass in the second half!
– Tell your mother! They kicked your ass! Thug! Scoundrel! You piece of shit!
Donkey! Shut up! – Ciancolini humiliated you!
– Look what he did to me! I don’t want to see anything!
You have to knock him down, you coward! – Tired, eh?
– What do you want? Do you think you won? – You’ll see, we’ll kick your ass!
– Don’t you know any other words? Sweaty, eh? A tremendous effort. I am curious, sir.
Why are you running so fast? – What do you mean?
– No, I said… Wouldn’t it more comfortable to sit
on those high chairs, like in tennis? – Is it your first football match?
– Yes. The first and the last. – Look, go have a seat. Please, go have
seat. – Yes, I’ll sit down. Keep the opponent under control. The great secret of football is here. – Pierino! – Oh! I found it, he was hiding
in the Celerina locker room. – Say a word to the boys.
– Me? What should I say? Best wishes, guys! – What are you saying, you wretch!
– You’re crazy? – Where do you live? – I don’t
know, what should I say? Good luck! But no, they say: “Break a leg” – No, why breaking a leg…you need the
legs – Come on guys, everyone out! Come on guys, come on! Let’s go too. Hey, slow down! What are you doing?
Here, I lost my badge. Does this seem like the way
to watch a football match? You don’t know who I am! They are beasts, mum.
Indescribable. Just beasts! A horrible
truly indecorous show! I resisted only the first time, then
I left everyone and I left in disgust. – Alice is here with
me, I’ll put her through. – Yes? Hi Benito.
– Hi dear Alice, how are you? I’m fine.
I’ll be back soon, you know? I really miss all of you. Me too. What are you doing in that plain? You know, Uncle Monsignor
yesterday asked about you. Dear Monsignor Montanari!
Greet him warmly. Yes sure. Benito, can I do something for you? Do you want me to join you? If you want, I could ask for a
special permission from the Red Cross. – No you say? Better not?
– Benito! Do not eat too much.
And don’t drink, please. – Did you fire that woman?
– No mum, not yet. Now the most important thing is to
fix the team, the Borgorosso FC. With today’s victory
it went into the higher category. If Mayor Bulgarelli wants
to become its President… … will have to give me more
than twice what poor father spent. You only think about money.
Are you really sure we won? In the first half we won 2-0, in the
second half, I bet they got wild! He’s upstairs. Here they are mum, they’re coming.
I have got to go, kisses! I look forward to
celebrating the victory! Here you are friends!
Come, let us toast to victory! What are you doing there, come on. – How many goals did we score?
– Two. – Good! And the Celerina?
– Three. Well… – Does that mean we lost? – Yup. What the hell! – So, let’s get to the point.
– I know you talked to accountant Braglia. Yes, Braglia told me that you want to
get rid of Borgorosso. – No. ‘Getting rid’ is not the right word. I want to sell it to a person
worthy of taking over from my father. I believe, modesty aside, to be that
person. I hope nobody doubts it. Absolutely. So I studied it with accountant Braglia.
– Yes. I am willing to accept the
Presidency of Borgorosso FC. – Yes. Taking on all the
responsibilities… -… of the management of the company.
– Good. Of course, from the day of
your father’s death onwards. What do you mean from the death?
And what about the past? – For the past, we don’t think about it
anymore. – What? My father spent a fortune! Only for the locker rooms, the stands, the
central grandstand, as much as 50 million! And for the team? Last year, only for
3 players, Cocchia, Forlan, Bordon, – Do you know how much he spent?
30 million! – 30 million? – But they are not worth 30 thousand lira!
– Who says that? – I say it.
– My advisers say they are good. Professor,
you are surrounded by incompetents, by leeches exploiting you,
as they exploited your father. I am talking to you with honesty. And to show you that I care
I offer you 10 million. – It doesn’t even cover the cost of the
land. – It belongs to the Municipality. – To the Municipality? – Sure. And there is a regular deed
of gift for each work. – No! Yes Yes Yes! He’s right!
He must have thought I am fool But do you know, accountant,
that not even the land is ours? Your father was fond
of his little field, for sentimental reasons,
and has not paid attention… And he didn’t pay attention! My father was
fond of his little field, but I am not! You don’t tell me the important things! Who is this? You only tell me about funding
for new vineyards. – May I? I’m Valentino Zuccotto,
old friend and admirer of your father. – Do you want to talk to Braglia? – No,
I don’t even want to hear his name. – I’m here to talk to you.
– About what? My father and I had prepared
a plan to strengthen the team. – Don’t talk to me about football,
I’m sick of it! -Tell me about it! I have been dealing with
players for 20 years, therefore I know perfectly well
these depressive states. Once the moment of anger for the
defeat is over, the passion… – No! – Football disgusts me!
– But it’s a safety valve, football is the opium of the people. Do you trade opium?
Look, it’s forbidden, you know? – Football is not on the drug list.
“We hope it gets on it soon!” However look,
I have no intention of buying. And not even to sell? To sell? You have players.
Most of them is lousy but if you authorize me, I could try
to sell those 4/5 that are less lousy. Close the door, please. So I can sell players and you don’t tell
me anything about it? – Football disgusts me.
– You are repeating me. Zuccotto, please. You are amazing, Benito. 32 million for four boys. – It’s incredible.
– And this is nothing, mum. Zuccotto, who’s an expert,
has promised to sell one of the fullbacks. Hurry back home.
Did you fire that woman? No mum, not yet. She is not a bad woman,
she is very useful in the company. – She’s a whore! – Mum! – You never said these bad things!
– She’s a whore! Whore! Whore! – He doesn’t give a damn, he just wants
to make money. – But it’s not possible! Pierino called the newspaper. – Tomorrow you will read.
– What are you talking about? Benito sold Bondavalli, Ceron,
Benussi and Galli. – He’s crazy! – He’s a scoundrel!
– No, he’s a saboteur! – He ruined a team!
– We can stop it! We can’t do anything,
has the power to do it. – The team is his and he does what he
wants. – It’s Bulgarelli’s. – Braglia told me.
– Bulgarelli is a lot of shit! What did you expect
from that pigs killer? Let’s set up a limited company. – We then buy the players
back. – Illusions! For Borgorosso it is over, it will take 5
years to recover! – We must not give up, that Jesuit must pay! Have you heard? The President has sold
the strongest players! – He’s a fool! He goes against his interests! Without those players, the team is over. – What a pity!
– They phoned me now from the newspaper, the news is sure,
everyone is listening! Friends, fellow citizens: the National League, as the Medical
Commission found in the Celerina players traces of amphetamines, has, by virtue of Article
8, decreed that… … the Celerina FC is
penalized by 10 points! Great! Meanwhile the Borgorosso moves
at the top of the ranking and enters the upper
Division by right! Great! Amazing!
I’ll go tell the Mayor! Mr. Mayor! – Mr. Mayor! – What’s up? The Celerina was disqualified,
the Borgorosso promoted. I would slap myself! I could have bought
the Borgorosso for a piece of bread! – I would slap myself!
– You would slap yourself! Libero Fornaciari’s
dream has come true! Idiots! The strongest
players are gone! Right! – Now we have a really good team…
– Damn that Roman! I told you we should have kicked him out! I’m really satisfied, accountant,
to have solved everything well and quickly. Here is the traitor! – And who are these?
– Maybe a rally. – No, they are coming against us.
– Against us? What do you want?
I don’t understand what they say. They are insulting you, Professor. They are telling me bad words.
But what do they want? It’s not my fault, blame Mayor Bulgarelli! Why don’t you explain them! – Shame on you! Stop!
– Calm guys! – They are angry, do something – I? I am getting out, I am going home.
Talk to them. – Excuse me, let me through. – Worm! Gentlemen! Go home!
Your priest is begging you! – Stop that! – Behave yourselves! – Go home! – Shut the door, hurry! – Stand back!
– Hurry, come in! Hurry! Hurry, lock the door,
don’t let them in! – Where’s the phone? I have to ask for
help! – Over there, by the window! – Reverend, have you seen the President?
– No. Let’s go look for him! – Hello, Fornaciari Valle’s residence.
– Your father’s house will be your grave! – Where is the president?
– Are you asking me? – You are supposed to protect him!
– If they catch him, they will lynch him! – Disappeared!
– Disappeared? Search for him! – You will return to Rome with the
hearse, you cursed, worm, ungrateful! I order you to stop talking,
I am the Marshal! Guys, come with me!
Let’s move from behind! Come! Let’s pass through here! Hello? Hello! – He’s not even in the cellar.
– Maybe upstairs. Look for him upstairs then! Leave the line
free, it’s an order! “He’s not upstairs.” – I also
looked under the bed. Where will he be? Benito, where are you going? Erminia, go get him! – Hurry, come on. Close the door.
– Stop! Stop! Professor, come out! I know you are here. I saw you going up! Professor! Come on with the stone-throwing! Stop, in the name of the Law! Stop! Are you crazy? Stop! Maybe he’s in the closet. Here he is, madame! Professor! What are you doing in there? What am I doing in here? You put me here! I do not know anything!
What do those men want from me? You are a disgrace!
Do you want to start the civil war? I don’t want to start anything, you’re
all crazy. What do I have to do with it? – You sold the players! – Sure,
they were mine. I inherited them from dad! For the last time: back or I’ll shoot! Back! Back away! Back! Away! Fools! – All this for four players?
– They are all going to kill us here! To kill us? Oh God… Are you afraid, eh? You really deserve to be beaten! – Not for those 4 players you sold.
– No? But because you are useless! The fault is mine, I shouldn’t have
let you grow up with those priests! – Daddy, what should I do?
– Remember the name you carry. Get out the balcony!
The crowd is female! She loves getting fucked! Men and women of Borgorosso, generous and faithful, listen to me! Listen to me!
I speak to you on behalf of my father. A group of traitors
hidden in the shadows wants to take over
the glorious team which was of my great, illustrious,
unforgettable father! Now don’t overdo, Benito. Casting the seed of malice and provoking
your fierce but legitimate reaction. I am accused of having given up the
strengths of the team. And well… At this point, let me laugh! What strengths? They were donkeys! Useless players! Who showed their
cowardice on the field. What, then, do you accuse me of? I have only tried to
interpret your aspirations, which were also those
of my great father! Prepare for you fans
a new Borgorosso, powerful, invincible. Here’s the point. Why did I sell?
Because I want to buy! I want to renew everything,
coach and players. All! I want the players of Borgorosso, to become a team
of authentic champions! – You seem to hear the old man talking.
– Here’s what I did. If I’m wrong, I’m here. Punish me. But if you agree… … answer a “yes”! Yes! – Can I count on your cooperation?
– Yes! – On your trust? – Yes! Men and women of Borgorosso, – on your self-sacrifice? – Yes! – On your enthusiasm? – Yes! And then my heart and yours, will have to beat hard, in unison! For the greatness,
and for the ever higher goals, – of our Borgorosso FC!
– Erminia! Borgorosso Bianconeri
– red – red – red! Borgorosso Bianconeri – red –
red, we bomb! Red – red, we bomb! Who is it? We bomb – we bomb – we bomb! – Let’s see you tomorrow for the Alpine
stage, which the Italian fans long for! – That’s all for today on cycling.
– Thanks, dear. – And let’s get to football. As you know,
the market is in full swing, and we are about to connect with Milan,
in particular with the Gallia hotel, the traditional venue for the
players’ purchase campaign. Here, the Presidents who come
and go are the real protagonists. Their handshake can sometimes
be like a real contract. Here, you see a group of
fans, eagerly awaiting news. Here, at times,
the fate of a Championship is decided. – Did you have a good trip President?
– Do you know everyone? – Good morning! Would this be the
fabulous Hotel Gallia? – Have you talked about our Borgorosso?
– Zuccotto doesn’t talk, he does. – Maybe we can do a great shot.
– Well, let’s do it! I can’t tell you much about
players, but about the coach… There’s TV, wait. Look,
the usual cretin who waves at the cameras. Look at this idiot. Please turn off the TV before sitting down.
I can no longer hear about football. – Mum! I wanted to see the Armed Forces!
– No, please turn it off. – The volume of business will
exceed the limit of 15 billion… Mum! – That’s Benito! – Benito? I knew it, he’s at the Gallia hotel,
he’s buying the players. – Buying? Selling! – But if you go back and forth…
– I’m the President of Borgorosso FC. – I don’t care, go in and get lost!
– Hello Mum! Hello Mum! Then, under the photograph,
put this caption: – Yes – “Professor Benito Fornaciari, – put in brackets – the new and dynamic President
of the Bianconeri zebras doesn’t mind expenses, – yes – to secure the collaboration
of a famous coach. ” “Big shot of Borgorosso. The new coach is the famous
Italian-Peruvian José Buonservizi. Now, the Borgorosso FC will be able
to aim towards ever brighter goals. ” This time no one will stop us! – Excuse me, Buonservizi.
– Call him Coach. – Yes? But he’s South American.
– It does not matter. – Call him like that
– Excuse me Coach, – Are we sure about purchases? – Sure,
I’ll take care of them. – When will I see the players?
– On August 15th, they are all at sea now. I’m going to the sea too.
He is sorcerer! You will be wondering
why I accepted the management of a modest
team like the Borgorosso. – Yeah, why? – Why? – I want to make the revolution.
– The revolution? Don’t worry, we South Americans
love the revolution a lot. – And do you want to do the revolution
in Italy? – The football revolution! – Thank god. – Yes,
from a football point of view. Here, see those guys?
It’s Moschino, Santarini, Bet,
Ghezzi and the great Omar Sivori! – What are the players doing here?
– They come here on vacation, every year. Excuse me Coach,
but do you know Omar Sivori? – Sure.
– Would you introduce me? – Of course. – Yes? Omar! Omar, come here! What a phenomenon, Coach! Meet the President
of Borgorosso. – I am very honored to meet you.
– Very pleased. Really very happy! As President of a
small provincial team, I’m not used to meeting football stars.
– Don’t mention it, please. Look, I’m curious, Omar. Why did the referees always
disqualify you? I think it’s due to the
liveliness of the Neapolitans. For example, were they mean to the
referee? He always took it out on me. – Good one! – Who is that? – Who? – That one. He is the great Coach Buonservizi. – Coach of what?
– Football Coach. – Of football? – Yup. I do not know him.
How dare he calls me? I’m so sorry. – I bet he told you he doesn’t know me.
– Yes, he told me he doesn’t know you. You see, a boy who came
up from nothing, neglects me. Don’t take it personal, Coach. The Championship, as you know,
begins its long eve in these days. The season of retreats begins,
that habit of collective training, to which no society, neither small
nor large, can no longer do without. – Welcome President!
– Hi, dear Coach! – Here they are! – The guys: – Antonio, – Pleasure! Good boy. – Francesco, – Very good! – Giuseppe, – Here it
is, our new purchase! – Carmelo, – Well! – Luis, – Excuse me, Coach… You had told me young, strong, brave.
Isn’t this one a bit too old? I said young people
talking about football. These have children and no money. Therefore they have the determination
of those who are hungry. Players are like bullfighters, – with money, they are afraid of the
bull, right? – Very clear! – Luciano, – Good! – Vincenzo, – Good! – Siçito, – Pleasure! – Giovanni, – Very well! – Nicola, – How are you? – Mario,
– Here’s the other purchase! – Sergio. – Good! – And our masseur, Trinca!
– Great! This is us. – Only Guardavaccaro is missing.
– Celestino Maria… – Player who is not punctual,
I don’t like it! – How dare he? – Coach, coach! – Who is it? I stopped for
breakfast in Ferrara. – My wife was hungry. – Did you get
married without telling me anything? I got married this morning. Do you get married before starting the
Championship? You surprised my good faith! – Did you know?
– No, you surprised my good faith! I’ll handle that.
Celestino, you gave me great pain. – I promise Coach, I won’t do it again.
– I do not believe you. – Promise of honor.
– Listen. Come on Coach, sorry. Tell me Coach, who is he? – Celestino Maria, who is he?
– I understand, but… -…is he a player?
– They are 4 players, can’t you see? – Even 5. He also has glasses!
– In plain clothes. When he plays he wears contact lenses.
Like Stiles from England national team. – I understand, but isn’t he
too big to play? – He’s huge. In fact he doesn’t play. – He doesn’t play? – He doesn’t play. But with training,
in a year I’ll make he lose 40 kilos! – I promise he will become a champion!
– Do you honor your promises, Coach? – I do.
– Muchas gracias! – Do you speak Spanish?
– Do I speak Spanish? – A poquito, Coach. – Bueno… Excuse me Caoch,
I’m Guardavaccaro’s wife. Celestino hadn’t told me
he was leaving right away. – Indeed you won’t leave.
– What do you mean? All players will
retire for two weeks. You will stay with the
other players’ wives. Eat, drink, sleep.
All paid by our President. All! – Aren’t you happy? – No! – No, no! – She’s not happy!
How spoiled this lady is! Every player, at the beginning of the
marriage, is half as good. Then she must be kept away from that
cow. – Coach, we’re ready!
– A second! I am coming! – Will you excuse me, Mr President.
– Please. – Do you know how he calls the players?
– How? By name, like the Brazilians. Being president with
that sorcerer is a piece of cake! Come on, friends.
Come on, let’s go! Bianconeri of Borgorosso, with me! The road is unlikely to be
ready by the end of the year. Mr. Mayor,
the zebras of Borgorosso greet you! – He aged 10 years.
– He wanted to be the President. Now he is gnawing, though! – How are you Madam?
– Fine thanks. Give it to me. I have asked you to come for a
very important thing. – Does it concern Benito?
– Yes. I’ll explain you everything in the car. Come this way, please. The total purchase of the new players
amounts to 64 million. The President says that this
is only a question of bills. – 64 million…
– Furthermore, the Coach has demanded 38 million in advance
and a 3-year contract. The financial situation
is beginning to suffer. – I didn’t know anything about it.
– Yes. By phone he always told me that
everything was going great. – Was I right to ask you to come?
– Yes, you were. Only you, kind madame,
can restrain your son’s madness, you know? The team is retiring
here in Tredozio. Luckily, the players are on a diet, or
they would clean up the pantry in two days. Here, now you will
understand. That is the new bus he bought
for the transport of the team. And this is the new car of the President. 7 million and 318 thousand lira. – Painted with the team’s social colors.
– 7 million? – And 318 thousand lire.
– My God! – What did he do with his Mercedes?
– What did they do, ma’am? They destroyed it
by popular acclaim. The President didn’t mind, he said it
was better suited for a priest than for a president
of a football club. I should never have left my son
alone at the mercy of these madmen! Where is he? – Tudina, where are you?
– Who is it? – Mrs. Tudina! – What’s up? – Where is the President?
– He’s at Borgorosso’s training, there! Over there. What is the strategy you would like to
adopt, Coach? The most suitable exercise
for each football player! Ah, good! Mum! Mum. What a nice surprise, Mum! – Why didn’t you inform me?
– My son, what are you wearing? A training suit, mum! – Thank you accountant, for bringing
her here! – Guys, lunch is ready! Come mum. Here, next to me. Watch out, guys! We thank the Lord for the food
you wanted to give us today. In the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. – Have a seat. – Thanks. What has our Tudina cooked for us today? – Tortellini. – Tortellini! By the way, mum. Look. This is a diet that our
Coach imposed on the team. It is a table based on carbohydrates,
from 60 to 40 daily points. It has been scientifically studied
by NASA for astronauts. Why, are they going to the moon? – The moon? He’s sending us directly
to the cemetery! Tortellini are worth 25 points. Therefore players can’t eat a lot of it. – Right Coach? – Sure! These, for you, do not exist! Well, maybe I’ll make you laugh, but… … among these guys, I…
sorry mum, for the first time I really feel at home, I
don’t know if I can explain myself, father. Better than you
believe, my dear. Your poor dad often said
it, looking at his boys: “This is my family!” Monsignor Montanari told me:
“When will our Benito return?” Mum, I wrote to
Monsignor Montanari. I explained all the
features of my business, and how seriously I do it. – I resigned. – Resigned? I hope he understands and accepts them. Do you want to bury yourself in Borgorosso? No mum, I was buried in the Vatican. I am reborn to new life. Can’t you see
how I look now? I used to be all white! Celestino, don’t despair and don’t
look at other people’s dishes! Have you finished eating grass? Go train! Run! – Come on come on!
– I’m hungry… Do not complain! Mum, look. See that big 130-kilo baby? – It’s Guardavaccaro. I paid him 22
million – 22 million? Right. The Celerina has offered 30. Not even
for 100 will I give him to them! Coach promised me
he would lose 40 kilos, and will become a formidable attack panzer!
More than Nordahl! You know mum, football, if well managed,
is an exceptional investment, you can earn 100%. Dear boys, lunch is over.
Start work, come on! Hearts up high! How lucky to have
a coach like that. They call him the sorcerer! Come on come on! Mrs. Tudina, I smell
roast… Thank you. Come. He has his shrine up here. Coach has received
from Europe, and also from South America, all publications on football.
He spends his nights studying. And now friends,
I have a surprise for you. Here it is! It comes from England! Here, now I’ll show you how it works. It is a modern means of
planning home games. Let’s take three pins, which are 3
players, our Borgorosso strikers. Good. We will call them A, B and C. A passes to B, who moves rapidly
to position B1. C instead advances to position C1. Here is the ideal position to
shoot at goal, but instead he stalls! Then he passes the ball to B,
who moves from position B1 to position B2, discarding opponents, runs,
shoots, kicks, goal, goal! – Isn’t it terrific?
– All right, – but the opponents?
– What opponents? Opponents must suffer. Would you mind driving me to the station? – There is a train at 18:45.
– Are you leaving? Weren’t you supposed to
talk to the President? He no longer pays
attention to me. I’ll know who to contact in Rome. You will
hear about me in this garbage town. … and everything happens automatically. And the automatism is obtained with these
exercises. Do you want to see? Come. Come. You see? They help coordinate muscular
reflexes with the psyche. You see? I want it because I see it. Sacrifice, effort, commitment: this is the footballer’s life, don’t worry, relax your nerves. Close your fist, think of summer,
winter is coming! – Coach! Shhh, they are concentrating! One two, three. Don’t worry… Have a seat. – May I help you, madame?
– Monsignor Montanari. – Mrs Fornaciari Valle and her niece.
– Have a seat. Monsignor, at this moment,
he has a very important meeting. It’s a matter of ten minutes. Specifically, 12. Excuse me. Alice, you must be
direct with Monsignor. Yes mom. I will tell him: “Uncle, after 20 years of engagement,
Benito must decide. Either his team or me. – Otherwise I’ll break up with him and
go to Africa. – Very well. Shut up, think about playing.
I will take care of arbitration. You locked him in two! – Second punishment. Go!
– Is that Monsignor? Your uncle, too! Mum, I think I’ll go to Africa! Accountant, you shouldn’t have let
let my mother leave. Excuse me President,
you know your mother better than me. And I don’t think there’s anyone
capable of making her change her mind. – No, if my father didn’t succeed.
– That with all respect, he was a man… I know an accountant, there’s no need
for me to repeat it, poor mother. She’ll think I’m crazy, but…
she’ll come around. Will you open the door, Scipione? – It must be Pierino Ribaldi.
– He always shows up before dinner. You should sign these bills. What are they for? For the renewal of those 18 million
discounted at the Agricultural Credit. – Let’s hope they’ll grant us the renewal.
– Of course they will, otherwise you will remove the deposit
and deposit it into another bank. It is Mrs Guardavaccaro. – What does she want?
– Talk to her. Have her sit in the study. – What were we saying?
– To transfer deposits to another bank. – Exactly. – Deposits at the
Agrarian bank are drained. – There are so many other banks.
– These are difficult times. – Banks no longer grant loans.
– Accountant, you take care of it. I don’t understand
administrative matters very much. – Otherwise what are you here for?
– I will try to do my best. – Yes, go. – See you tomorrow. – Good evening, Mr President.
– Good evening. What a nice surprise. Can I help you with something?
Do you want to sit down? – A cigarette?
– No thanks. Excuse me if I bother you, but I can’t take it anymore. Celestino told
me to turn to you, since you are so good… – And when did you see him?
– I did not see him. I went to Tredozio,
but Buonservizi threw me out. He didn’t let me see him,
not even from afar. Good!
Buonservizi has done his duty. Do you understand the damage you
could cause to your husband disturbing him
during preparation? – Disturbing him? – Yes! – He’s my husband, isn’t he?
– So? Before marrying you,
your husband married Borgorosso, you know? – So he is bigamous?
– You are joking, aren’t you? Absolutely not. Rather, if my husband doesn’t
act like one, I’ll report him for abandoning
the marital bed! and I’ll report you too, for kidnapping! – Your husband signed a regular contract!
– The contract states that he must play, not that he can’t… – You understand me, don’t you?
– Sure madame, – Yes, have you been married
for a few days? – 11 days. And then, madame… … pretend not to be married and
continue to be engaged. – I wish. Before we got married we used to make love, now that we’re married
we don’t do it anymore. – Everyday? – Even more. Well, take a rest, madame. You are not alone in this situation.
What about the other players’ wives? – I don’t care, I’m 19! – Damn! – 19?
– What did you do at 19? – I had typhus fever.
– Please, Mr. President, help me! – Help me.
– What do you want me to do? – Allow 2 days of leave to Celestino.
– No! Never! On Celestino the Borgorosso
bets all his hopes. This guy can become a champion,
it also depends on his sacrifice! No, madame! What are you doing?
Stand up, come on! No madame, don’t do this. Yes, help.
How heavy you are! Cleopatra! Scipio! Come on, be good.
Why are you acting like this? Wake up! – Madame, what’s wrong?
– I can not breath… I can not breath… – I can not breath.
– You can’t breath, Mrs Guardavaccaro? – Air… – Air? – Air… – Air? Yes, Mrs Guardavaccaro. President, what are you doing? She felt sick, you know? I’m practicing CPR. – I learned it on TV. – More. More air, dear? CPR. See one can learn many things on TV! Come on, beast. Borgorosso – Passatore, 2 points. Vis Pascoli – Borgorosso, tie. Borgorosso – Excelsior,
easy victory, 2 points. Sure., Sure. Saline – Borgorosso,
as well, 2 points. Borgorosso – Brighella, 2 points. Trebbiano – Borgorosso, tie. Why? We shall win! The Trebbiano is weak on the
left, we shall win for sure. – 2 points. – Do I put 2 points? – Okay, okay.
– With Trebbiano we must win! Borgorosso – Garbino, 2 points. – San Luca – Borgorosso, 2 points.
– No, this is not safe. – San Luca is strong in home games.
It’s not safe. – Sign a point? – A point. – A point. A single point? Borgorosso – Cavese, 2 points. If we don’t win, we are suckers! Total: 51 points! Hooray!
We will win! The promotion awaits us,
and we will conquer it! Borgorosso Bianconeri – red – red. Bianconeri, Admiral Nelson,
before the battle of Trafalgar, said to his men: “England expects for each
of you to do your duty.” Therefore I say to you: “All Borgorosso expects everyone
of you to do your duty!” Let’s go. Guys, come on! Those who do not fight with
courage do not deserve to fight! Who does not struggle with
vigor is worse than a traitor! He who is runs from the pitch
is a great son of a bitch! Let’s go guys! Good morning. – I’m the president of Albana.
– May the best team win! – And who is it? – Borgorosso! Let’s hope they win. They are quick to attack! Fuck! Borgorosso Bianconeri – red – red! They lose the ball too easily! It’s a injury of the defense, not biggie. – The defense?
– The defense doesn’t worry me. – Keep watching and you’ll see!
– Yes, yes… It is difficult to play against a team
that does not know the rules of football! Excuse me, Mr. President,
we are a team of poor people. This is what prevents Italian
football from progressing! – What are they doing?!
– Don’t worry. Matches are not won in midfield. But this is a siege. You know, we don’t know the
rules of football well… I can’t stand this guy.
There’s a limit to everything, right? – See what is happening?
– With such a defense… Don’t talk during the game. Excuse me Coach, but, from what I understand,
did you predict that we would lose? Sure President, I am not worried
about the result. Excuse me, Coach, if I interrupt you.
However, many have noticed one thing. That while ours were
destroyed by fatigue, – in the end the others were
as fresh as roses. – I confirm! Sangiovese is already super-trained, while my theory is that players need
to get in shape little by little. You are doctor, you should know this. Don’t you know that if players make
the effort too early, then they suffer? – No? – Exactly! Come on, an effort that lasts
an hour and a half, and once a week? The most dangerous thing is to take the
lead at the beginning of the Championship. You become the team to beat,
and thus create a fearful tension. This not only wears out the muscles,
but also wears away the nerves. But then Coach, if I understand
correctly, we have to be a dog, not a hare? Exactly!
Because the hare ends up in a dish! Eh, but you have to take the
hare first, to put it in a dish! Excuse me Coach, tell me. Shouldn’t Guardavaccaro play in the
second half? – What? – No, I said… – No! No! The boy is not ready yet. And then we must not discover
our weapons too soon. Guardavaccaro is our trump card. We’ll crash them! If it wasn’t pole, it was a textbook goal.
Magnificent. – All right, but they always take
the poles. – Too much precision. I honor my promises. The
Borgorosso will win the next game. Sure! – Sure. – Oh well. The defense moved very well,
we lost only for an own goal. – It was bad luck!
– Dear Coach, I respect you, but look
at these newspapers. They don’t
understand anything! – The defense is weak, everyone says.
– They made one mistake, unfortunately. And we lost the game. – If it wasn’t for the pole, it was a
goal, sure! – It’s the sixth pole we take. – What matters is teamwork.
– When does the comeback begin? I said we’ll be champions.
I honor my promises. This team does not fear the real
challenges. We shall be invincible. – We trust you.
– Winning is my password. It wasn’t rain, it was a flood… It seemed to me that
our players slipped. When they ran..
they even struggled to stand. – No! – Won’t it be the fault of the
diet, Coach? – No! The diet will make them light,
they will fly like butterflies. We need time. If I promise… “Defeated at home by the
Excelsior, Borgorosso is at the bottom
of the Championship. The situation is no longer
critical, it is dramatic. The fans are in turmoil. “What is he waiting, the supporters are
asking, to take those measures that any
manager would as they are, not only… ” … necessary,
but not to be postponed.” True? What are you doing, approving? You too? Very good! – President!
– Well? What are you doing? Are you upset with me too? I did what you wanted, didn’t I? You wanted the players, I bought them.
You wanted the sorcerer! 100 million cost me. Damn him! Is it my fault if the
team keeps losing? Who do I have to thank?
Borgorosso’s friends! Benito, listen. Can I tell you something? Your father, when the team lost,
would ask himself “What did I do wrong?” And he would find the answer.
And the solution. He was a great president, your father. He would have deserved an Inter,
a Milan, a Juventus. – A Roma. – Roma? – Yes. No one deserves Roma. Look Erminia, do me the favor.
Sit down. Help me. Tell me what to do. Because I thought
I knew football. – Instead I don’t know anything.
– The less we understand the better! It’s not about understanding
football, but about men! But what are the players?
They are kids! It is useless to give him so many speeches. We need an iron fist. Injections of enthusiasm.
And trust. Your father knew that he could
galvanize them before the game. And he kept them locked up in Tredozio, like chickens in the hold. And if they complained, he said: “If you feel like fucking, fuck the ball! ” And he was right. Because I don’t know if you
feel the same, but… … when the ball enters the net,
one feels, inside of oneself… Well, you get it… Do as your father did.
Do not listen to anyone. Take the reins in your hand,
and don’t spare the whip! Can you hear me? Do you know what to do? Oh lord, the President is coming, our patron
who treats us with such generosity! You guys, be happy too, please. – President, what a surprise!
– Yes? I don’t think it’s so nice. Guys,
there’s a bus waiting outside. I give you 5 minutes to
prepare and come with me. – Where are you taking them?
– In the hold! – In the hold? I do not understand.
– Sorcerer, whether you understand or not, I don’t care! You will remain here ladies,
at my expense. Let’s go guys! – You are the President, but you can’t
offend me! – I won’t even answer you! – My Embassy…
– You are from Castellammare di Stabia, – which Embassy?
– At my Consulate… I gave you 5 minutes of time,
3 have already passed, go! Nobody move! Guys, I know Fornaciari,
if he gets angry it’s a mess. Let’s go! – What are they doing?
– I think they are going into retreat. We are the ones who lose out. To see Celestino,
I will have to wait until Monday. – We stay here, in seclusion?
– Let’s hope it lasts only a few days. – If they lose, prepare the widow’s dress.
– Ugh, what a bad luck. You can’t treat me like that, I have
a regular contract! I want my money! But fuck off! You’ll have to pay me to the last penny.
Where are you going? My money! They are burning everything! – Look, Mr. Mayor?
– What is he doing? – He directs them.
– And what do players do? They chop wood, cut the
grass, pile the hay. He is ruining them,
he treats them as if they were peasants. After all, they are not lawyers. Come on, it’s not the time to joke around. They are athletes that the
coach has built every day, both physically and
psychologically. The President is not entirely wrong.
That’s what they do in Germany. If the idea wasn’t his, the method
wouldn’t be that bad. If all Italian football adopted this
system, there would be more goals! – And agriculture would increase!
– Yes, Joke around!
They no longer follow any diet, The farmer’s son
told me yesterday. They eat everything like wolves! Yes: tagliatelle, cappelletti,
agnolotti, lasagna. – Ravioli, everything! – All
carbohydrates, 200/300 points per day, a disaster. Do you know, Mr. Mayor?
He didn’t let me check the players. – He kicked me out!
– Do you want to know something else? Yesterday I called and told him I could
tell them the mass on Sunday. Do you know what he answered? “Do not worry, Reverend. There is
another priest here, he’ll do just fine. he says mass even better than you!” The team has to be removed from him
before it is completely ruined. It would be better for
you, Mr. Mayor. So next year you can take
Borgorosso for a bit of money. Right, and should I take a broken
team with devalued players? You should hurry to get the team
out of the hands of that madman! Let it cook in its broth. At the most two or three Sundays, they
will kick him out! You’re right! Come on, Ciccio. Don’t get excited. Sit down. Why don’t they defend the goal?
This is not the right tactic! – Damn! What do you want?
– Can I take my clothes off? What are you saying? Guardavaccaro, do not
break my balls. Sit still. And shut up! Come on come on!
Borgorosso boys, come on! Press the opponent!
Power! Violence! Stronger! What are you doing? Attack! – Attack them, damn it!
– Sit down! Immediately! Presidents don’t sit at the bench, ever! And he is even been warned by the referee! Calm down or I’ll send you out! This is not a football
game, this is a bullfight! All right, enough. I understood. The ball is yours. Come on! Leave it, don’t fall in love with the
ball, pass it down! Why are they waiting?
Why don’t they run more? You had to pass it to the center!
Come on undress, I’ll let you in. Go Go! What are you doing, asshole?!
Sit down. There! Here is some good tactics! – Did you see that stuff?
– Crazy! He has never scored in his life! Do you see what they are doing?
Even idiots can score! Come on, pass the ball.
Come on, action! Rush forward! Come on, don’t get glued to the ball,
pass it! Phenomenal! I can’t resist to such a horrendous show.
The League will get me my money! Of course for a man like that, to see
such a game must be just heartbreaking. – Meanwhile we are winning.
– What are you saying? Are you joking? With a team like this, even the children
would win! – Be quiet! Come on Borgorosso boys,
crash their legs! They understand, the scheme works.
Go on the attack! Come on come on! Look at you, you have to smile! And from today, for every victory,
the prize will be doubled! Do not thank me, it is me who thanks you.
Goodnight, boys. Sleep well.
Stretch your nerves. Relax. And if you feel like
fucking, fuck the ball. Dream. Dream of…
hating the opponent. – Who runs away from the pitch?
“He is a great son of a bitch!” Goodnight. – Zanon, go! Your wife is waiting for you!
– Yes! – My dear!
– Hello sweetheart! Oh, hi dear! Oh God. The cow! Who is there? It’s the President! Run away! You go away. – Who’s here?
– It’s me, President. I’m Mrs. Zanon. – Good, Mrs. Zanon.
– I had to talk to my husband. You could call him, couldn’t you? You know, by phone certain
things cannot be said. And above all,
they can’t be done, right? Mr President, I speak also
on behalf of the other wives. We are also entitled to
celebrate the victory. Mrs, The players, at this hour,
must sleep in the arms of Morpheus. Ouch. And not among those of the wives. – And among those of the wives?
– A teddy bear. You think I am cynical, right madame? No. I am the President, and as such I must
impose an iron discipline on the team, for the glory of the
players, your husbands. But as a man, I am ready for any sacrifice. For the peace of wives. Mrs Guardavaccaro
told me… … that you are so kind and courteous. Did she tell you only that? Finally a victory! Long live the Borgorosso! Borgorosso! Borgorosso! Borgorosso!
Borgorosso! Borgorosso! Borgorosso! Listen to them cheering!
Idiots! Are you upset they won
even without your wizard! If we were real sportsmen, we should be ashamed for a
victory like today! – Why? – Let’s hear Gianni Brera.
– First of all, I’m not Gianni Brera. I am a sportsman and
an honest reporter. And then I say that we should
cry over the fate of our team, abandoned in the hands
of an incompetent maniac! Yes! He is so lucky!
Never seen such a thing! – How much did you get?
– 87 million. Ah well! 30 million at 4 months date. – Thank you very much.
– No worries. – Say hello to your father.
– I will. The Tredozio farmhouse: 17 million. The mortgage on the cellar walls
and on the two floors of the house: – 21 million and a half.
– Well, accountant! You fill out the documents,
I have training at 16:00. – I’ll see you tonight.
– All right, Professor. You know it too, don’t you?
He’ll end up at the hospice. Coach I would like to
know something from you. Should all these successes
be attributed to luck or not? Sure! After the period of bad luck, when
I was there, the period of luck arrived! – Sure, sure!
– And he takes the merits of the victories. And he steals them from me.
But I will take all the money. Come on. This is the notice of appearance. – But the Professor is not here now.
– I’ll leave it to you. – First name?
– Quintino Braglia. As soon as the Professor comes back,
I will inform him. It has 48 hours time. Goodbye. You only have 5 minutes to tie!
Under attack! Cowards! Three wins and two ties.
we can win this leg! I wonder how, experts like you say you are can boast of certain
impromptu successes! They will also be temporary, but 8
points in 5 games are significant. – In 5 games you have scored 6
goals. – You have? What are you, Bulgarian? – 8, not 6! – It’s 6, one with
an own goal and one with a penalty. Why did the referee kicked the penalty? If we want to be sportsmen,
we must recognize that ties and victories are due to a series of favorable
circumstances that are difficult to repeat. Who cares!
The important thing is to win! And no my dear, you’re exaggerating. With the tactical system
devised by that madman, no player knows what his role is anymore.
– It’s the modern game. But don’t say crap! – We will see who is right against
Sangiovese! – We will. Unfortunately! – Sunday night you will cry bitter tears.
– Whatever! The truth is that the President humiliated
you, you and your foolish sorcerer. – Here we are! Madame, my boys!
– Hello everyone. – Give me your foot.
– Give her the foot. – Give me your foot.
– Give her the foot. – Give me your foot.
– Give her the foot. – Give me your foot.
– Give her the foot. – Give me your hand.
– Give her your hand. – Give me your foot.
– Give her the foot. – Give me your head.
– Give her the head. – Give me your head.
– Give her the head. Let’s go. Enter inside.
“Squeeze a lemon, cut a chicken…” Close the door well,
otherwise the snake comes out. “Evil-eye, don’t come to me,
tarantula come to me.” “Evil-eye, don’t come to me,
tarantula come to me.” Do you want to know the
latest idea of ​​that fool? Give me a drink. So, his father, an atheist
from head to toe, and that because of the heart
attack didn’t eat meat, he ate steaks only twice a year: once on Good Friday, and another time on Ascension Day. I say, his father,
before the derby with Sangiovese, has always brought the team
to the Madonna of Pratobello. And we’ve always won.
Is it true or not?! Raised inside the Vatican. – Do you want to know where he brought the
team? – To the Sanctuary of Monticino? To the nuns of Poggio? To the Cappucini friars? To the gypsies!
In the ditch of death to make spells! – Sportsmen,
your tonic is Fernet Branca. – Fernet Branca Digestive. – Sportsmen, try the American Gancia. – Very American Gancia. I know you guys,
you’ll do everything to bring our glorious
Borgorosso to victory! And I know too that you don’t need, let’s say,
financial solicitations, but… … you won’t mind knowing that in case of victory here, it’s ready for you… …a million! Listen how happy they are. Watch out for the tarantula! “Evil-eye, don’t come to me,
tarantula come to me.” “Evil-eye, don’t come to me,
tarantula come to me.” – Attention attention. – The game is about to begin. – It’s exactly 2.58pm. – Precise time of the Bulova watch. – A man who knows what he wants,
wears a Bulova. The space age watch. Borgorosso – Borgorosso – Borgorosso –
Borgorosso – Borgorosso – Borgorosso – Borgorosso – Borgorosso – Borgorosso – Sangiovese – Sangiovese – Sangiovese –
Sangiovese – Sangiovese – Sangiovese! What are you doing?
Pass it over! Make the triangle, continue the action
along the line, watch out for the opponent! Switch to the wing!
Go downhill! – Cross the ball! – Go back to your place
or I’ll throw you out! – Come on, quick!
– Sure, I agree. – Get back on the bench and don’t get up
anymore. – I’m going. President, it’s a siege! Celestino get ready, you are getting in. – Right away, Mr. President!
– Come here, get on your knees. – Who runs away from the pitch?
“He is a great son of a bitch!” – What’s on your mind?
– For the sweat. You haven’t even started and
you are already sweating? Defend the goal at any cost. Go! – What are you doing?
– First he pushes me and then… Come on hippopotamus,
defend the goal at any cost! – Out you!
– Yes, it’s the big one that goes in. We hope in him. It cost me 22
million, 150 thousand lire a kilo! Go Celestino.
Come on, Celestino! Defend at any cost, bison!
Good Celestino! It’s a wall! With the chest! But what is that idiot doing?
Catching the ball with his hands? Penalty! Penalty! I paid 22 million! I let him in and he causes a penalty? – The ball.
– Here it is, the ball. It has deflated
– Not my fault! Ball, hurry up! There it is! Evil-Eye don’t come to… Evil-Eye don’t come… – Yup! – Good boy! He caught it! What is he doing?
What is the referee doing? Referee, you’re a bastard! Bastard, filthy, lousy! – He’s right, Testa has moved.
– What Testa? Who moved? – Why did Testa move?
– Referee, you’re a bastard! It’s a conspiracy!
Evil gypsy, help me! Damn! Go to that beast,
tell him to leave the defense. He has to go to the offense! Let him destroy the opponents,
let him go on the attack! – Celestino! Celestino!
– What are you doing, you fool! Go! Celestino, go on the attack!
Destroy them! Come on, we are giving instructions! Come back here, come to the bench.
Don’t you hear the referee, that crow? He always dresses like
he’s going to a funeral! – That’s it, President.
– Overwhelm your opponent! Pass the ball to Celestino! – Was I right? – Yes, yes… Tell me! Isn’t he a tank? What is it? They blocked him and he whistles at him? Bastard! What is he doing? – I’m sorry, Mr. Referee.
– Be more careful. I apologize. What are you doing, you beast!
And what are you doing, referee! Referee, you can’t warn him, he took a
foul! Celestino, why are you sorry? – You are warning him, but it is he
who… – Shut up, get out! – You don’t understand anything about
football! – Again? Get out the field! You are humiliating a player!
I am the President Fornaciari! – Don’t put your hands on me, go away!
– Hands down! I am the President
Benito Fornaciari! I appeal to you!
But why do we have to put up with… No! No! No, what are you doing? Stop! No! No! Don’t do this! Stop! Wait! What are you doing?
Be good! Are you crazy? Wait! They disqualify us! Wait! Listen to me, friends! They disqualify us! It’s the end!
It’s the end of Borgorosso! I beg you! “League lightning
strikes Borgorosso FC.” “Eight weeks of disqualification
and 1 million fine.” “Compensation for
damage to Sangiovese for damage to the team’s bus. ” “Compensation for damages to referee
Donzelli, who also lost his watch.” “President is forbidden from the bench
for a year.” – This is the only right thing.
– Right. The situation is serious,
I would say dramatic. I am not referring only to the financial
-sport side, to the fines, and the damage. The fact that the proceeds of the
team, which plays on neutral ground, won’t even cover
travel expenses. – Not counting the morale of the players.
– I can’t care less about the players. Excuse me, Monsignor. The Professor has signed more
than 100 million in bills. Now, as long as the bills were with
banks, they could be renewed. But since Bulgarelli
cleaned them all, – you either pay, or you fail.
– Do you understand, Monsignor? This is the result of my son’s madness! And what does this Bulgarelli propose? The Commander, Bulgarelli,
has proved very understanding, also by virtue of the friendship that bound
him to the late President. I am not sure about that. They
were always on war. Cut the chat and go to the point. The Commander proposes a reduction of 20%
and the renewal of all bills, if Benito gives up the Presidency. But it’s crazy!
It’s a ridiculous offer! How dare you?
Mind your business. Right, it’s not our business. We have
only been in this house for 30 years. – They come for three days and think
they have the power. – Monsignor, Try to convince my son. And tell him that if he
refuses, I will ban him! It’s a plot… Benito! Open, it’s
me, Monsignor Montanari. And I am the President Fornaciari! Who do you think you are? I do not accept impositions from
anyone, not even from the Pope! But I don’t want anything. I just want to talk to
you, a chat. – Between sportsmen. – No! I don’t talk to anyone! Try to reason, dear son. I’m not your son,
I’m my father’s son. I won’t give up the Presidency
of Borgorosso Tell my mother, I won’t change my mind. She has tormented me for 30
years, now that’s enough! Borgorosso is mine, mine, mine, mine!
I am the President! – Benito, we have decided… – While you
argue, they kill each other out there! – Benito, where are you going?
– Stop, Benito! – Benito! – Benito! – Benito! Benito! – He is burning himself! – Where? – Because of you!
– He is burning like a martyr! No! Salsiccia!
Why did you do that? Why did you do it, Salsiccia? – Leave me! I want to burn too!
– You have to go. I fooled you! You think I’d burn myself?
We will burn you, if you don’t go! You will have the President you deserve! All! Mum, let’s go.
Let’s go back to Rome. Guys, he is going away. – Our ruin…
– It was time for the fool to go away! Here he is, the fool goes away! – Go away!
– Go away! And don’t come back! – Go away! Never come back!
– Go home! Is it true you are leaving
the Presidency of Borgorosso? Not just that. I
leave everything. You will never hear from me again. Your father would never give up. But your father was a man
who knew what he wanted. You are not worthy
of being his son! – You’re all against me. All!
– This is not true, Mr President. This morning, when we learned
that you would give up, we cried. Don’t give up, President.
Defend the Borgorosso! Borgorosso Bianconeri –
red – red – red – red! Borgorosso Bianconeri –
red – red – red – red! Borgorosso Bianconeri – red – red… – Mrs. Erminia, the President goes away!
– I do not believe it. Friends of the Council, members and
members of the Borgorosso Football Club. A serious hour beats on the bell tower
of the history of our glorious club. You all have witnessed
what happened after the painful disappearance
of our great President, to whose memory I invite you to
observe a minute of religious silence. – There is no one. – Go Go! Have a seat. Professor Benito, for his incompetence,
and his incorrect training systems, for his brainy game patterns, brought Borgorosso FC
into a dramatic situation. Therefore… Therefore, the Council, albeit reluctantly, asked and obtained the resignation
of the current President, Dr. Benito Fornaciari Valli. Silence! The Council, certain to interpret
the votes of all the members, offered the Presidency to our Mayor,
the Commander Aristide Bulgarelli. – Buffoon! – Get out! Silence! Silence! We want Benito! Benito! Friends of the Council,
members of Borgorosso FC, – you all know my modesty.
– Crook! – Buffoon! I hesitated for a long
time before accepting the heavy inheritance offered to me.
– He is not coming. – The Presidency of Borgorosso FC!
– Go out! – Just as I restored the municipal budget,
– Increasing taxes! – Yes! – And selling your pigs to the City!
– trusting your generosity, I will work to restore the balance
of Borgorosso Football Club. Good, good, very good! We just have to move on to
a vote by show of hands. Who is in favor of the appointment
of Commander Aristide Bulgarelli as President of Borgorosso FC, raise your hand. – One moment! – What’s up? There is… … I’d like to talk too. I believe I have a right. – I am a lifetime member.
– Speak, but be brief, please. So, I wanted to say, – if we go back to the origins of
Borgorosso – Please, get to the point. Get to the point.
Understood? Yes I understand. And I also understood that
you, and someone else, wish I didn’t talk! Be quiet, Erminia! Forget it! There he is! You want to kick him
out, you’re right. Benito is coming, he’s
here with the Maserati! – Tell us another time!
– Good. I finished. Then we can move to the vote.
Who agrees, raise your hand! Friends! It’s me, let me speak. I want to apologize
for my interruption. Excuse me,
men and women of Borgorosso, for this delay to the
extraordinary Assembly. And you too, Mr. Mayor.
Excuse me. I had left,
and I didn’t want to come back. But then I thought about it and
told myself that maybe my absence would have been interpreted by you
as an act of mistrust and resentment. No, friends. None of this. You know that. I have always loved the Borgorosso FC
team, with all my heart! – Long live the President!
– Hurray! And if I was wrong, friends, it was out of love. And now, my friends. Before I say goodbye forever, allow me to offer
you a small gift. And I’m sure you will like it, from those
great and experienced sportsmen you are. To play with us, and bring back the
glorious team to great victories, I brought back
from South America, alive, well and in flesh and blood, Omar Sivori! Thanks to your President,
I’m back in Italy. Glad to play in front of this
audience that I love so much and that is the most generous in the world. And since today, friends, Omar Sivori is owned by the
Borgorosso Football Club. It is this, friends,
my gift before I say goodbye. Goodbye! Thanks. Thanks. Thanks! Leave me alone! What do you want from me? You will pay dearly this show! Don’t show up in the Town Hall anymore!
And don’t come and eat at my house anymore! – What do you want?
– That bill… I am sending you to jail!
Everyone in jail! We are doomed! Thanks. Thanks! Thanks. Thanks! 21 and 32 barrels. 32 barrels of 125 quintals each. Close the inventory,
and proceed to seal the doors. Medallion depicting
Frederick Barbarossa, total value…
well, let’s say 40 thousand lira. Can I clean upstairs? – Of course, we continue the foreclosure.
– All right. Ancient cage without a bird, 30 thousand lire. Go away, go away!
It’s closed for failure! Judicial sale: 24 hectares of
land, cultivated with vines… The winery has failed, the farmhouse and the land
of Tredozio are foreclosed. The bus and the Maserati, the house
with all the furniture: all confiscated. – Only the bed is left.
– I’ve always said he was crazy. Like his father, after all. – Honor the Borgorosso!
– Bianconeri of Borgorosso – red – red! Boys, sit down! The inclusion of our great champion Omar
Sivori, guarantees that the Borgorosso, contrary to all that Italian teams do, including the National
World Championships, will play to make goals,
and not to suffer them! Long live the Bianconeri!
Long live the Borgorosso! Long live the Romagna! Sit down! Let’s go, to victory! It seems that Sivori is still very
strong, a true punishment from God. – Don’t mention the name of God in vain!
– Shut up. – Yesterday he scored 3 goals in training.
– Yes, it’s true. Do you know what I tell you?
I don’t want to miss on a show like that! Benito, I’m coming too! Guys, yesterday I received a telegram
from a high Vatican official, Monsignor Montanari. Here is the text. “I disinherit you, I leave everything to
the Church, I am no longer your mother!” – Sorry guys, I got the wrong telegram.
– Benito! Benito! I’m here too, I’m with you! Wretch of a priest… Not with me,
with the Bianconeri of Borgorosso! – We’re with you, Benito!
– We’re with Borgorosso! Borgorosso Bianconeri – red – red!
Borgorosso Bianconeri – red – red! Guys, here’s the telegram: “Obtained blessing by Holy
Father for your beloved team. I humbly join his
blessing, with mine! ” Let’s go win!

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