How will California’s Fair Pay for Play Act impact Alabama?

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TONIGHT IT’S BEING CALLED A ‘GAME CHANGER IN COLLEGE SPORTS.’ CALIFORNIA’S GOVERNOR HAS NOW SIGNED A NEW LAW TO ALLOW N-C-A-A ATHLETES TO HIRE AGENTS AND BE COMPENSATED FOR THE USE OF THEIR NAME, LIKENESS, AND IMAGE. THE IMPACT IS ALREADY CREATING A RIPPLE EFFECT ACROSS THE COUNTRY. RIGHT HERE IN ALABAMA – ATHLETES AND COACHES ARE WEIGHING IN. CBS 42’S LEIGH GARNER JOINS US LIVE IN STUDIO. LEIGH – IT’S A POLARIZING ISSUE. JACK – SOME ARE REALLY APPLAUDING GOVERNOR NEWSOM’S DECISION. CRTICS HAVE ARGUED FOR A LONG TIME THAT STUDENTS SHOULD BENEFIT FROM THE REVENUE THAT THEY HELP TO GENERATE. BUT THIS MOVE ALSO CREATES A LOT OF QUESTIONS – LIKE -DOES THAT MEAN FOR OTHER PROGRAMS AND ATHLETES? “my big thing is just hopefully we can keep the model we have from a non- professional-that’s my biggest worry. Because there’s still the part of the game that’s so great about college is it’s still pure.” U-A-B COACH BILL CLARK EXPRESSED SOME CONCERNS ABOUT THE IMPACT OF CALIFORNIA’S FAIR PAY TO PLAY ACT AT HIS MONDAY PRESS CONFERENCE. “that’s what I don’t want to see – but I’m for giving our guys everything we can possibly give them. It’s all going to come down to dollars and cents, and we don’t make quite as much as those big guys make.” OTHERS ACROSS THE COUNTRY ARE CELEBRATING THE NEW LAW — SAYING IT:WILL CHANGE THE LIVES OF COUNTLESS ATHLETES WHO DESERVE IT”. “that’s going to push the NCAA to make a decision and are they going to take legal action, are they going to try to drag this out in court? Are they going to try to come up with some sort of resolution to allow this and allow athletes to be able to take advantage of their name imagine and likeness?” THE NCAA RELEASED A STATEMENT SAYING IN PART – ” IT IS CLEAR THAT A PATCHWORK OF DIFFERENT LAWS FROM DIFFERENT STATES WILL MAKE UNATTAINABLE THE GOAL OF PROVIDING A FAIR AND LEVEL PLAYING FIELD FOR 1,100 CAMPUSES AND NEARLY HALF A MILLION STUDENT- ATHLETES NATIONWIDE.” “I think you carry that platform past your playing days. Perfect example is, every penny that I’ve made in my professional career has been because I played football for Auburn.”>THERE ARE LOTS OF SIDES TO THIS DEBATE. WE’VE POSTED MORE REACTION TO OUR WEBSITE. YOU CAN LISTEN TO IT NOW AT CBS 42 DOT COM. LIVE IN STUDIO, LG CBS 42 NEWS LCYCCO. NEW TONIGHT: A GOFUNDME HAS BEEN SET UP TO RAISE MONEY

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