How to spend 1 day in Barcelona: Casa Batlló and Park Güell – Amazing Gaudi | Family Travel Vlog

How to spend 1 day in Barcelona: Casa Batlló and Park Güell – Amazing Gaudi | Family Travel Vlog

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Welcome to our last day in Barcelona
guys, we are heading out to try some fun things today. We want to try and see if
we can find the cell phone Museum I’ve heard about it but I haven’t really
read any reviews or anything so I don’t know what to expect but I just really
love checking out these weird funky little museums and they Morten does too
so that is one thing that we really enjoy both of us we just really think
it’s a lot of fun. So we’re gonna do that and then hopefully make it pass Casa Battló
and go to Park Güell We have booked a ticket to get in there at two
o’clock so that’s what we’re gonna do today! So let’s get started, head over to the
cell phone museum! Let’s do this! Let’s do it! They have a 3D virtual escape room experience in here So Morten is gonna try it – What are you doing babe?
– Trying to pick up some sort of phone or something – and I’m supposed to build a phone or
whatever I don’t know it’s not working so well – It looks funny!
– Alright, so it was kind of fun to try the Oculus Rift again it didn’t work so well in this game or
escape game or whatever because you couldn’t really pick up stuff you’re
supposed to pick up the gestures didn’t work so well but I think it’s always fun
to go into a 3D room and move yourself around and just the whole feeling is
still pretty new but um I can’t wait till it it gets more advanced and it’ll
work even better so you can actually use it for gaming and so on.
Let’s move on and see what else is in here! It’s funny that you have this one on show
because my mom actually had a cell phone as one of the first people – not the
suitcase kind but I was not very old so it must have been like late 80s and
this one is from ’84 it might have been the beginning of the 90s. It was a Nokia
and it was huge, it was like a brick so it’s kind of it’s just fun to see all
the data! They actually contacted her years later if she still had it so they
wanted to put it in their exhibit and so – that was kind of funny!
They say that cell phones have been available for 40 years but only
accessible to a lot of people the last 30 years So that’s pretty much all
my life which is pretty cool! Now we’re coming up to the one that I remember,
it’s that one! I basically grew up with this one. 3210, it’s 3210. Everyone had this one when I just
moved out from home so that have been around 2000. Everyone had these ones.1999! I remember this period where they were so focused on making the bigger
screens and a lot of menus. The problem was they were so hard to navigate. I could
never figure out how to use these ones so I’m pretty sure I went from that one
in the beginning and then straight up to the iPhone Uh! Is he sweet? What a sweet boy! Uh-oh don’t
go that way, that’s the exit! Are you chasing me? There’s no one else in here, so we’re not
bothering anyone, so I’m letting him run around because it’s… There’s not really a lot of
stuff he can touch in here he can touch the glass and then he can climb into a
chair but that’s about it so it’s kind of nice to have a safe zone. He does so well
when we travel it’s really incredible how well babies adapt
his only struggle I think is probably if there’s a lot of heat then he get..
he doesn’t like that too much he’s definitely a warm baby to begin
with and he likes to get cooled down so I think that’s the only thing other than
that he just does super! So we’re done checking out the cell phone museum. It wasn’t so extensive. it’s more like three or four cell phones and then a lot of
pictures and some video. It was fun trying it and we just liked seeing all
these little museums and every once in a while we hit some really good ones yeah
we especially like the one in Amsterdam The Fluorescent Museum. We will link that video up here in the cards so you can check that one out. But let’s go outside find
some food lunch and then move on to Casa Batlló. Max is learning how to eat with a spoon on his own,
and it’s a work in progress he’s really good with his hands
though so you’ll see when he picks it up Barcelona is so beautiful I love just walking around. Look at this building, isn’t that incredible ? That’s Casa Batlló for you, isn’t
that impressive ? I don’t remember when he built it, but I really like it, it looks like fish head sculls and stuff like that. And then with the colorful little flower
jungle to pretty it up a little bit and a big sea creature on top of the roof, it’s just fascinating I would have loved to get into Casa batlló today but
you have to reserve a place which is the case with most of these things you’ll
want to get into them and they get booked up and sold out really fast. Also,
we paid to get into the Sagrada Familia We have to pay a small fee to get
into this park that we’re heading to now and we pay for the aquarium and we just
don’t want to pay all these entrance fees so we want to really select what we
want to really actually see and then that’s what we’ll do. And then, we are
pretty sure that we’ll come back to Barcelona so Casa batlló is on the list for next time for sure because it looks so
incredible on the inside on the pictures that I’ve seen so… Sometimes you just
have to prioritize Welcome to Park Güell. It’s a Gaudi park, it has been designed by him with a lot of benches and
everything a lot of things are in mosaic – and a lot of like brick and stone sculptures and stuff
– And funny shapes – Yeah. It’s basically just like a wonderland of
the little pancakes houses and stuff like. So I can’t wait to check
it out let’s head in there They put a cap on how many people who
can be here at the same time so we had to book a slot we got in between
2:00 and 2:30 it’s a good time and I think it’s around maybe four or five
hundred people that can be in the park at the same time so it’s not too crowded
otherwise of course it would be so that’s nice! – I actually think that it’s 400 people
in a day not per hour So it tickets are limited I’ll leave a
link down below to where you can get the tickets they do booked up in the
mornings because that’s when it’s cooler so we didn’t get those tickets we’re
here at two but it’s fine We’re trying to bring Max’s stroller up
the stairs, it’s stinking hot but we want to get there I wonder what they actually make this
area for because it’s kind of bizarre There’s a lot of pillars everywhere.
The ceiling is really cool and some of them even have like these big hooks so it looks
like you can hang chandeliers or something it would be a really cool
venue for parties and stuff. – You could have your 40th birthday
party in a few years here.. – In many years
– In many years many many years This place must be amazing in the spring
when everything is bright green and you can sit in the shade and the Sun isn’t
too hot They are renovating half of this trail
right now so this will be done I think it was some six months and then they’re
gonna redo this part over here it’s just to do like regular upkeep so you can
still enjoy the area it really doesn’t take away that much of the experience
but we’re gonna head on up to the palm tree grotto area which is really cool I love this place, I think it’s one of my
favorite places in this whole park I don’t know what it is about it but I
just love that it’s so rustic and you have the green nature right there when
you look that way. It’s so raw and fantastic and you can look under the
ground like it’s on the ground the bottom part and then you can still… you
still have like there’s ground floor on top of it like the earth just I love it
I really don’t want to be the one responsible for placing those big rocks
up here in case they fall on someone’s head if they just slide out of there it
looks kind of dangerous but it also looks really cool
they have all these bonfire places along the cave. It could be really cool to
actually have bonfires during the night The pillars over here look
like tornados that just hit the ground like We’ve just been chilling for a few hours
back at the apartment or actually maybe only one, showered and I just threw all the
clothes in the washer and so we can dry it tonight before we leave tomorrow so
that way I don’t have to do a lot of laundry when we get back home so that’s
very good. Let’s head out and find some dinner Lots of olive oil that’s good Do you think Max that you like tapas? He’s just licking off the topping! That is one beautiful lasagna and check
out my dish! Is that insistence? I don’t know what
that sauce it is.. It’s a little funky It’s been a really great trip to
Barcelona we’re so grateful that we got to go and we just had an amazing time we
both really love Barcelona it has so much to offer and we’ve just been
sitting out here on the little small balcony tonight and just talking about
the future and what’s possible and what isn’t. And having max in our lives and
everything it’s just it’s been the perfect way to round off a trip. Tomorrow
we head home and gonna pack up I actually don’t know right now where our
next destination is gonna be but it’ll be fun to figure it out and I’m sure
I’ll have it to figure it out within a few weeks We’re sitting here and talking
about dreams and big dreams and things you want to accomplish so I’m just
curious: what do you guys want to accomplish? We are talking about that we
paid off our debt and so now we’re starting to save up money and how we
choose to invest that money is important So do we buy a house that we invest in
real estate, startups – so many options and we don’t have a lot to do anything with
but it’s that time for us for we have to start thinking about it and planning and
educating ourselves for the next phase of life and that is just really exciting
so I just want to hear from you guys what are you guys dreaming about please
leave it down under here in the comment section and I would love to hear what
you guys are dreaming about you if you have any big plans or this phase of life
you know that something’s gonna change you’re gonna have to change your mindset
or educate yourself in a certain area I would love to hear it! Well, that’s it from me guys, give the video a thumps up share with your friends if you
like it and then we’ll see you next time Bye!


  1. Good work great Barcelona vlogs and relevant point about limited numbers allowed at Park Guell which might save people a possible fruitless very long walk from the city centre.

  2. Both the Gaudi building and park were amazing and unlike anything I have seen before. Thanks for sharing. I wish I were savvy enough about money matters to offer advice. You are smart to be exploring your options at a young age. I am in a pretty good situation now, but if I had started seriously managing my money at a much younger age, I could be living out much bigger dreams. My immediate dream is to take my little travel trailer and head to warmer places for the winter.

  3. Our dream is to tour North America in an RV! My husband and I think spending a year or more would be great seeing areas that we haven't gotten to visit just yet. Once our wanderlust starts to fade, we will probably retire to a home of bricks….but still may make a trip here and there. There's just so much to see and do!

  4. I'm old enough to remember the suitcase cellphone. At that time, it was so expensive so was only used for emergencies. How things have changed. 👍 I enjoyed the park so much. Thank you.

  5. You almost got the names correct in the title: Casa Batlló and Park Güell. 😉 I'm from Barcelona and i love seeing people vlog from here. You're vlogs have been lovely. Hope you come back someday 🙂
    PS. I didn't know there was a cellphone museum XD
    PS2. There's a museum called "Museu de les idees i els invents de Barcelona (Ideas and Inventions)" located near the city hall. It's a weird museum with weird inventions. I think you'd enjoy it.

  6. Wanted to visit Park Guell so bad! Unfortunately they were renovating exacting at the time of my visit;( an excuse to visit again I guess😁

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