How To Dribble Like Messi ► Progressive Soccer Training

How To Dribble Like Messi ► Progressive Soccer Training

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in today’s video wanna talk about how to
dribble like Messi now if he saw a video I recently released was called how to
dribble a soccer ball and a lot of the same principles apply because I would
use messi as probably the number one example where one of the best examples
of how you should be driving so if you go and watch that video how to dribble a
soccer ball put a link in the description of this video watch that
video because it’s got a lot of great ideas and some of the theme ideas and
share this video but it’s just great to review a few more information give you
more ideas he used the next time you’re on the field when you’re practicing ok
so let’s go through a couple thing first of all I want you to look at messy and I
want you to ask yourself if you using fancy trick is he using rainbows and
elastic oohs and triple backflip step over the no best in the world but he
doesn’t use any tricks why are we teaching kids to use trick yes you some
tricky to step over here in their gay but if you look at messy what is it all
cut and its body faith ok so before we get the cuts and body first we gotta
talk about the basic drilling and that is very little touches stay close to
your body but the drilling forward so it’s with the outside of the footer the
laces are the toll may be a little touches had had though he’s up scanning
the field looking for houses ok let me come again had those up always looking around a
member of your head like this right here you can see you’re gonna get close down
you’re gonna have to be all these guys you teammates are gonna get pissed at
you because you’re not making decisions quickly enough castle that’s another point that I
should touch on yes I want you to be a great dribbler and I know you’re
watching this video because you want to be a better dribbler but you have to
know that isn’t as important as receiving passing moving the ball
quickly hey there will be spots when you need to dribble and I want you to do
with special their space in front of you their space to attack you have no help
you have to get out of trouble that’s when you dribble ok but when you
have teammates in better positions we’re getting close down quickly
possible move into space and get the ball back ok so now that you know that
you’re gonna play smart you’re not going to reveal yourself into trouble let’s
get back to the drilling case with the little touches his head goes up Hanuman use my left foot I shouldn’t
have my Portugal your little touches and little cuts they’ll go low left-footed a
little cuts little so little touches hand in little cut inside outside just
seasonal changes of direction ok so now let’s look at when he is coming up
against players so first of all if no ones close you down don’t get the job
done just wait for people to close down Messi was spent with that both Cahill
sprint into the open space until someone calls them down close them down guys are trying to catch
him you just keep going straight towards the neck ok so think about that being
very direct so when you receive the ball can you get that first time comes you
can get that first touch at your feet and then just spring straight to the
next if no one’s gonna close you down just take that space and then make your
password is shown that they’re not going to close you down you don’t have to do
anything more advanced than that or more difficult than that just be very direct
in straight to the next then when there are guys in the way what did you do
let’s set up a couple of defenders it’s just really one way cutting the
only way that we can if you look at that they could skip out of the way and for
you watch the videos they did about basic moves to beat the one them to skip
and the other was just a cut or a left-right like that kind of way from
the weight room and just think about Lake when Messi visit picks the ball up
on the right side and fiance is playing on the wing and he gets the ball and he
just goes inside you know he’s going left you know he’s going let you still
can’t stop of Katie coming at you and then away from you coming away from you
ok so when you get the ball on the wink yes sometimes you want to go down citing
cut those crosses in come inside for that shot ok and that’s
going to allow space for your winner here you receive on the sidelines come
out come inside and then you get a shot off for you play bass and like I was
saying that the leases space opens up space for your fall back so if you do
come inside and as a result in space just played fullback coming down the
side like that so little touches be very directly speed if no one’s been closed
down just take up space when guys do come out you just cut just kind of the
way you are by the way he been with speed very important twenty be the guy
you’re not just jogging now you’re sprinting in that space is lunch for you
he’s off balance now there’s opportunity to take that space thing off a bomb ass
he is he will use some pants somebody fans so again but say he’s
coming on the wing and you know he’s gonna go left so he’ll fanfare and then
he’ll come on the other side ok so if you beat the guy couple times going on
the inside he thinks you’re gonna go inside again you feel like you’re gonna
go inside and then you come on the outside or he may like he’s going to go
this way or the other staff generate last year that famous finery embarrasses
me because I’m going their such left or right and then accelerate away with beat
ok also the guy in your back you might think okay so it’s not crazy moves it’s
not ok to go the other way or if an especially when there’s a guy on his
back he doesn’t feel like this and then come they’re not going to defend back
think that way so I miss against the threat for the kids ok so little touches with speed varied
Iraq and Kuwait make it simpler yourself if you’ve always speed you’re in control
of your jogging at the guy in the defenders in control but if you’re going
with speed he’s like oh shit oh shit oh shit where the guy going ok so glamorous
speed make him listen you just cut this I’d be very direct if you want uses fans
going that way and then come the other way but be very direct make it very
simple and really the best thing you can do is learn from the master method
ruling compilations study him hey what did he do I can give you my advice the best thing for you to do is buy know
what you think works for him and then try it when you’re on the field sorry guys I hope you like this video
please like thumbs up below you have any advice you want to
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video on how to dribble like Messi


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  2. these videos have helped me so much. especially the shooting one. I've gotten better with shooting with laces and my control.

  3. nice man helps me a lot at soccer i know some tricks but not as good as you nice dude play in a pro team like real madrid or barcelona or juventus any

  4. nice video …n also we should never attack or sprint in straight direction , the run should be diagonally bcz its more convenient for us to dribble at diagonal angle as well as its difficult for defender to track where u r gonna accelerate + strenght +. balance + quick feet + agility gonnna sum up to best on these areas too

  5. Nice video. You have helped me a lot and this video was excellent to make us understand how #LeoMessi does his trick. Nice work 🙂

  6. what should I do if I mark a player and when he has the ball and then he looks for passes instead of dribbling, would it be my fault?

  7. Dylan help me!!! I am a player who plays alot offensive play and positions like wingers attacking midtfield and that stuff but i just recent joined a New club (I'm 13) so i Got no permant position but my coach just out of nowhere started to play me at Cb and fullback and i can't i just can't play those positions i am used to pressure players with my pace with my skills with my positining but now i am the one getting all the pressure and I'm not used to it so i started playing very bad last traning i scored an own goal because i had 3 attackers up my ass so i paniced and i Got no help from my team mates and i tried to send a long Ball cause yeah no one came close to make me do a easy pass so the long Ball i Got a wrong touch and it was an own goal and my trainer keeps putting me in defence but i play like poop Down there i try to do my Best and not panic but its hard and i dont wanna give up what do i do?

  8. This is great. Very helpful.
    I have a question though. I am slow at running, how do i overcome that and dribble better? Please answer!

  9. Dylan why did u say make fun of my dribbling look: I am the guy who is learning from u since last year and really its only and only because of your you what I am today thanks keep inspiring me.

  10. Dylan why did u say make fun of my dribbling look: I am the guy who is learning from u since last year and really its only and only because of your you what I am today thanks keep inspiring me.

  11. Guys if you read this don't dribble LIKE messi play the way you were born to play don't mold yourself into other peoples play style.

  12. Hi can you help me please? me and my brother mostly play defensive positions and we go to park everyday. There is only me and my brother no one else and there is no goal We mostly practice doing straight passes and sometimes we try to dribble each other while the other person tries to defend and we switch. What do think we have to practice on with only two people? Thanks

  13. I have a question for you? What did we do in winter because we could not go outside and play or train. Please and please help me at this question please.

  14. Idk why, but I just loved how he messed up and didn't cut it out of the video. most people would've just either cut it out or act like they did it on purpose for a "what not to do"

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    How does this thing really work? I notice a lot of people keep on
    speaking about this popular training program.

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