How is Barcelona going to play next year – tactical analysis of Valverde’s Bilbao

How is Barcelona going to play next year – tactical analysis of Valverde’s Bilbao

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  1. Great video as always. By the way nice music. Also keep uploading despite the season is over, for example. You can analyse the confed cup if you want. Anyway, Keep up the good work!

  2. I am one of the subscribers and the background score is bad in this video. Should change it back to the old one

  3. Great video!! I appreciate your videos and always look forward to see your videos. But man I hope that you go back to the old music. The old music fits way better for you tactical videos than this music you used in this video.

  4. I don't think he'll need to play a 4-2-3-1 because Busquets can do the DM job alone. Barca will probably still play a 4-3-3 in most matches. The pressing part would be interesting since Barca are really good at it.

  5. Not satisfied with valvedere tactics… Barca need a player who can score from corners, set pieces, with an head.. that will be a game changer otherwise pretty much same thing we are going to see next season

  6. Nice music,ignore the ppl who says it's shit

    And tbh Barca Fans,I don't feel like Valverde is a good choice after watching this Vid XD

  7. A lot different from Lucho, similar to Pep atleast while defending. In attack, Pep would always want players sticking to their positions except in the final 3rd.

  8. Your work is amazing. You should consider using your voice and better editing apps to take your channel to the next level 🙂

  9. I don't think he will use the same tactics with Barcelona. He clearly mentioned in his official interview that he will attune his tactics with our style of play. Still, I expect to see some radical change other than lucho's or Pep/Cryuff tactics which we were playing earlier.

  10. messi is going to be AMF and neymar playing wide, There will be another slot for the wide area to be played. Maybe we will see a new player playing right wing

  11. If he use this tactic and transform to 3-3-2-2 at on possesion.. I believe those 2 behind the two striker must be Messi and Neymar.. So, who's the one playing beside Luis Suarez ? Paco Alcacer ? Okay then.. Then who will be a defense duty at wings ? And with this kind of tactic, for sure, if any of Messi or Neymar is injured, or both of them, Barcelona offense will be blunt.. Suarez can score but only depend on the two man behind him Neymar and Messi.. Then if you put Messi beside Suarez up front.. That will be a waste.. And this formation weakness come to if opponent play with attacking wingback and winger.. With one-two play.. Those 3-3 formation surely finish.. Okay.. Let's say they have the time to transform their 3-3-2-2 to a 4-4-2 or 5-4-1.. Then it will be Neymar and Alba both defending their left wing right ? Then let me ask something, how must is the chance of 2 vs 2 situation if opponent (Let's say their rival Real Madrid) is Carvajal and Gareth Bale.. I believe 60% to 70% Madrid will win this situation.. Bale + Carvajal vs Neymar + Alba.. And now we talk about right wing.. Who will be there defending right wing then ? Messi and new signing Bellerin ? Is it enough to defense Cristiano and Marcelo ? I think it's quite 50%-50%..

  12. I hope Barcelona change the 433 formation because its getting easier to mark the good players…and they change to a 4231

  13. I think that the main difference will be in defensive pressing and in defense in general. Attacking in a 3-3-2-2 is an option but for FC Barcelona it will be tough. I have confidence in (most likely) Rafinha and Neymar Jr to play behind the strikers and confidence in Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi to play up front. The main thing problem would be that we would need a midfielder to play alongside our fullbacks behind Neymar's row. If we brought in Verrati it would work nicely because Verrati is a balanced midfielder that attacks and defends well. Iniesta is not physical enough for that role. Then Busquets, Umtiti, and Pique in front of Ter Stegen could work. The 4-4-2 in defense would also be tricky. Messi would likely not press as intensely as others meaning that pressing would really be a 4-4-1. Suarez would have to get a lot of support from Neymar and Rakitic out wide pressing fullbacks and wingers. That also means that both Neymar and Rakitic would have to mark 2 players. It could work if Lionel Messi marks the space between the center midfielders which would make it tighter. But I don't think FC Barcelona would press in 4-4-2. Maybe 3-4-1-1.

  14. The biggest problem in man marking is one clever movement from the opposition will open up space, either for a long ball or a killer pass

  15. when a manager signs for barca only one tactic is allowed and that is possession. meaningless passing around the pitch and then pass to messi than let messi do his magic then repeat the cycle until the season ends.

  16. best tactic ever on barcelona,give the ball to messi and let him do his magic,that tactic gived barcelona 3 cl,6 liga bbva and many tiles

  17. You basically nailed it! They didn't really switch to a 4 2 3 1 but the tactics are similar. Messi is in a false 9 role, so he often drops beetween the lines as rakitic advances (sometimes it's iniesta). Deulofeu (or dembele) stays wide while suarez gets in the center, as alba attacks a lot, and umtiti covers for him. When there isn't a winger high and wide there is semedo, that is also very good at covering back when they lose the ball. Finally the miedfielder helping the build up is obviously busquets (that is not a change), with pique and umtiti keeping the width.
    Really nice job there!

  18. Dont play Sergi Roberto as a right back ffs. Thats Semedos place.
    Team Semedo 👍 as a right back
    Sergi Roberto is a midfelder for god sake.

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