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I didn’t even sound convincing there, did I? That’s dirty, that. Is your name Andrew Robertson? Yes. Are you a left-back? Yes. Is it because you couldn’t be a striker? Sadly, yes, it is actually! Why you sweating? Dunno, you two are intimidating me. Did you bunk off school? Yeah. Did you ever lie to the gaffer? Probably, yeah. Just white lies. Passing the blame
for a goal maybe. Can’t believe you did that. Have you ever
picked your nose and eaten it? No. I didn’t even sound convincing there, did I? That’s dirty, that. ANDY LAUGHS Do you love Celtic more than Liverpool? There’s no right answer here, is there? No. That’s a good choice. Can you sing? Yeah, I’ve got a wee bit, yeah. I done Sweet Caroline as initiation here. But I was on the karaoke,
so I need backing singers. I reckon you can do it without. ♫ Sweet Caroline ♫ Buh-buh-buh ♫ Good times never seemed so good… ♫ Oh, lads, you need to come in. “So good, so good!” I’m all right, thanks. How many girlfriends
did you have in school? Just one at a time. Personally I didn’t think you had any. Have you ever blamed one of
your teammates for one of your farts? Yes. Who was it? James Milner.
I sit next to him on the bus – easy target. We’re finding out a lot about you, Andy,
and it’s not very good. Do you wear pyjamas and slippers at home? Pyjamas, yeah, slippers, no. What kind of pyjamas do you wear? I’ve got one T-shirt that’s a Home Alone one,
with Kevin McCallister right on the front of it. I’ve got Liverpool pyjamas. Good choice. What’s worse – being in trouble
with The Boss, or your missus? Two bad situations. I’ll go my missus. Why? She’s the real boss. Thank you for taking the exam.
How’d you think you did? Done OK, just slipped up on a few,
I think you got me into tough situations, but I managed to get out of them. The results are in, and we think
you have passed. Delighted, thanks for the questions.

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