Highlights: Liverpool FC 0-0 Manchester City | Reds and City goalless at Anfield

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Manchester City arrive as champions
and the team that everyone needs to beat. There’s still a lot of water to pass under the bridge after today, but both these sides will want to lay down a big marker. It’s the battle of the Premier League’s top two,
and Anfield is rowdy. Here’s Salah, trying to work his way through! David Silva, that’s a nice ball for Mahrez, cover is from Andrew Robertson. Oh, what a spin by Mahrez. First real chance of the day. That’s on to Gomez. Plenty of red shirts
in the middle, including Salah. That’s for Salah, lovely take,
Mohamed Salah for Liverpool! Well, he wrote the start of the script,
but the last page was missing. Well, that’s robbed, and Henderson’s lost it, and Liverpool are short-numbered at the back, Gabriel Jesus. Oh, that’s some tackle by Dejan Lovren, who committed himself
and won it when he had to. Bernardo Silva, Sterling takes over, Bernardo Silva in space. Beaten away by the goalkeeper,
Mahrez on the follow-up. Goalkeeper comes
to Liverpool’s rescue again. Martin Atkinson says no foul on Salah
and Man City can come away with the ball. And here’s Leroy Sane, such a threat here,
goes down under the challenge. Penalty Manchester City. City would love him to score now,
Liverpool would love him to miss. And he does miss! It’s a really, really
poor kick by the Algerian. It’s not even close. It finishes at Anfield in an honourable draw. Liverpool 0-0 Manchester City.

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