Head to Head: Alabama vs. Texas A&M

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What is up my friends? Week 4 of the college football season, I’m
Lauren Sisler, this is Jim Dunaway from the JOX Roundtable. We are here at Caliber in Homewood, Alabama. Getting ready for Alabama Head to Head. That’s right, SEC ranked team Texas A&M and
Alabama at Bryant-Denny this week. Danny Sheridan says it’s 27-points Alabama
a favorite over the ranked Aggies who played Clemson really tough. OK we’re gonna just hit the rewind button
for a minute because we don’t always get things right. So we’re going to go a little “Oops, I did
it again” and point out what we got wrong last week. I’m going to go with Jordan Ta’amu because
I said that he would get more than 250 yards. Boy, was I wrong. 133 yards passing and 75 of those came on
the first play for Ole Miss. I think a lot of people got it wrong with
the Alabama secondary on the other side of that. Young guys with the great first round draft
picks receiving corps. Not wide open, as Mack Wilson would say from
Alabama. It ends up being only 7 points for Ole Miss,
so I think a lot of us got it wrong that Ole Miss would score a few more points. They didn’t, Alabama shut them down. We’re cruising on to 3 and out, this time
we’re going over or under. First down: Will Alabama once again score
50 points. Over or under? Keep me at over 50. I don’t know when they’re not going to score
50. Three straight, the most 50 point games in
SEC history to start off a season. Four weeks in a row, yes over 50. I’m going to go just a touch under 50. I know I’m bucking the trend here. I think we’re going to see a lot of Tua in
this football game. I still just think that this Texas A&M defense
is going to be a little bit tougher. That’s a pretty good call because 28-26 was
the score against Clemson, another team that was in the College Football Playoffs last
year. 2nd down: Tua Tagovailoa over 200 yards passing
or not? I’m going to go over 200 yards. Why not? Tua! Everyone loves Tua. He’s been so explosive. He’s been able to get the ball downfield. And even if we don’t see him through the entire
game we’ve seen a healthy dose of Jalen Hurts as well who’s also been performing very well. I say over 200 yards. I’ll say over as well. Manny Wilkins of Arizona State has thrown
118 passes this year. Tua Tagovailoa has thrown 127 in his entire
career. He’s still very fresh, he’s got a rested arm. He’ll go over 200. We finally get to see Tua for three full quarters. And oh by the way, 14 of the last 20 times
they’ve driven down the field he’s had a touchdown. 3rd down: Kellen Mond. 200 yards, over or under? You know this guy’s mechanics are so much
better, NFL scouts are saying. I think that’s because of Jimbo Fischer’s
ability to coach the quarterback. I like him getting right at 200 yards, slightly
over. I’ll go over as well, he has improved quite
a bit this season. He had 430 yards against Clemson. I think this Alabama defense will be tested
in this game. I think he’s going to give them a run for
their money. I’ll go over. So now we move on to Sweet Emojis What we do here is give you an emoji that
gives you the feeling the fanbase has about their team. What do you have? Jim, don’t assume everyone has a smart phone. Some people have the flip phones. They like to keep it simple. The old Razor. I loved it! I had the Motorola with the old snake game
on it. Speaking of games, I’m bringing out the controller
because Alabama has been putting up video game numbers. It continues this week, maybe not quite as
big. Then next week, they’ve got Louisiana Lafayette. And then the week after they’ve got Arkansas. Keep those game controllers out, baby! I’m going to go with heart eyes. Because Alabama fans are loving this team
tremendously. In fact we are probably about a week away
from a Nick Saban “rat poison” rant that will rival what we got last year. Alright, prediction time. Danny Sheridan said Alabama is a 27 point
favorite. I am going to say Alabama does not cover the
spread. As I said, they score under 50. I’m going 49 to 24 in this game. I think Alabama will have a lot of offensive
production but I do like what Texas A&M brings in offensively with Kellen Mond. Defensively, I think this team is going to
be a little bit tougher. The first almost-shootout for Alabama. I’m going to say 50-23. Kellen Mond, a dual-threat quarterback, has
no turnovers this year. I think his ability to run the football when
Alabama is in man coverage will give them some opportunities to pick up some first downs. 50-23 in what appears to be the closest game
of the year for Alabama. Let’s just hope we come back with no “Oops,
I did it again” next week. Buh-bye. You are going to have to show me what heart-eyes
actually is on the phone because I have no idea. There’s not a guy in the world that has ever
sent you heart eyes? No, what is that? It’s hearts where you eyes are. Oh HEART eyes. I thought you said hard eyes.

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