Head to Head: Alabama vs South Carolina

Head to Head: Alabama vs South Carolina

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What is going on everyone? Week three of
the college football season… I’m Lauren Sisler, here with AL.com hanging out with Mike ‘THE REAL’ McCoy. – What’s going on guys? Former receiver at Alabama. We know this kid, and he’s got some good insight for us to share as Alabama gets ready to go on the road for its first SEC game of the season against South Carolina. Of course, Alabama coming off a 62-10 win over New Mexico State. On the other side of that, South Carolina coming off a 72-10 win over Charleston Southern. So, big numbers… But, here’s the deal Mike. There’s not a big sampling for us to really see what South Carolina is all
about. Jake Bentley goes out with a foot injury. He’s out for the rest of the
season. Ryan Hilinski, now the new quarterback under center for the Gamecocks. And, certainly having you know, a– a fairly good game — a really good
game — but again, against Charleston Southern. His numbers sort of speak itself. 282 for 2 touchdowns. One interception… So, I guess the real question here is… How much competition is this Alabama team
going to get against this South Carolina team that still has a lot of moving parts and some inexperience in a lot of positions? – The beautiful thing about
being a freshman quarterback… You’re a gunslinger. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. So, they’re expecting you to mess up. So, he’s going to take shots. He’s going to look to expose Alabama ‘s defense… and he’s going to look to cause some havoc… But will it happen this weekend? Eh…I highly doubt it. So, when you go into that kind of scene… The scene that will be South Carolina… The scene that will be ‘Sandstorm’… Da-da-da-da-da (Darude’s ‘Sandstorm’ playing) Da-da-da-da-da Da-da-da-da-da (Darude’s ‘Sandstorm’ continues playing with fans chanting) What is that environment like? It’s a 2:30 PM CT game, CBS… big match up… This’ll be the biggest competition that Alabama will see to date, one would think… And so, what is that like going into that environment, getting these guys up and getting ready in a loud, crazy, wild environment…? – I got my ‘All-White’ on. That’s the travel. This is a business trip. So, they have– They’re going out with the frame of mind, ‘Hey, we gotta handle business.’ It’s gonna be loud, it’s gonna be crazy. So, do you guys— Do you fuel off of that energy? It’s something they call… It’s ‘being in the zone’ … and honestly it’s a lot of times, you hear nothing. All you are focused on – the task that is at hand… You are zoned in. You are trying to figure out what the down and distance is… Do we have movement? It’s just part of the game. Now, after you do — hopefully — get the three and out… or you make a big play… You do get excited. That is the beautiful part of playing ball. But, for the most part, the fans… that brings a different edge to it.
I’m sure they’re in practice, it’s loud and trying to get used to the signal calls.
So, it’s nothing that I don’t feel like they’ll be unprepared for. Yeah, and I’m very anxious to see how Ryan Hilinski does play against this Alabama football
team. A defense that has obviously proven themselves… has been great these last two football games. Of course, offensively, Tua Tagovailoa and
company. Jerry Jeudy, both of them… You know, No. 2 on the list for most touchdowns. And obviously, Jerry Jeudy climbing the ranks… trying to get up there with the Amari Cooper. So, that’s gonna bring us to our predictions. But first, my buddy Laura Goldman, there standing behind the camera wanted to make sure that I brought this to your attention… – That hurts my eyes. Bringing this to your attention… And, uh, Nick Saban… Well, it was brought to his
attention in the press conference this week when he was asked about the motivation that might come after the loss that Alabama suffered back in 2010… Nick Saban had something to say about it… Does he remember it? Well, here ya go… – “What year are we in now? 2019?” “So, most of our guys were in grade school, you know, when that happened…?” “But, what I remember from it, aight, is we
got the lining kicked out of our britches…” “I don’t know if you know what that means,” “but, that means you get your butt kicked
so bad, you got no seam in the back of your pants.” “Um… so, yeah, I remember that.” “But, I’ll ask the players today if–” “when they were in sixth grade — do they remember?” “But, we’ll see.” So, yeah. That was nine years ago. And, it sounds like that’s probably not gonna be much of a problem… I know these guys are gonna get hyped up
though. You obviously have to know there’s gonna be a lot of energy. So, I imagine they’re gonna go into Columbia, South Carolina and put up some big points. I’m going to predict the final score to be 45-10. – I got 42-10. Just to give ’em something to hope and wish for…


  1. 62 to 7. Kirby Smart is head and shoulders better than Muschamp. Muschamp better get with the program or he will be heading out of South Carolina.

  2. Really? Why? Do they pay you to make this video? Alabama doesn't play anybody until Clemson. The only team with a outside chance to beat them is Auburn. Auburn plays the hardest schedule in the sec so hopefully they can get good enough to beat Alabama.

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