Going to the beach in Barcelona + Adrian made me climb Montjuïc Castle

Going to the beach in Barcelona + Adrian made me climb Montjuïc Castle

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Nice. One. Three. Six. Who’s been sleeping in my bed? Alright, I’ma have to go and get that sorted out. Cos there’s no clean sheets and I think someone else is sleeping there. 🎵 Rihanna – We Found Love If you remember the bedsheets were messed up in my room Well, I had them fixed.
They went up & changed them, all sorted Came back tonight, there’s actually someone sleeping in my bed sooo… I’m gonna go get something to eat. I was supposed to catch up with my brother
and the fam but this is the first I’ve got hold of them. They’re already at the airport ready
to head back to Australia so I’m gonna try and head out there
and catch them before they do. At the airport. By the time I got here they’d
already gone past security so… It’s not happening. I’m gonna go do something else. It’s great. This is Estació… De… [garbly pronunciation]. I dunno. Cute little station. The plan from here is to go for a walk,
see if I can get to the seaside One of the things I was keen to try out here is going to the beach which has become somewhat of a thing I guess This is the main beach, it’s packed! It’s amazing. They recommend you bring flip-flops
just cos the sand gets hot I can attest. It’s true. It’s a really cool vibe. So anyway this really isn’t the place for me and my complexion I’m getting freckly Already applied sunscreen once can’t find where I put it so I had to go to the shop and get some more Anything above SPF 15 you have to go to the children’s line. Saying something about sun safety idk. So anyway all lathered up think I’m gonna head on the cable car up the hill check out the castle. This is the so called aerial tramway, and is nearly 90 years old. It’s a beautiful construction with an amazing history. But there’s only two cars along the whole stretch and the queue is enormous but these views… The cable car was pretty great It took about an hour all up to get across so I’m not sure if it’s entirely worth it But yeah, just awesome views. You can just get an elevator ticket which means you can get to the top of the tower and check out what’s happening but just not get the cable car or you can just go early and miss the queues so on the other side of the cable car you’ve got beautiful gardens and paths that lead to just about everywhere so you could if you want walk up to the castle and there’s various attractions and things in between so I think that’s what I’m gonna do although first i’m gonna meet up with Adrian he’s down there somewhere All good stories have a beginning, a middle, and an end. And this one was gonna be another one of those kinda climbing the hill to get to the castle stories But Adrian… Well he slept through the beginning and now he’s kinda skipped over the middle he’s at the castle already I’m not even halfway up the hill. Oi! So this is gonna be something different. [exasperation] Nah. Yeah I can’t do this all in one go. This is too much. There’s a cable car up and I mean I’m gonna take it Cos I’m not walkin straight to the top all in one go. Having not learned my lesson from last time,
it goes all the way down before it comes back up so… That’ll be good. Today is a bad day for planning Messing up planning I can’t say this isn’t fun. Cos this is awesome. Looks like where we’re going up there. Apparently Adrian’s here somewhere.
Out the front of the castle. There he is. I have a question How did you accidentally end up at the castle? Followed my nose! My big nose. That’s a big honkin’ nose. I took the funicular. Deceiving name. Actually no, I want food. I had a donut and a protein bar today. I had humble pie. Last night was a… big one. By humble pie I mean McDonald’s. Same! Did you get the burger that’s a square and had bacon bits on it? I don’t know, a man put food in my hand
and I was like “I will eat this” Also the castle is free after 3 o’clock That is true, because it’s Sunday! Heck yes! Oh wait, is there any bats in here? Let’s do that bit again cos I didn’t record it, yeah? Ok. Let’s head to this festival! The joan of arc festival? Yeah.
But… Like and subscribe! Sant Joan’s Eve. June 24th. It’s the feast day of the saint… known as San Joan. Or John the Baptist. Or as I like to call him… John the punk b- [classical music interlude]


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