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Welcome to fantasy backpack Carry people the championships show way waiver wire I don’t really like the waiver wire this week and I say that because I’m assuming you already got Raekwon Smith and Cortland Sutton on your team because I’ve been telling you that for like two three weeks So I’m assuming you already got those players. So the waiver wire is just okay to me But Let’s say you Didn’t or don’t we’re gonna proceed try to fill in the blanks there for you so Starting a quarterback’s and I don’t like trading for quarterbacks. I’d rather you just pick up a quarterback So if they’re on waivers, you can basically get a quarterback to do anything so long It’s not like Josh rose and the Beathard the guys the other guys average out and giving you what you need anyway So but I know a lot of people gonna be on Fitz magic Fitzpatrick if it’s magic, don’t do it Don’t do it. They play Carolina this week and I could see Fitzpatrick throw in two interceptions in the first quarter and getting benched It’s just a matter but just isn’t there for him. It just isn’t right for him So I wouldn’t suggest you doing it if you need a cool quarterback, I would go after Flacco or Prescott Prescott’s been awesome in terms of his ability to running and who knows what they’re going to be able to do for this new toy in Cooper and Flacco’s matchups for the next like three weeks is just golden So those are the quarterbacks I would go after I don’t quarterbacks of quarterbacks You can get one most leagues you can get one less than like twelve and fourteen team leads you have teams holding hoarding like two and three on their team I don’t know why people do that But sometimes there are but those are the two guys I would go after not Fitzpatrick And if someone drops Winston, I would pick him up and stash him on my bench Just cuz I mean Fitzpatrick is what he is. He’s been had a nice little season sure, but he is what he is So I would still pick up Winston He might they’ll end the season as the quarterback if you’re if you already got quarterbacks that I’ve been on their buys I would I would pick up Winston just to stash them if someone drops them um I wish you wish okay, let’s do wide receivers first Assuming you didn’t listen or you were able to get court in Sutton or trickle on Smith Since Courtland Sutton is now going to have a burger gas role in The Denver’s offense because they traded Demaryius Thomas to Houston. I don’t know why Houston would do that deal – Thomas doesn’t match what they need and or want in terms of in terms of a wide receiver I thought they would go after discharge action, but Whatever giving up a fourth a that’s neither here nor there. Try Quan Smith I think this week is where you still you start seeing his elevation of play I said Dave works. We did wouldn’t start until about week ten I think this week is where you start seeing the elevation in his play So if you didn’t get those two, I think the next guys on the list. I think DJ more from Carolina Even though I don’t really like Carolina wide receivers Because I think don’t think cam could support – but cams been doing such a good job in Terms of with the new nerve Turner offense. I see this as being especially this week that they played Tampa Bay and Tampa Bay cannot cover a Ice-locked wide receiver for their life. You saw what Boyd did so This week DJ more just absolutely a beautiful pickup to use this week. I don’t know about going forward I really am NOT a fan of his going forward but he saw a 65% of the snaps this week So if that continues and they use him always think of him as like a utility knife type player They use him in different ways So he’s on the field a lot because they’re trying to confuse confuse people as to what they’re trying to do. So he Would be my number one ad for a wide receiver My number two add would be Tiki QT now, he would be number one If I knew he will he was healthy if he was healthy, I would still add him as my number one receiver because Don’t be fooled by that Miami game That Houston offensive line is still garbage So Watson’s going to have to throw the ball Way quicker than he wants to he had the luxury last game of just sitting back there because Miami was terrible But don’t be fooled by that their offensive line is still terrible so kinky cutie is still going to be the guy that takes over the quick the quick Crouch because they’re gonna have to throw a Lot of those and they like using him in different spots as well, Demaryius They’re going to incorporate and sure but I don’t know what role he fits in because if their offensive line is still terrible you need Kiki cuty cuty cuty made well for Irrelevant when he started playing because they have to pass the ball so quickly and the Maris comes I don’t see the difference. Really I don’t I don’t know I don’t know but I still would add Kiki cutie because I see him still maintaining his same same role and snap count and targets Now running back running back is a little tricky this week running back You have to basically take what’s there but what’s there is not necessarily what you want and I’m trying to get people to Win the next two weeks because you might need it if you’re three and five or something So one surprising running back is Doug Martin Doug Martin looked really really really good his jump cuts and his ability to hit the hole Looked like he wasn’t as atrocious as we thought he was in Tampa Bay Maybe his demons and his addictions and just Tampa Bay in itself was his problem So now that he’s in Oakland even though there are terrible terrible team He Performed his performance may catch up to what his actual ability is being away from Tampa Bay but their offense that defense and all that is so bad that The game script for him may not always be there. That’s why Jill and Rashard is a nice ad He was added mostly last week. So but Doug Martin surprised me here. Now the best the best running back running backs I like this week are Josh Adams and Elijah McGuire? Josh Adams had 9 carries 265 yards against the Jaguars 4 for Philadelphia Now Corey comment’ I think he’s still injured his core comment was really good last year and what he’s doing or not doing this year is Shocking so I think he’s just still injured now. I didn’t really want anyone from Philly’s backfield until I saw Josh Adams run and I was I was like, oh that looks like something that could be a thing and then Spurs coming back So but he looks like they like having a mainstay a guy who covered carries it 12 13 times So he might actually look like to be that guy and be the goal-line guy So in that offense you want that guy now? Elijah McGuire Elijah McGuire was on IR this entire season and is eligible to return this week with pal going out They only had four well, and I forgot the guy’s name It’s slipping me right now but wherever that guy is he’s going to now fade away and Elijah McGuire who looked really good last year looked like he was a Running back whether we’re gonna try to figure out if he was really good, or if he was just held back by his three-headed monster, they had it and In New York with the Jets three-headed monster meaning and you know the negative Not the positive like they could destroy But keep coming back. He’s going to now take the power role in this offense. So you’re talking about thirty third down and the catching back room showed that I would want in a team that likes to check down and seem that likes to slow play a little bit and looks To break runs with crow. Well, so I Like him, but I’m not really I have to see how he’s used this week I think he’s gonna be used like power but that wasn’t always guaranteed with the Jets So Josh Adams was really my favorite, but he’s on a bye this week and he just traded for Golden Tate So they’re they should continue more drives because Tate is a hell of an upgrade over a galore So they should continue drives and he gets more opportunities So Josh Adams is my favorite one Doug Martinez actually might be the better running back But game script will dictate that. He doesn’t get much work now tight ends It’s the regular You know everyday stuff Vance McDonald whoever is available and tight end and they’ve done anything productive just load them on your team with Dubai’s you’ll need anyone and Anyone to do anything that’s of any worth at tight end. So whoever is there add them hope cross your fingers That’s what that is. So it’s the waiver wire remember to like subscribe Comment. Let me know your questions. Let me know the questions about your starts. It’s Your trade you’re thinking about doing etc I also did the trades video because I think you should make trades before you do waivers That way you know what you’re going going in looking to get So spend the fantasy backpack Get in so we can win some championships

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