Fantasy Football Week 4 – Start ’em or Sit ’em – Who is underperforming?

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Hey this is Jason this is Travis and we’re the QB’S on wheels. Travis asked me at the beginning of the season if I was into fantasy and I
thought he was talking about dwarves and elves and ogres but he said no fancy
football so I’m yeah I’m not the expert Travis is so let’s see what Travis has to say about the stats from week 4 week 3 rather are in the book. Who’s
been under performing? I’m gonna go through and give you a couple different
players from different positions that are under performing I gotta start with
Green Bay Aaron Rodgers he’s a high 20’s low 30’s every single game and he hasn’t
broke the 20’s yet, 12 points first week, 14 points second week, 13
points third week in fantasy. That is because Green Bay has been running the
ball more and they’re like never behind so they never have to like have him save
the day so I get it but I think that’s going to change. They play Philly this
week I think I think he should open up a little bit more. Running Back wise Devonta
Freeman from the Atlanta Falcons I don’t even think he broke 100 yards yet,
first week 3 points, second week 9 points, third week 11 points
and like I said I don’t think he broke 100 yard yet so it’s kind of
disappointing being a Falcons fan but i don’t know I’m not sure with their offensive line
if that’s gonna change much so I don’t know if I’d count on him too much. I want
to give you 2 receivers because these guys are on my fantasy team and they
have been under performing, DeAndre Hopkins with Houston Texans. The
first week he killed it 31 points but after that 9 points and 12 points has
not had a touchdown since the first game and it kind of seems weird especially
with the Deshaun Jack I mean Deshaun Watson passing him the ball he should be
fine. Also Davante Adams since Aaron Rodgers is under performing Davante Adams is going to under perform. First week 7 points, second week he had over 100
yards with 17 points and then third week he had 9 points but he had like 13 touchdowns last year and he does not have a touchdown yet this season, So I
was kind of surprised about that but I think like I said I think it’ll open up
a little bit. Tight End wise Jared cook for the New Orleans Saints
since Drew Brees went down I don’t think it’s gonna get much better but he hasn’t
really performed at all. First week 5 points, second week 2 points, third week
1 point, so if you got him you might want to change up your tight end cuz I
don’t know if that’s going to change much. We’ve seeing a lot of people
who probably went in the first and second round of their draft not only
under performing but some of them are out there’s huge number of quarterbacks that are out many of them for the whole season. Ben Roethlisberger Nick Foles
those guys are traditionally picked pretty high and you know neither one of them is gonna put up a single point. There are some opportunities out there because of
that you know I think Watson in Houston is one of those that people didn’t risk
drafting him first but as a deeper pick he’s been doing pretty well. Then
there’s been the holdouts I think the the one we have to talk about today
because it just the news is Melvin Gordon. You picked him right he was on your original roster ? He is on my fantasy league yep. You kept him on your team or no? yep i have him on the bench. I put on our twitter feed today that day when you hold out for a
bigger contract and your backup is leading the league. Ekeler’s having a
phenomenal season he was not quite as good this week but but in general, Big
surprised well poor Gordon’s leverage is gone not only that with Ekeler doing so well even if he comes back witch he’s talking about coming back this
week but he won’t be eligible to play this week. If he gets back by week 5
the reality is he’s not going to get as many balls because Ekeler’s doing
so well. Hopefully for you’re sake he’ll be back but will he put up the kind of
numbers that you expected. Probably not like I expected but I think he
hasn’t been hit this season so he’s fresh pair of legs Austin Ekeler’s more like a receiving running back so if you have him on your
bench I’d keep him on your bench Melvin Gordon like I did a lot of people ask me
on my league why’d you keep , I think he’s coming back and like Jason just said he’s coming back by this week he’s not gonna be
able to play this week but I think they’ll work him back into the starting
rule it’s just Ekeler’s gonna have more of a role now and if he would have never
held out they wouldn’t even known about Ekeler and he would have got more points
so yeah even though I’m me personally I’m still gonna start him when he comes
back he’s not gonna have the impact I’m a fantasy like he would of had before
they hold out. The other guys I’ve been disappointed
with is a Jared Goff. Yep. He has not put up big time fantasy
numbers and at the beginning of the season he got that massive contract. So I think expectations about him were
raised they figure if the Rams are gonna fork out a hundred million
bucks then maybe he is worth a higher drafts pick but I think the
contract was too high and he probably went too soon in the draft he would be a
decent backup cuz he’s healthy but the reality is that other than
disappointments like Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger and Nick Foles that are
gonna miss a lot of time this season. he hasn’t put up the numbers like he needs to. No and if you guys remember before Sean Mcvay came in Jared Goff really wasn’t that great of a quarterback. So Mcvay came in he started
killing it but once defenses start figuring out his scheme I kind of
figured Jared Goff wasn’t gonna be the superstar that he claimed to be when
Sean Mcvay first got there so that really doesn’t surprise me too much I
would never pick up Jared Goff just because of what he did the first couple
seasons he is with the Rams before Sean Mcvay. Another guy on the
Rams that has been down performing is Todd Gurley. Todd Gurley really
hasn’t been doing Todd Gurley like stuff either. I don’t know they play
Tampa this week so maybe this is the week to start Gurley and Goff but I don’t
know man they’ve been a disappointment this season. Well the Rams in general I think at the beginning of the season everybody was looking for the Rams to be the
premier offense in the NFC you had the Chiefs on the AFC and the Rams on the NFC and I think the
people expected them to put up 30-40 points every single game and the Chiefs
lived up to the hype the Rams have not there are other other teams that are are
performing well. The Chiefs are different breed tho man. Patrick Mahomes I don’t
think we ever seen somebody like Patrick Mahomes, the closest person I can even
say to him is Mike Vick. Michael Vick with his uh with his mobility but not
even michael vick had the had the accuracy that Patrick Mahomes has like he’s
he’s an amazing he’s an amazing guy man. My hero this week was Troy Aikman. I don’t know if you saw on twitter but somebody had put a tweet up saying yeah Patrick Mahomes has done all of this and has achieved
all these marks way faster than Troy Aikman they were comparing him
saying he’s so much better than Troy Aikman Troy’s response was something to the effective of have him call me when he has three Super Bowl rings. That’s the truth Troy Aikman was a great general but he definitely wasn’t the
best passer in history he was very accurate and a good team leader and that’s
how you get that’s how you get rings. I think that Patrick Mahomes will get his share of jewelry at some point. Oh Yeah. Tell me some of the others you’re
looking at. Alvin Kamara had a good game last week and with Drew Brees out I think he’s gonna continue to do amazing.
Julio Jones he’s been outstanding this year so far and I’m loving that because
everybody always says well you could compare him to the best one wide
receiver in the league but he doesn’t put up the touchdowns like other player
do he has a touchdown in the last 12 games. So he hasn’t missed a beat man and he’s a true professional in my eyes like he got a 66 million dollar
contract all of it guaranteed what does he do come back and kicks ass at work
like he doesn’t take a beat off so hats off to Julio Jones. Yeah absolutely they were saying that it’s
the the longest touchdown streak in the NFL. Yep. That’s what you really want on a fantasy team is the guys that contribute
every single week, not the guys that put up 200 yards and three touchdowns in one
game, Yea is gonna feel great that game but but if you’re gonna have a team that
performs all season you want guys like Julio Jones that are are gonna be
consistently delivering, and six points for a touchdown in every game that’s
the difference between a win and a lost so many times. Two guys i wanna get your
take on because both of them have had performances that are that are unusual.
First Matt Ryan your quarterback all of a sudden has a habit of throwing
balls to the wrong team and that’s very alien to him he was one of the
least intercepted quarterback the pass two seasons. What are your thoughts? Is this a fluke or is this the sign that Matt’s off off his game. I want to say it’s a fluke but honestly I feel like it has something to do with
their offensive line. We picked up two first-round picks in the draft and one
of them broke fractured his foot already so he’s getting a lot of pressure up the
middle so I feel like he’s not really getting as much time as he needs to but
that’s honestly that’s not an excuse he has six interceptions already this
season and he had seven all of last season so he’s almost to his total
already in three games. So ask me that question in another week or two and
I’ll tell you if it’s a fluke or not right now I’m hoping it’s just a fluke I
can’t really give you a definitive answer because it’s only week three. If he averages two a game the whole season well he won’t be because he won’t have
it started job. Exactly. If he keeps throwing interceptions its definitely not a fluke. Yeah two a game is definitely something that even the
greatest Quarterback isn’t going to keep his job giving the ball up that often. The other guy is Case Keenum I haven’t figured out what to make of him yet because you know the Redskins have been
bad but he has looked decent and he had not thrown a single pick until last week
and he threw three. So I don’t quite know is this the fact that
the Redskins are just crumbling and he was the last to crumble or is he still a viable fantasy quarterback. It’s kind of like the
same thing with the Falcons right now their main offensive tackle Trent
Williams is in a holdout conflict . So he doesn’t have any body protecting his
blindside so pressure is always going to make quarterback to make bad mistakes now I don’t think Case Keenum has too many people to throw to you know what I mean like he needs somebody better to throw to and that’s not his fault so do I think you should start him with all the injuries to the quarterbacks yeah
you should probably pick him up but at the same time if you’ve got somebody and
you got somebody different I probably wouldn’t pick him up. alright question
for you who has a job three weeks from now if the Redskins keep losing
is Case Keenum still there or is Jay Gruden still there cuz one of
them got’s to go. I think Jay Gruden needs to go because he doesn’t really
draft too well and if Case Keenum keeps on having bad games put in
Dwayne Haskins because Case Keenum’s an awesome backup but you can’t what are
you gonna put Jay Gruden you’re gonna fire him where are you gonna put him you can’t have him in a secondary role so in my opinion it’d be Jay Gruden
loses his job before Case Keenum dose. Okay, the other guy I wanted to ask you about is Mitchell Trubisky at the Bears he look decent last week for the
first time he was a guy that I think a lot of people were also high on. Whats your
take on him? He from rookie year to last year he had a big increase in
production like he was actually a decent quarterback the first two games he
really didn’t do nothing and then last Monday night he did amazing so I’m I’m
kind of 50/50 on him honestly I actually have him on my bench because Cam Newton is hurt I’m not going to start him over
Matt Ryan just yet cuz i have Matt Ryan also but if Matt Ryan keeps on throwing these
interceptions and Mitch Trubisky keeps progressing little by little I’m
probably gonna end up starting Mitch yeah I don’t know I really don’t know about
him yet either he needs to uh he needs to step it up cuz he only had one good game in three games so he needs to step it up a little
bit. Yea I agree. Last thing and then we’re out if you
have anyone on the Niners or the Jets you may wanna sit them this week because
they’re not scoring anything it’s the first week of by week’s so playing all you’re playing all your starters until they fall from injury which has been the story of the first three weeks there’s a lot
more strategy that you have to pay attention to my guess is there’s not a ton of jets in the starting lineups but
the Niners have looked good so you may have a couple of Niners on your roster, you had
the Niner’s kicker is that right? Yeah i have the Niner’s kicker. Who did you swap him out for? I picked up Mason Crosby Green Bay Packers. Okay. Well if Green Bay keeps playing like they have been playing he should get some points up. Yeah that’s what I figured. Hopefully gets me at least
double digits that’d be nice. Sounds good, we’ll this is our Wednesday show we’ll be back early on Thursday cuz there’s a Thursday game to pick our winner in that we go head-to-head on Thursdays and Monday nights
so yeah tune in tomorrow find out who wins the coin toss and gets to pick first
i’m 0-4 how did this happen? Must be a bad coin. Something. PEACE OUT EVERYONE!! PEACE!!!

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