Fantasy football talk! Cowboys & Pats finally play some competition! Chiefs exposed? Goff struggling

Fantasy football talk! Cowboys & Pats finally play some competition! Chiefs exposed? Goff struggling

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toe it’s up fuck I’m toasting for lost
in fantasy today what’s good what’s good man
it’s Dex you I am your host Dex is going down today man we in the mix once again
week for week 4 week out right let’s do it I’m back week for recap I got a
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week for recap how you looking in fantasy I mean not do this that’s what I
do are you looking at finished we don’t
want just took my first loss Prescott you know mean trippin we good we three
and one how you doing I just got my first win no one in three we in the same
league so when it comes we kind of knew what was going on it’s cool I’m a
bounce-back man still early all right you got a state of course man that’s
what a lot of people they ain’t you know people hit me up should I trade who so
inside trading the whole team there early
singing got a state of course man it’s going down man it’s up a hell of a week
for where to start man DeAndre Hopkins do you see Hawkins
have you seen Wade windlass how you see how can I follow montage I ain’t seen
Hopkins in three weeks so he played the Saints week one right mm-hmm
eight catches 111 yards two touchdowns after that I got it wrote down they
played a Jag Wallace did play the Jaguars he didn’t five catches 40 yards
I play the Chargers after that six catches 67 yards to get the charges then
the Panthers five catches for 41 yards what’d you think about where is Hopkins
at man and I bought a do not get this twisted I’m not saying how can suck by
an ear I’m just saying where it happens been you know I’m saying honestly I was
offended like I was agreeing with your hint but after Reed knows he’s playing
for teams that play solid team defense bro but I still expect way way way way
way way more from Hopkins but you right you right you right yeah it’s play for
teams with solid defenses no but he dominated the Saints I expect Hopkins to
kill anybody I expect Hopkins just do more I mean I
get the Jags but this is I don’t expect him to get shut five four for that shut
down yeah six for 67 on the charges charges defense is really underrated
with Darren James is not there no more but they still under eight it didn’t
fire for 41 against the Panthers that shocked me
the Panthers got a solid defense but it was a shock to me how people the Q both
at least go for 80 what’s watching numbers looking like he
I haven’t been looking they’ve been I just lost it apparent that’s going to –
yeah and they kind of they are kind of struggling yeah I expect him to be be
better than that they starting back one down didn’t they
or they brought me and Carlos high if I’m not mistaken Ronnie and Carlos has a
big big pick up week this week five right now and people updating their
resumes yeah so I I’m gonna do my top file you got the receiver numbers put up
yeah I got she’s been looking kind of funky man its
new iPhone Julio still doing this thing but and
that’s why I say about numbers I hate when people only look at numbers cuz
Julio scored a touchdown late week 1 against I forgot what they were playing
Minnesota they got demolished a touchdown I really didn’t count look at my boy leading or leading the
league in receiving Keenan Allen hey I see you boy
ok I like Keenan Allen I did my top 10 I did my top 10 I had came down at number
10 I said Tim let’s get a loafer Keenan Allen Bruce really not if you look at
his his previous years but you gotta take injury in suity all he hurt every
year like every year not ever you go look at this stage please finish at
least three seasons he had been explosive can only just don’t do this
shit when they only bring up intro they’ll be hurt when he owner feel UC
San Joaquin it’s a guy it’s nothing like mine I go there my classmate 2010 I like
I say if Keenan Allen was healthy he would be a top 5 top 7 receiver nice way
Phillip Rivers tree he gets the ball out of 10 players key now I’m gonna get at 6
yes at least six targets so I like Keenan Allen but I just wanted to talk
about Hawkins man you know everybody uh Hopkins he’s not even in the top thank
him he’s letting the top 20 receiving I’m just going down the list I see guys
like where’s he at in yards I can’t even really it’s not it’s not numbered on her
MA at ESPN but like he’s in between like some tight end from Baltimore got more
than him I do mean killed Austin Eckler has more receiving yards in DeAndre
Hopkins they’re running back for the Chargers Allen Robinson Tyler boy got
more yards cooks Sandman was DeAndre Hopkins stat wise we already know talent
was I don’t DeAndre Hopkins can can have 800 yards and six touchdowns this year
I’ve know what he good talent was he was still a top five but numbers wise will
he be a top five wide out I think he bounced back to sure for sure
yeah he gonna have some you know Hopkins always blows a 200 yard game you got
Watson they’re gonna they’re gonna click they gonna clear they make you know no I
bet they’ve been cuz when Watson Watson broke it down
to cover for and and you got a thing today now what’s the name is what’s the
name is healthy over there fuller they brought in Kenny steel so I mean they
got something actually got other good White House now he doesn’t reinforce fit
at the ball but nobody doing nothing yeah nobody doing nothing I want to move
on from this and talk about the Kansas City Chiefs they just played the Detroit
Lions and we was talking about this Sunday he was like you said Detroit
Lions been playing good this year and I’m like yeah they do this every year
they win nineteen gang gonna do nothing but they look they looking pretty good
outside the first game against Arizona they tie and they look good that game
and I said that game they were either way it was blowing Arizona and they they
took they foot off the gas I know Matt Patricia is kicking herself for that
here’s the coach over there right yeah yeah sure but yeah the lions look good
had a difference I was mad but they’ve been coming to play they’ve been playing
good now the Kansas City Chiefs they were struggling they were struggling
against the line lines very well should have won that game if that fumble if
breathing don’t pick that fumble up Rodgers on the ass bro Russian three
getting the patching mahomes I want ideal on coming like oh I forgot
this is what I got to say about the Chiefs a lot of people have been hitting
me up asking me all the Chiefs figured out it’s patching my home’s figured out
cuz you know part of the season I said there’s there’s no way to game plan for
patching my home’s really and I stand by that but there is a recipe out to
beating them right now Tyree Hill is out these wire receivers
they have now I said two weeks ago I don’t even know these guys but they got
some oh noes walking the other dudes I’m stealing they just fast oh this is what
you if you can get to patching my homes with with three or four and you can be
physical with these fast Vanessa Allen you know these guys they come from
Georgia a fast oh but if you can be physical and if you can run with these
guys you can beat the Kansas City Chiefs because we know they defenses they’ve on
a bond defense he’s got a safety blanket to tow of traffic skills
yeah it’s but the the Lions is playing good against
– yeah like you say you can get the recipe is that what they still win yeah
you still gotta beat it still wins you got a feeder I do say that though if you
can this is my this is I’m answering your questions y’all asking me if if if
Kansas City had been figured out or Patrick Mahone’s of their recipe to him
there is right now only because his best weapon is not there Tyree he’ll get
there and they will be he’s gonna be back to invincible he didn’t throw a
touchdown this this week or last week against the Lions which was which was
weird he didn’t throw one I threw for 300
though he no touchdowns patching my home’s he grew up that game now one
thing I say about my Holmes is he he looks for the homerun and I don’t blame
him with that big arm he looked for the home run every every play and he got to
learn to take some underneath shots you got Travis Kelce you guys got to learn
it and you know not take the big play he learned a lot from that game they was on
his ass yeah Lance was on his ass but the Kansas City Chiefs there they
haven’t been figured out they just kind of you know Tyreke he’ll is not there
Patrick mahomes gonna get back on his shit trust me yeah no doubt
Cleveland Browns I’ve coming into the season I said they was gonna win I had
him winning nine to 10 games but I was also on the other side and if if teams
come out and punched him in the mouth I love it cuz Baker Mayfield talked about
you know I said eight games max yeah he said still stand by ya at first she was
like six or something sitting on win 8 games max I wouldn’t be
surprised they want five or six I would not be surprised hey looking they’re not
looking good this is what I gotta say about the Browns they’re not looking
great right now but they – and – yeah they surviving mm-hmm and I think before
I say that I’m glad these teams punching Baker in the mouth man struggling I do
when I radio dude tweeted doing a game Sunday Baker Mayfield don’t look
overrated today he’s not overrated in my opinion but don’t get does not get
carried away ha yeah he overrated he’s not as gonna think –
love to be he will be I think but he shall last ye can play a lot of people
do you right I can’t you right I guess we’ll see yeah I mean he he’s not the
quarterback they high power to me like the reason their to like if they had a
better quarterback they would have a better record in my opinion that’s true
that’s true and that the hype men spoke better play for him him that’s true in
the height the hype kill it messed it up for Baker because it said his
expectations high yeah this is the second year he just plays 16 he just
played 16 games played 12 last year reporter so Baker you don’t you don’t
like I said last segment he don’t know what this NFL is about not really no you
don’t know what this in any you got a big-ass mouth but besides that they they
got smacked by the Titans they play horrible and still beat the Jets they
beat the Rams that every position have nobody right right and I guess they play
a horrible and barely beat them they didn’t have anybody so they sposa yeah
they played against the Rams they played bad and still almost beat the Rams and
they dog – Ravens yeah they got in the Ravens ants Baker
may feel still King fine Odell Beckham set that one who do you have a good game
against the Jets he had he didn’t have a good game yeah
one catch for 80 yards like 160 though yeah yeah yeah you right you’re right I
think that was against I think they in the right direction if they can catch it
this is if you’re going through these rebuild are these bond and state a
Charla they trying to find an identity which is chub-chub is their identity I
hand the ball to chose nice every play like Jean you can play off that and open
it up back I don’t know what Freddie kitchens is doing but this is what I was
part of the problem – yeah it’s play car they said that was Baker Colin he caught
that drawn 49 I don’t think big cut that was pulling the offense if you want to
feel me you don’t have to like you just gotta deal with the consequences and
judging from a reaction I watched a reactions they were saying look if they
reactions doing that play Baker caught that play any kid just look down draw
forth in you think there’s mad in the Sun Baker
but this is what I was saying if doing this stage where they trying to find the
identity in a China bond if they can go 500 or taking we’re here more games and
they lose that’s a plus for them because they don’t hit a stride Baker’s gonna
find he’s gonna be able to find Odell Beckham he’s gonna willing to joke who’s
out he’s gonna be able to find him weapons they got and they get Kareem
hunt back later this year I like what the Browns doing I like the situation I
in but they they gotta have better quarterback play for sure they gotta
have it dead Baker had a crazy rate he threw for a
lot of yards but he still looked bad he still can’t find out del back Jarvis had
two crazy catches and a lot of yack I’m not impressed with Baker Mayfield
play at all even in the wins I’m not me then show me nothing but like
I said I like the direction they’re going in they two and two and and I can
honestly sit here and say they haven’t played up to expectations yet this year
so playoffs they’re not saying don’t don’t don’t don’t blink too soon but
Pittsburgh they can win a division I’m not so sold on Baltimore either man a
division this it’s kind of a toss-up it’s wide open huh y’all two and two
anything uh yeah the Ravens lost two in a row Pittsburgh Pittsburgh 1 ok
Pittsburgh’s 1 is 1 in 3 yeah yeah um Pittsburgh could sneak in there and they
got Tomlin thank you yeah they looked impressive they played the
bangles foot they look good man deep oh no no not to it’s nothing about the AFC
South there’s everybody over here they all cuz bangles owing for Pittsburgh 1
and 3 and I think that’s what the North right AFC North Hall or not something oh
how bad are the bangles man terrible I’m here at me thinking last night like Dan
they need Marvin Lewis Bay something maybe Donna go hey hey hey look doc week
week 14 I think or 13 we have the bangles
verse the Dolphins I think we could I think they both can
be winless yeah to like oh and twelve teams going yeah that is that might be
like a first I like the Dolphins my fuck around tie
they both got over 15 and one let’s keep it moving
Jared golf in that Rams offense they played the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and uh
actually before I talk about Gerry Goffin and that offense in the Rams
problems can we talk about Jameis Winston 28 441 385 yards four touchdowns
everybody called him out and he respond I counted him out everybody cut
everybody Biddy he obviously he heard so the game before this they played the who
did I play it loose on a dynasty man I plated Giants and Jameis Winston goes
crazy against them I got my game is a fantasy so I know all the belt would you
know if it wasn’t for a field goal kicker and I hate kickers bro for wasn’t
funny field okay good Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Jameis once they sitting
at three and one right now they sitting at 301 tied with the Saints for the
division man Oh Jameis Winston I thought with Bruce Arians and Bryant
let which my guy live with I thought with those two guys coming in
that Winston would play better and he looked trashed one game this season but
outside of that when I week when he played real bad I think so I don’t
really remember that was one of them early weeks but outside of that one
performance I got to give Winston his credit he hits him in throwing the rocks
predator Winston’s been doing his staying he looks better than who was
these other guys I was comparing them to other Mariota he looks better than
Mariota he looks better at what campaign plan but he looks better than cam
credit to you Jameis Winston get your spot back bro stay alive keep swinging
because you was this clear my opinion was this close I don’t know shit about
the quarterback position you I don’t know you could have been still could’ve
been solid but I thought you was close to losing your job they paid the Rams
there was fifty something to 40 something forgot to score
58 to 40 50 it was some crazy jared golf those the boss 68 times two touchdowns
three understand when you told me that Alex I don’t watch that game I was at
work when you told me he threw the boss CCA time I thought she was bullshit see
I know he had the ISIS shoulder after the game man you showed a sword in a
muhfucka man 68 balls so I’m watching Sims you know Sims do the podcast for
Bleacher Report I’m watching him he played a quarterback in the NFL he said
he watched a film in that game and he said I was probably one of Gerald’s best
games he’s ever played I played quarterback of nothing
I’m not to respectfully disagree me too he’ll know he did the game for the game
Jared Goff Street got stripped I mean he can’t block the people behold you can’t
hold on to the ball they threw the ball he probably could his arm soars 68 Tom
this is this is what I gotta say about the Rams in that offense who did they
play before the Cleveland Tampa Bay they played Cleveland Cleveland was on the
ass Cleveland’s making a tough one I said last podcast without Gurley that
offense there’s another level to this offense without Gurley they can’t hit it
was he playing he played he has 16 yards the bug that bucks been stopping the run
pretty good he’s still hurt he’s even hurt he’s not hurt but he got he got
that arthritis and out in the Bucs they stopped
Malcolm it was no running game it was okay but um Gurley has been struggling
they haven’t gave him two ball more than 20 times they not get they’re not
putting the load on him they say Garth rotten his knee and they
say that he’s good right now but they had holding for the long huh don’t know
they can wake up next he can wake up the next day and his knee can be look like a
water Miller down so I stay I’ll throw out his knee but without no play-action
this offense date cannot hit the second level that’s good I can’t they can’t hit
that next level cuz they can score we see last year they can score let’s just
say about me conveys this is he’s been figured out I don’t think McVeigh’s been
figured out I just think he I think what can I say is is it’s I think he she
needs to teach golf how to play better what
after playing golf I’ve been saying he’s an elite game manager if you if you line
him up and go five why every play that’s not his forte that’s not his cup of tea
he’s gonna end up throwing some pics you can put on the Lions film last year you
can put on or you can put on this film it’s been a few more games but if Todd
Gurley cannot be Todd Gurley last year this Rams team they ain’t gonna make no
noise in the playoffs if they make it yeah if they make it that’s a tough NFC
over there you can see Otto’s plan playing pretty decent over there what
you guys think about the Rams deef the Rams offense am i tripping I think you
know I think it’s girly I think girl he’s a problem I mean goth he is who he
is he’s an elite game manager and you cannot ask him to throw the boss 68
times without no play-action defenceman ain’t
looking too hard either they will have 58 points to Tampa Bay yeah they’ve
never Ted is oh that’s great 58 points bro this might be the most point scored
all year yeah that’s nice that’s nice that’s what you guys think about that
offense they have the Rams been figured out bro set has McVeigh been figured out
I don’t I don’t think they still gonna put up points neat them answers they
still gonna put up points they still gonna put up yards they still gonna win
games cuz they they load it but I got a lot of good skilled people over there
but the way that offense is how the motions they use and although the
play-action is what they live by without Todd Gurley did they did they did
Patriots and Cowboys finally play some competition and I be down we gotta keep
it really both Patriots fans yeah we played this still is week one
they just got they first when we played Miami so we play big man he got he he
was trashed week one we played fitzpatrick and rose in week two we play
who we play week three who was a Jets quarterback oh boy was a manage it I
can’t even think of it that’s crazy I forgot the backup for the Jets name
did we play the dude for the bills Josh Allen he he gets hurt they backup
coming Matt Barkley so to keep it funky with you we got the
best defense in the league we lead in every statistical category and defense
we leading everything probably cuz we ain’t playing no quarterback play some
trash core we played Miami when I have no passing touchdowns on us this year
not one that’s crazy I said I have to say this we finally played some
competition two bills they’re not gonna win 15 or 10 games this year but that
defense is a defense solid bro bills nice I say this if Josh Allen would have
finished that guy they probably would have beat us Shea was going down to win
the game but with Matt Barkley Frank Gore running it I got a nice look Frank
Gore we finally played some competition and that’s how we look Brady throw one
touchdown oh you know that’s a division game too we looked awful
they’re good we won the game and ain’t no such thing Brady
it was on it was they made a real tough fall Cowboys finally play some
competition they played the Giants week one nothing Redskins we – you play – Eli
with the Giants – Eli Jones but no they played case cam then they play Miami
everybody think they all Miami played him so for loop Miami did play them
tough everybody thought they was all world the best team and this is saying
with us – I’m not even a real this is Dave’s you I’m into him but I keep it a
bug about the Patriots that’s my squad but I’m gonna keep it real about him we
ain’t had a tough schedule at all saying with the Dallas Cowboys when they
finally played competition we didn’t fold we won’t know for sure
Cowboys that Saints defense is on the ass man Cowboys were scoring 35 every
weekend to come out and score what they score 10 10 10 10
let me ask you a question as Sean Payton the best coat or the second bet you know
belly takes to go Sean Payton the best coach in NFL he’s up there to lose jus
breeze and go to Seattle whoop they ass and it’s whooping they ass at one point
Thanks whoop they ass give them they first loss
go back home this is whit Bridgewater against the Cowboys everybody Cowboys a
bit I’ve heard a lot of people said it seemingly yes what this shit Sadek the
MVP Jaylon Smith and the wolf and DeMarcus learnt which I love these guys
these guys can play but Teddy Bridgewater man Teddy Bridgewater bro
Teddy Bridgewater twelve to ten let’s talk about the offense ZK he’s numbers
wise while hate numbers people’s numbers wise you look at his stats ZigBee kill
had he been doing this thing but even though hundred yard games he can’t been
popping him like he usually popularly got 100 yard game darling I think he got
maybe two I’m not sure but he ain’t he Zeke hasn’t put his signature on the
game yeah he hadn’t put his stamp on the game yet that was the game they needed
cam Jordan and boys is on his ass Amari Cooper Marshawn allotted more shut him
down bro locked him up he was like new zone he was on clowns for real he wasn’t
get no I said coops atop top 10 top 15 robbed receiver you was on other hand
hell no I don’t think he I don’t think he’s not he’s he’s not 15 maybe but he
cannot say he’s in the 15 16 17 but 10 I don’t know
Cooper’s not know top 10 receiver Brahma I don’t care what nobody say Oh coop
straight bro but he’s drunk last great route runner top to eat rah rah let’s
remember oh wait okay I’ve note you gonna bring up he does drop balls tucked
in like he’s got a lock damn like I like it’s a different kind of like man like
how could you know we said Hopkins like he was getting cut by I didn’t see no
family no cornerback is running like on Hopkins head let me tell you this
Marshawn Lattimore followed Amari Cooper all over the field if I’m not mistaken
and he plays all show he also follow Hopkins Hawkins did 111 to tie zonal to
let you know the separation that’s what my sweetie that’s what Lattimore say it
though who air breeze I’m sure they got what but also what Watson said he’d been
playing like trash agency here yeah he had to go ahead and lock in this week
and switch it up okay yes I see what he was focused as we say
been playing legs like trash oh you say what who Lattimore my bottom Lattimore
say he been playing like Troy focusing neither was impressive and did he fall
Sam or he was on he was on Cooper asked one thing he’s been doing all season
though even when he do give up catch this dude brings smoke hit hard yes
madam or he’s the hardest hitting even out of the safeties let me think
I’m not like oh boy from Oakland I got hurt Abraham’s hard he had hard lot of
mark a lotta more coming down he’ll man he wrapped one thing I said about
Abraham’s is here he’ll come in and here throw a shoulder ask you some time and
he hits you hard a lot of more wrapping up smash never
bring I like let him well he might be my favorite corner in the league yeah they
shut this Cowboys offense down cowboy what do they have any injuries Tommy I
heard in the fourth quarter no elephant there
I’ll tell people that’s that’s a big that’s a big miss to it’s no excuse I
told people this Cowboys played nobody let’s just ask you we just go we got to
play everybody on the schedule but you know you playing bad teams shut up about
we the best team in the league we did send now y’all know y’all playing y’all
played nothing but scrubs thanks and I told them when they played
a good team I wasn’t too sure that they was gonna lose or get help at ten points
I put cash on it you didn’t put cash on it he put cash on Teddy Bridgewater I
wasn’t I wasn’t sure I was gonna lose but I knew the gang was gonna be close
and I knew that offense wasn’t gonna be looking like the Patriots in 2007 when
Brady had my knew they wouldn’t be looking like that all year what are you
guys what you got to say about this disc a boys team I know you got a lot to say
I think they good I think ain’t gonna win about 11 games maybe
maybe team maybe nine you know I’m seeing when I’m not doing nothing in the
playoffs it and that produce to me right there yeah I’m not gonna lie bruh still
high on the Cowboys team I bet it gonna be good but I like the team better just
cuz this is what I gotta tell cowboy fans cuz I hate them they all
frontrunner and when I say farmers when it’s going good everything’s you know
everything’s gravy with it we Superbowl but soon as soon as it gets up they lost
to the Saints I seen all the cowboy fairs DAX up we they give it their
defense slow yeah lose one game y’all phone man
I like the Cowboys team more than I do sometimes bro I got naked fantasy I’ll
cheer for him like I was but it was hi I’m gonna keep it real done but did you
see how deep they were in New Orleans yeah boy drove home sad in the house I
like Santa in it that shit quick man I still like this Cowboys team I still
like the defense um D furs hair D furs hair today they even held it down I mean
it was Bridgewater but they still did they do what they supposed to do right
and and this is what I told the guard that Jim he said we we held on the four
field goals I said brother if you tell Sean Payton that they would have had to
you know Twitter that bridge why don’t we get close enough to the red zone debt
what a Pike kicks along field goals and that was she didn’t wedding fumble close
to the red zone all right so Sean Payton he was gonna be able to score 12 points
off field goals before the game probably wouldn’t believe you bro with
Bridgewater and because they played a perfect game against Seattle they
returned to super special teams okay kick
they had a scoop and score they played a perfect game that’s how you got to play
when you got a backup quarterback but Sean I mean Sean Payton uh and
Bridgewater was moving this ball against the Cowboys defense Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas Alvin Kamara I’m on record saying he just might be I said
the baby best back in the league I kind of been thinking that bro I’m thinking
him on McCaffrey yeah I like come on that white boy got some he do he why we
gonna talk about that we’re gonna say that but I still think this Cowboys team
is good I’m gonna roll this into my my top five teams in the league I think my
top five teams in the league I haven’t thought about this at all but I’m gonna
say two Kansas City Chiefs next time say the New England Patriots I think we
still the best team in Italy I’m say the Kansas City Chiefs – I’m gonna say the
Saints – I’m gonna say two Chiefs three I’m gonna say the Bears for I’m how two
Cowboys five yeah Patriots I forgot who I just said Patriots
Chiefs patron saint’s Chiefs Bears Cowboys who you got your super team just
super teen yo top five I had to ride with New England number one mm-hmm got
you know when somebody got Brady in that defense I gotta go with my homie Patrick
Mahone’s then I got to go with the Chiefs at 2:00 at 3:00 I probably ought
to say the Saints man I like the Saints specially they’re
gonna have breeze coming back but if let me pause you if breeze can come back why
they winning aw man hey breeze can come back man go ahead bro thanks might be
the best team in the league right now go ahead man
Oh at 1 Matt 3 yeah I’m at 4 I said the king you got you got Patriots cheese
Saints I can’t put the Bears in there man now with Mitsubishi no I can’t hurt
right now no can’t put them in now I had to I had to go Roger net defense I like
them man yeah they just lost but I feel you quite a good team Philly Philly
don’t Philly gonna catch on yeah Philly Philly Philly they’re gonna
catch on really we’re still winning in their vision I like Philly who you got
fear Dallas no I’m put the Bears in there I think
you got to go at the bear put the Bears in there five just cuz like I said two
risky but that defense man something else bro I said my I said I’m in Mac Mac
Mac a little mad guy Eddie Jackson Clinton dick got fuller clean dicks took
less money let’s go to Chicago that’s unheard of in a defensive player you
know in this game knowing what to CTE and all that and to take less money who
offered you know offered him more money a whole bunch of teams want to clean
digs no sorry team yeah but he said he just want to have fun and I would a good
deef I think he got like four picks already used to plant at Bama – he won’t
meet got the same advice in the same environment I think Eddie Jackson I’d
like to do it that yeah that’s jewelers everywhere over on
Eddie Jackson fuller clean digs Khalil Mack Trevathan Hicks
Trinette then each elections one of my favorite linebackers in the dog brain
smoke yeah this bearish team is gonna be dangerous brah especially play think I
feel go away from what last year raising some hell they wouldn’t want to they
would have they would have beat the Saints no they would have beat uh Billy
remember who were Rams the RAM think it was a riot man this bearish team they’re
gonna be dangerous brah around December and January because we’re gonna see a
lot of offense right now but everybody know that later at the later weeks in
the season that shit slow down but defense come to play start getting cold
people beat up a little bit some hit hurt ain’t nobody 100% and this bears
defense they travel oh yeah they travel should should they play they will get on
your ass anywhere I’ll bite I might be picking
them to go to the Super Bowl that’s tough I might either them or the Saints
right now III picked the Rams initially but looking too good early it gotta have
some girly man but I feel sorry for them teams that got to go to to Chicago and
you sassing about Mitch what do you think about chase Daniel coming in what
I tell people like I said when he came in chase
doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not I’m not gonna say he’s better than mr.
Biskit risky’s a started for a reason but as far as down the field action shit
chase might be a better thrower that’s what I think he’s mobile he’s mobile too
I mean he’s not like sure Biscay definitely not true Biscay overall true
whiskey’s a better player than yes but taking it out the pike he can make he
can make some he can make some okay throws down the field right right I
think chase I think chase is more accurate than sure Biscay yeah I said I
don’t really mean a lot yeah there’s a lot of quarterbacks more accurate than
dak Prescott and yeah it’s just better noon guy so a duel at the gym told me
this is last week he said Jameis Winston is better than dak Prescott I say hell
knob wasn’t buying it but once they revived
him bro trust me you know how I feel about the Cowboys especially how I feel
about Dagon that can’t be thank Weston better and act like better
and I’m not saying better who could throw a spiral I’m a better quarterback
if I let her leader better who you know uh if I was building my team I was like
you got one shot to win the most game I’m taking day I’m taking price guy over
Jameis Winston no no every day of the week Sunday Monday Thursday and I’m with
you I got to take back I mean aren’t you I like Winston but I understand Winston
fold too many times there’s something dead by something he got brother he
don’t he ain’t go he might lose good folding he ain’t go folk get that Mike
Evans she give back Mike Evans me write about that that can’t Mike everyday no
tellin ya my god is a top like I go seems like we saying Cooper’s good but
my dad he’s definitely better than Amari Cooper yeah he’s definitely yeah better
hands hey we need to we need ya we gonna head
them to Bates man deck or Jameis Winston if you have to start a team would you
pick that Dakota Prescott or Jameis Winston who’s a better wide receiver
Amari Cooper or Mike Hassan I got it but did you see the uh you see the ESPN
thing it was like what you read to have khimar and Thomas or Cooper’s eat this
it sounds like come on man I don’t see that it was PSP and posters and I said
come on let’s thought that in I say that you can’t like Kamara zika’s close but
the receiving come on you mean Zeke and uh cool to me comparing Michael Thomas
and Cooper that’s not even a debate no Cooper strip
Michael Thomas first class you see what he was doing he ain’t even in the same
night yeah like 98 yards foot with Teddy Bridgewater I’m not sitting at the same
table no Michael Thomas is elite Amari Cooper
he could be Lee he can’t be I don’t think he gonna I
don’t think I don’t think he’s gonna reach that level we’re gonna see Tom
Hotel there this is Dex you hope everybody enjoyed the segment week for
recap well you know stuff I wanted to talk about if you guys want me to talk
about some leave coming to at the bottom subscribe to Dex view on YouTube follow
Dex you on IG you got anything you want to plug in bro I checked me out Sunday
man I’m dropping he drop in a Instagram is Milka Juan you know right man I will
be back this is Dex view man I’m out

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