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Hey it’s Wednesday afternoon and this is
Jason and i ‘m Travis we’re the QB’S on wheels. Time for some fantasy football pick. We’re gonna go through each
position Travis is going to to give us his starts and stops but real quick
before we begin I wanted to wish a ,pay respects to the Arizona Cardinals owner
Bill Bidwill family Bill Bidwill has passed away at the age of 88. In player news we have two injury
updates for a you. Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski who has been 7-8 on the season in terms of field goals but has missed four point after
attempts, is going on injured reserve so his season is done for the Patriots
and do not have a kicker at this point. So do you think Brady can kick? He does everything else i mean he’ll live till like 150 so maybe. All right so yep put Tom Brady in as you’re starting kicker if you had Gostkowski. Other news Mitch Trubisky will not start on Sunday so if he is your
starter he shouldn’t be. If he was your starter you probably shouldn’t of had him anyhow, but now he definitely wont score any points. Speaking of not scoring
points how’d your team do this week? What the Falcons? Haha no your fantasy team. I lost but only by like two points, but a loss is a loss. Heartbreaking. Yep. Yeah I experienced a two point loss this week too. We won’t talk about that. Nah i don’t wanna get all teary eyed again. All right. Dallas!! Cowboys what? YEAH, Moving right along who do you have for QB’S this week. Who are you liking? Well New Orleans plays Tampa Bay and it is a rivalry game like a divisional game so I’m going to say start Teddy Bridgewater he’s looked all right so far and they
did just beat the Dallas Cowboys I mean what?? Not talking about it moving on.I would start Teddy Bridgewater. I would sit Daniel Jones he they play the Minnesota Vikings
and he’s look he looked good so far but Minnesota’s defense is pretty good so I
probably sit him this week just to see. Yeah with a rookie like that I think this is
his first Minnesota plays a much faster game on the defensive side of the ball than
anybody they played so far. Yep. Okay what about your running
backs . Running backs I want to say I would start Jordan Howard I actually tried
to pick him up in my fantasy league when Melvin Gordon was in his holdout he’s
been getting more and more reps and Myles Sanders is their pretty much splitting it 5050 but even like last year when he was splitting carries in Chicago with
Tarik Cohen he still had 800 yards and 10 touchdowns so he’s in my opinion he’s a start all season unless there’s a tough match up but they play the Jets so I think he’s a start. My sit now I don’t know if I would do this all season but my sit
Austin Ekeler, Melvin Gordon is coming back he is coming back week five so the
production value out of Austin Ekeler which he’s still gonna get his he’s
still gonna get his touches and he’s a great catcher out of the backfield but I
think he’s a sit I think he’s a sit this week. Yep. It’s to bad you couldn’t put Ekeler in as a wide out he might he might score more points for ya. Exactly or
like you were saying the other day maybe a two back set that’d be
something they can do. yeah unfortunately that means half the
points for both backs. Yeah. So if you only have one of them then I it’s a
tough choice. Yeah. Do you think Gordon is a is worth a
starting position at running back. I was actually going to
mention that I think I’m gonna give him a shot now I obviously if you watched any
of the earlier episodes my running back core on my fantasy team is kind of junk
right now so I’m gonna give him a shot. Just because i don’t have anybody else really I mean I have Frank Gore and Carlos Hyde but I’m gonna give Melvin Gordon’s shot he
has fresh pair of legs I mean he is he’s a freakin starter and I think he had like 10 touchdowns last year so I mean he’s definitely capable of producing big
games it’s just first came back yeah might not be a perfect start for certain
people that have better running backs but I’m gonna start him yea. You mentioned the Bears a minute ago from a fantasy perspective I think that
the Bears D is one that has under performed this year in terms of points but I’d look for big things this week,
getting Roquan smith back their linebacker and then they have Khalil Mack witch is like thee players. They’re going to London to play against the Oakland Raiders in London. It’s a early game so it’s a 1 o’clock game I just feel like if there is jet lag that tends to
favor the defense and the other thing with Mitch Trubisky out I gotta believe that
the team is trying to rally the defense. Yeah. They’re saying if we’re
gonna win we’re gonna have to do it based on defense so time for you to
raise your bar so that’s my my two cents on defenses do you have any other defenses you wanted to mention. I just stick with the regular defenses like I pay like I said a little
while ago New England defense has been killing it for me I’m gonna start them
until they don’t show me anymore there’s a couple defenses out there like
Baltimore’s defenses all right but they didn’t do good last week I would try to
start the regular defenses unless there’s a unless there’s a big injury on
their on their main front or corner like a main corner back or something but other than that I would just start the defense’s that you have been starting,
and look for the match ups look who they’re playing. OK. Alright lets see what else. Wide receivers what are you thinking there. Yeah I’m gonna say start DeAndre Hopkins if you have him. He had two bad games the past two weeks but he plays Atlanta this week and
Atlanta is known for giving up big points to wide receiver so I’m going to
start him I actually have I have two people that I want to mention sit wise
the first sit is a Sterling Shepherd for the New York Giants they play the
Minnesota Vikings and I said to sit Daniel Jones and I have to say sit
Sterling Shepherd too but it’s not just because Minnesota’s defense it’s because
Golden Tate’s coming back this week and that might take production off of maybe a pass the Sterling Shepherd might go to Golden Tate might get it
this time so there’s just more options for Daniel Jones so I would say sit
Sterling Shepherd. I wanted to ask you one guy that you were pretty excited
about at the beginning of the season was Tyreek Hill, he injured his collarbone early on and has been out but he’s expected to return to practice today yep could start
on this weekend tell me is that to early to put back in or is this a guy you like. I mean he’s an amazing wide receiver and he has some crazy amount of speed so I mean you can
definitely start him me personally I’d probably wait another week till he’s
fully healthy but you could start him. I think that when you try to time his 40 you hit the button to start the clock and you realizes he’s already done that’s how fast that guy is. yeah he’s ridiculous. Minor exaggeration please do not quote me. Him and MeCole Hardman when Tyreek Hill gets back them two on opposite sides of
each other are you gonna it’s going to be one hell one hell of stop for the
defense to try to stop them two. – Honestly the only thing that would be stopping them is how far Patrick Mahomes can throw that ball. They are
the two guys that literally can outrun the passes. So yeah that’s we just need a guy who can fire the ball down there 93 yards and they’ll have a
touchdown every down. Yep. Vontaze Burfict was officially began his suspension so that hampers the Oakland Raiders. John Gruden was really irritated by that, he said i’m not going to say anything and basically that was saying something it was clear he wasn’t understanding he was pissed off had this not been his third offense I would
say that it was an overreaction. what are your thoughts. I don’t know he’s the type of
coach that’s just gonna he’s kind of just gonna let it pass him by he’s a
good coach he’ll deal with what he has on the field. He likes guys who hits hardest. Burfict he’s been illegal hitting people all his career so picking him up is a risk. specialty now when he’s done with his suspension he’s going to be a huge risk because one more hit and you’re paying a guy who’s career is essentially over. Right. So it’s gonna be pretty hard to have any team to sign him. Maybe he’ll go back to Community College with Antonio Brown. Do you have any tight ends? Yeah I would just say I would probably start George Kittel San Francisco tight and
against Cleveland and I would probably sit Delanie Walker Tennessee tight ends. Okay . Just quick and short with the tight ends but their my two starts and sits. You may not wanna pick the bye week teams. who’s on bye’s this Sunday? Detroit and Miami they
have bye weeks this week so I would probably not start any of their players. The good
news is nobody was staring any of the Miami players. Yeah so that
puts Stafford out in Detroit couple other guys that definitely could
be on your list so go down and sit your Detroit players and try to pick up
some of these guys that Travis has told us about. Sounds good. All right week four will be back Friday night with some injuries updates last-minute swaps
before Sunday that way you’re getting no surprises. We’ll be back, oh yeah down there in that corner lower lower yes that’s were your going to click the little helmet and subscribe to us
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