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Welcome to this walkthrough of PrimeTime Draft Football. In this video, I’m going to show how easy
it is to use PrimeTime Draft RemoteView, our free web application designed for league members who want to be part of the draft, but can’t physically be at the party. You have to be connected to the Internet for RemoteView to work. But after that, all you have to do is create a draft, make sure “Enable Internet services” is set to “Yes” and then check the boxes next to any team that will be making their own picks remotely. I’m going to hit the “Copy” button here so that I can paste the RemoteView URL later. But you would want to email the RemoteView URL to anybody that is going to view or draft
remotely. Now that the draft has started, let’s pop
open a web browser and see the RemoteView experience. I’m doing this on the same computer as the one I’m running the main PrimeTime Draft Football application on. But this web browser could be running on any remote computer, tablet or smart phone. I’m going to paste the RemoteView URL that I copied to the clipboard earlier and hit “Go”. When you go to the RemoteView URL, you are asked if you only want to view the draft board or login as a specific team to make your own picks remotely during the draft. I’m going to login as a specific team. As you can see, the RemoteView experience is very similar to the main PrimeTime Draft Football application. You can click the “Show Full Screen” button to maximize the draft board. But since the RemoteView experience is so similar to the main PrimeTime Draft application, I’m going to leave the browser UI visible around RemoteView just to help us differentiate between the two during this demonstration. You can see “Team 1” is on the clock, so
let’s jump back to the main app and make a pick. I’ll just pick the best available player. Now let’s switch back to RemoteView and
see what happens. There will be a slight delay as the main app and RemoteView communicate with each other through the Internet. But this won’t have a significant impact in actual use. RemoteView sees that a pick has been made and updates the draft board. I logged in remotely as “Team 2”. So, now that it is my turn to make a pick, the “Available Players” dialog box automatically pops open and lets me know that it’s my turn. You can also open this dialog box at any time during the draft by clicking the “Available Players” button in the upper left corner. RemoveView has all of the same filters and sorting as the main PrimeTime Draft application making it easy to find the players you want to draft. Once again, I’m just going to select the best available player which is at the top of the list and click the “Draft Player” button. This choice is now being sent to the main PrimeTime Draft application through the Internet. Let’s switch back to the main application and watch as this pick is automatically added to the main draft board. Now let’s switch back to RemoteView and
watch as our pick is officially added to the RemoteView draft board. As you can see, RemoteView users have nearly the same draft experience as everyone at the party – and they can even make their own picks. Just because people can’t physically be
at the draft party doesn’t mean that they should be left out of the drafting fun. In fact, we think this is so important to the overall draft experience that we don’t even charge additional fees for the RemoteView service. For more information about PrimeTime Draft Football or to try it yourself, visit us at Thanks for watching.

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