Exlusive Real Madrid fan hates on Ronaldo, loves Messi

Exlusive Real Madrid fan hates on Ronaldo, loves Messi

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I’m a ronaldo fan. I’m a real fan big fan But messi you see clearly is one step above Cristiano when Christian you need to step up [to] score. It’s in front of Here net you should feel shy, and then what happens next we built our this magic. You know


  1. This guy is the biggest plastic ever , just like dont judge a player by a game Ronaldo shut have him up with performances against Bayern,Atleti,Celta,Malaga,Sevill,Juve

  2. This is a real football fan. Hey guys respect to this Real Madrid fan cuz he loves football and he knows how football is played. Salute bro.

  3. U r the true football fan.Hats off to u.I don't understand why people compares CR 7 to Messi.CR may be the best in the world but messi is out of the world

  4. Lol I hear his point about Messi and I agree but what, he forgot what Ronaldo’s done for his club? Shame Ronaldo will never get the credit he deserves.

  5. Messi is well supported by world class players like Neymar, Suarez, iniesta, etc…..etc….. Barcelona always builds a strong team around Messi. Whereas RM is stucks with benzema, di maria, higuan, injured bale, etc around Ronaldo. Messi and Ronaldo both have different qualities but players around them can not be compared, and thats why Barcelona have won last 7 of 10 laliga titles. Just see for current season number of goals scored by messi and Suarez, we have Ronaldo but nobody similar to Suarez.

  6. It should be a crime comparing Messi to Penaldo. Messi is far fucking way superior than mr penalty. Messi is above all.

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