Exclusive: Setién’s winning return to Betis in 5⃣ goal thriller!

Exclusive: Setién’s winning return to Betis in 5⃣ goal thriller!

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The win was valuable for everything really. We overcame this game, we took the points, and it was very difficult, because we had to come back. Sometimes the normal thing is to let your guard down when things don’t go your way, because we had some clear chances that didn’t come to anything. I think it could have been 2-1, and then there would have been a loss and so the second against us really cost us, and this has upset us a lot but we have overcome it and in the end we got the win It has been an emotional return for me, I am very grateful to this club for two wonderful years here, I only have good memories. It is true that the end is a bit hard but I am delighted to be here and hopefully Betis does very well


    0:33 Touchdown in Sevilla!
    0:45 The players arrive at the hotel
    1:30 Outside the Benito Villamarín Stadium
    1:33 A look inside the Barça locker room! 👕
    1:56 ¡Hola Carles Aleña! 😂
    2:16 The Barça players arrive at the stadium
    2:32 Quique’s reunion
    2:47 Junior Firpo’s turn!
    3:47 The warm up begins 🏋‍♂
    5:09 Messi’s pre-match passing drills! 🔥
    5:19 Griezmann scores a worldie! ⚽🤪
    5:59 DE JONG SCORES! ⚽ (1-1)
    6:08 BUSQUETS SCORES! ⚽ (2-2)
    6:19 LENGLET GETS THE WINNER! ⚽ (2-3)
    6:34 Quieue Setién speaks 🎙

  2. Hope not to see Roberto on the pitch again, he is below average Player…
    Griezmann was a shadow Player, what's happening to him?

  3. Barcelona's defense is not strong enough. Just give a little advice, hopefully next year Barcelona can bring Leipzig defender Luke Klostermann and Marquinhos from PSG.

  4. معقوله برشلونه تكتب عنوان فديو بالعربي😂😂😂😂🤩🤩🤩

  5. Barca lost a mainstay stricker like Suarez who suffered a long injury. My highlight on the young stricker from AZ Alkmaar Oussama Idrissi players who have characters like suarez. Barca must immediately bring in a sharp striker as a substitute for Suarez. The coach must be able to read the team play that can contribute in new recruiting player.

  6. Barcelona does not want to spend money. For next season You should change 50% of the team.

    The defence is almost the oldest. For forward Alexander Isak should be super.

  7. Our defense is bad with Umtiti, Pique, Alba and Roberto. Lenglet & Semedo are the most in form defenders for Barça at that time. We need defenders.

  8. 😡 Griezmann go back to Atlético , no place 4 U in the club , 😡😡😡 this is player really come to Barca 4 football 🥴🥴 !!!!! & no commission 4 Eric abedal when he signature in Barca 🖌🖍📃 🥴🥴🥴 ???? Big a question Mark 😡😡😡😡

  9. What type of music do you guys listen to? Please fire the music director. There is better mixes. Sounds like he pulled it from Soundcloud. Stupid mix.

  10. اتمنى منكم الترجمة ياافضل نادي بالعالم احنة كعرب مانعرف إسباني 🇮🇶❤️😍

  11. عنوان الفيديو بالعربيييي اخيييييرا افهمت اشييي من هالقاااااة 😂😂😂💔

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