Edgewater High School football player fatally shot during home

Edgewater High School football player fatally shot during home

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grief counselors were available for students at water high school today a 70 year old homeowner shot and killed one of its students 18 year old Gerald Anderson during home invasion last week in Orlando police arrested Anderson’s accomplice late last week new six is naadi jnanis is live at Edgewater High School where we’re learning Anderson was a football player and now Dean he was set to go to college he was Julie students here say they do not know Anderson as a bad guy who breaks into homes and said they know him as a senior football player who helped lead the Edgewater Eagles into playoffs and lead himself into possibly playing football at bethune-cookman university which he was just accepted it they are saddened today that this is a future he will not be able to live out his say I mean I don’t hold weight better for that 4-0 play it was just three weeks ago senior Jeremiah Evans was in class talking about the future with his teammate Gerald Anderson he was so close to graduation life [Music] if instead Evans came back to school from Christmas break learning his friends future is gone 18 year-old Anderson was shot and killed after deputies say he broke into this Orange County home last week court documents show he got into a shootout with a 70 year old homeowner who shot Anderson twice killing him in self-defense according to deputies I don’t really see why he like had to do that knowing how like his future was going wrong croute wrong person but he was a built prison like that’s my friend so I can’t even say nothing bad about that wrong person according to deputies is loose Mill Hernandez his accomplice during the home invasion Hernandez is now charged with his friend’s death appearing before a judge this weekend on felony murder charges according to Hernandez’s arrest report the two were already on probation together arrested back in May for possession of a firearm by a minor it’s just not how students here knew him it makes me like one of graduating more you know saying take his place like walk across the stage for him and so today I was set up to speak to edgewater football coach Cameron Duke but he decided not to talk to us on camera he said today was just too tough for the students here at Edgewater high school he does plan on attending the funeral with the football team Julie the funeral has not been scheduled yet nodding Thank You Nadine Yanis reporting live for us tonight


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