Doing a Draft in Madden 08 : How to Do a Fantasy Draft in Madden 08: Rounds 16, 17, & 18

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Hey this Phil Coonrod on behalf of Expert
Village, today we’re going to talk about Madden ’08. So we’re here in round 16, uh we’re going
to, what you can do now that we’ve had 15 picks under your belt we’re going to look
at who we drafted. All you have to do is hold your L trigger and push down on your directional
pad. Now I can see who I got, I got my D tackles sured up, good on them. I only got my one
D end, so I need another D end. I got my center, I only got one Guard. My offensive line is
looking pretty good, I feel pretty good about my offensive line. I don’t have a tight end,
I probably need to get one of those. I definitely need another wide receiver. And a free safety.
So I need tight ends, receivers, and free safety’s. I’m going make that priority right
now. Cause I do like to throw to the tight end. We got Clyde Saucer here he’s pretty
expensive but he’s fast, he’s got good size, he’s big guy, a good run blocker. Go over
here and check all their attributes out. Here’s his run blocking that I have highlighted right
now, 70. Pass blocking that doesn’t matter because he’ll be in routes. He’s got 70 run
block and he’s one of the faster guys I have available so I’m going to get Clyde Saucer,
he’s a little expensive, but I’ve saved money on other guys already. So I can take the cap
hit. We’re going to go to round 17, we definitely need receivers here. This Santonio Holmes
guy I really like, he’s out of Ohio State, he’s got a lot of speed. Let’s look at his
catch, he’s 80 on the catch he’s not great. Maybe Kevin Curtis, Kevin Curtis is going
to cost us another 1.3 mil over Santonio Holmes. But he is a bit faster and has better hands,
so I think we’re going to pick Kevin Curtis here in round 17. And I do run a lot of four
wides so I might want to think about getting another guy. But I just want to run through
my team real quick. Since I have Jamal Lewis he’s kind of a bigger guy I might want to
look at picking up DeShaune Foster. That’s another tailback to have on the team. Because
Jamal Lewis is going to be beating up defenses bruising them. Then I can bring in this DeShaune
Foster kid and aw him sprint all over people. He’s expensive as all get out, but Jamal Lewis
has been hurt a lot and I definitely need some speed in the back field he’ll be my third
down back

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