DockerCon Europe 2018 Highlights – @Tecknuovo in Barcelona

DockerCon Europe 2018 Highlights – @Tecknuovo in Barcelona

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We’re at DockerCon in Barcelona. This is super cool. It’s a two day Conference. Me and Margo are
representing the Tecknuovo flag And we will see what we can come up with We are going to ask you: Who are you? What do you do? And why are you a DockerCon? I was presenting on stage So I was hoping to meet some new people Which I did, which is awesome To learn more about the
wonderful stuff that’s happening in DockerCon and all the wonderful things that
Docker are doing. Well, DockerCon this year is my first DockerCon as a DockerCaptain I was also speaking and taking part in a
transformation panel It’s great you get to talk to people in a pretty informal setting and we can share things like
some of our open source tooling I’m also here to meet customers
I met our DockerCaptains, our partners So I get to meet lots of people at
Docker, it’s great! I think my best learning of the whole event is about how
to use new build tools for containers and how to make it so much faster I’ve seen a lot number of announcements things that has been open source so it’s really nice to see the community getting more back from that There are different stands and booths where you can kind of get to know more about the
different technologies Getting that real-world knowledge from other people
that have been there and sharing war stories is super helpful in planning our steps Being at something like DockerCon… you’re here with other people solving the same problems as you and learning from their
experiences is probably the cheapest, fastest safest way of accelerating anything you’re doing

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  1. It's great to see video clips from the event and venue. Also to hear what people thought on the ground at the event. Thank you for sharing

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