DIESER JUNGE verdient eine 99er-Schuss-Wertung bei FIFA! Challenge by freekickerz

DIESER JUNGE verdient eine 99er-Schuss-Wertung bei FIFA! Challenge by freekickerz

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Hello and welcome! We are the freekickerz and today we’ve got a new freekick battle for you in a 2 vs. 2 version. Part of the team FK old are Marco and me! Our opponents are the two young ones! We have got three different positions. As soon as the first one scores, the others are allowed to follow with a goal. We’ll start out on the left side, then to the middle and in the end on the right side. The team, which wins two positions will be the winner. Let’s see if our experience is going to help us here! You see, this calmness is incredible! You guys do actually not even have to start! What about a punishment at the end? Let’s do some ass shots for the looser then! That one was geat! – I’ve already thought that it’s a goal for sure. You can start for us now! The good thing is that i can’t shoot worse than Marco! Are there problems in your team already?! The good thing is that i can win this position already now! Not so bad! – I didn’t get enough curve in… Come on, Tim! Second round now. Really great! What a save! It was a great shot there! If Felix scores now, this position is over! Is he able to score now? Goal! Or maybe not a goal? He was no right anymore to laugh about my shots. It is our tactic: Just keep you in security first. With curve or a knuckle ball? Just try to knuckle one in now! Too low… Marco, it is time for a team meeting now! That is the good thing, we don’t even have to speak, we understand each other just like this as well. Top right corner? – Yes! Jan has got one weak side, this is where i want to shoot at. Is Jan so weak in the middle of the goal? Second time aluminium already! I can’t believe it! Marco, you know what to do now? I thought it would go in for sure! Once again too far in the middle. The crazy thing is that i can win it almost every time for us… He just need to score one… I’m gonna do the Hakan. I still don’t feel it! Not just for fun our second keeper! Once more like the last two? You can’t do that three times in a row. It was really almost the same again! But at least onto the goal! Marco, another one like your ones? Tell me where to shoot please! You need to aim for the right top corner, then you may possibly score! You should shoot into the corner maybe… But not as bad as your last one at least. Well i somehow shoot without any risk. Are you afraid to hurt yourself? – No, i don’t know, somehow the whole procedure doesn’t work. Yellow card for the second shot. If the goal would be 10 cm wider, we would have scored already a lot of goals! It would be enough it would just stand 10 cm into this direction. He catched it! The ball was really long on his way there… Yes! That’s enough! I was just hoping that you didn’t hurt yourself… And Jan just did nothing at all. The perfect tactic for sure! Now Konzi is under pressure! I’ve hit the post three times and this shot finds the net then… This one was similar to Felix’ shot. We are already leading with 2:0. But as we are fair, we say double or nothing before the third position. But we are sure to win it as well! If Konzi and Marco are going to win now, we’ll have a sudden death then. I’ve no idea why this guy there is still talking as he has only given the balls to the goalkeeper without any strength. Both have done a great job there! This shot would have deserved a goal for sure! This position is not the easiest. But you can shoot pretty good into the short corner. Konzi, what happened there?! Come on Tim, close this challenge now! Well done Marco! I thought you speciality were weak shots next to the goal. I just wanted to warm up Jan a little bit! You really need to say that it was really close there. I thought that there was enough curve in it. Should i try to imitate your shot now? – Yes, do it! No we finally have a little tension here! Come on, let’s win it now! Just like this! Just like this! Only question marks in their faces here! How close was that! What a pitty! What is this today…?! – He’s on my level today. I want you to go right to the goal line now! We’ve just heard that your butts are itchy. We are going to deal with it now. That one would have hurt both! There were just 5 cm missing! It has exactly hit both knee throats! So that was the challenge. I think has really hurt in the end! What should i say, it was the punishment! I’m a little sorry for that as i shot such bad balls today… Tim, what do you say? – A highly deserved win. No chance for team old today! But you knew it from the start, the looser gets this punishment! – It was even their suggestion. Next year there will be the revanche! Leave a like and comment if you’d like to see more challenges like this! Apart from that, see you next time and goodbye!


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  4. Jungs, will jetzt keine starke Kritik an Konzi ausüben, aber die anderen kritisieren und selber überhaupt nichts können, einfach traurig. Konzi ich würde dir raten deine Schüsse zu üben bevor du anderen erzählst wir irgendwas funktioniert. Danke!

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