Defying expectations with adaptive sports

Defying expectations with adaptive sports

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(gentle music) – I love telling people I play tennis. And then I watch them
look at the wheelchair. From the first day I visited campus, I was able to navigate it on my own. And I saw how accessible MSU is. I saw the opportunity here to thrive. To get a great education
and to be independent. Growing up with cerebral palsy, first in Poland, and
then the United States, I used to watch sports on TV. But playing sports with a
disability was a distant dream, one that always seemed out of reach. And now, I teach an integrated
wheelchair sports course, and lecture in adapted
physical activity content. I’m using sports to increase
in students understanding of their disability, physical and mental wellness, and to cultivate social
inclusion of all students. Including those with disabilities. (tennis ball striking racquet) (dramatic music) MSU is now home to the
top adaptive sports rink in the Big 10. (ball striking sticks) – One of my goals is to make MSU the destination for future
Spartans with disabilities. And at the same time, creating a blueprint that other higher education institutions across the country can follow. For me, the Spartan dream
is the American dream. MSU made the difference for me. And if a young student with a disability can look at us on the court and say, “Hey, I can do that.” Then that would be awesome. My name is Piotr Pasik,
and I am a Spartan.


  1. Awesome! I am a Spartan alumni and former employee. Are you familiar with the Challenged Athletes Foundation? They help me (a 62 year old paracyclist) fulfill my dreams. The grant application is currently open so athletes or anyone with an impairment may apply for equipment, travel, coaching etc.

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