College Football HOF inductee London Fletcher rides the Goodyear Blimp

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The Goodyear blimp has been covering
college football games for 60 years and later this year it’s being inducted into
the College Football Hall of Fame as an honorary member.
We’re really excited to be flying another inductee London Fletcher, on
today’s flight. And, as a special surprise to London, we brought along one of his
former coaches. Coach Mike Moran: I get to hang around with two Hall of Famers today. London Fletcher: Becoming a College Football Hall of Famer was not something that I even thought about
my didn’t fit the prototypical size at five-foot-nine, I play at a Division three
school, but I’ve always been very driven Not settling; there’s more that you can
accomplish more things that you can achieve. Coach Moran helps shaped my life
in a tremendous way, um, you know at the time that I met him my mother was
struggling with some substance abuse and he was like another father figure he
really instilled discipline in my life and accountability and characteristics at me
that I still hold today. Coach, What’s going on? It’s the house I grew up on, Giddings (street)
from the Goodyear blimp it’s my childhood home. What’s the red building
there? Oh, that’s the church, I grew up going to that church. There it is buddy,…Oh, wow! I was so proud to to be a student at Villa Angela St. Joe’s
You knew the standard that you had to live up to. It’s pretty cool looking
at Carroll from up here. Wow flying over John Carroll University
they got my name middle of the field I put in a lot of work in that football field. We got a little video for you from Goodyear… Oh, check this out Rich Kramer: Hey London it’s Rich Kramer here, Goodyear CEO, and fellow John Carroll Alum. Congratulations on your
induction into the College Football Hall of Fame. Dale Earnhardt, Jr: Hey, London its your buddy Dale jr., I want to congratulate you on being inducted into
the College Football Hall of Fame. Kirk Herbstreit: Congratulations on all your accomplishments this is a
great great honor for you, I’m sure. London Fletcher: This is big time! That was an absolutely amazing experience it’s
been a tremendous opportunity this weekend to reflect on all the
accomplishments that I had as a collegiate athlete so I want to say
thank you to Goodyear for this awesome and great experience and a wonderful

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