Chelsea vs Liverpool: Alexander-Arnold scores a screamer & Firmino nets again | HIGHLIGHTS

Chelsea vs Liverpool: Alexander-Arnold scores a screamer & Firmino nets again | HIGHLIGHTS

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JOHN BRADLEY: After an impressive start
it’s Alexander-Arnold! Absolutely emphatic. That’s a decent ball by Christensen, and Abraham has broken the offside trap
and is in on goal… Super save. Adrian stood tall and stood big, and keeps Liverpool in front. It’s gonna spin for Willian, who’s in. Oh, some save by Adrian, but it’s in! Well, they are looking at VAR
to adjudicate whether it is legal. The second big cheer,
the goal is chalked off. It’s Robertson. Oh, Firmino, 2-0! And Liverpool double their advantage,
and it was oh-so-simple. Alexander-Arnold will try again. Oh, it’s Firmino! It’s a really good save by Kepa. Kante. Still going…still going! Oh! Special goal from N’Golo Kante,
how’s he done that? Alonso with time and space. And on to Mount! GARY GILLESPIE: That was the chance.
That was the chance.


  1. Important 3 points, we were lucky to win this game tbh, shambolic defense again especially from TAA side, start to see signs of fatigue on many players, Klopp soon will regret not signing any new player this season, just a whistle blower!!

  2. What do you think of the CARABAO CUP guys play the youth and do you think we should go for it or "accidentally " get knocked out?? MANE has a dead leg so it's a good job we don't need him for this game and he can sit out but when is THE BEARDED CAT back (ALLISON) anybody know guys ???

  3. We rode their tidal wave with fabinho booked. Midfield needed some stability so bring on lallana. Odd choice be honest hardly played especially this game where Chelsea were knocking on our door!
    Salah needed come off earlier many times he just took too looooooooooooong. Infuriating.
    But overall great match win in bag.

  4. ซ้อมยิงจุดโทษและยิงไกลให้ได้ทุกๆตัวน้อ…จากนั้นก็แยกส่วนปฏิบัติการณ์ทั้ง หน้า กลาง หลัง ปีก และแบ๊ค อย่างละ4ตัว ฝึกให้ได้ทุกตัวน้อ…สู้ๆ

  5. That south American Italian Jorginho tried to get under the skin of Hendo and TAA but it did not work.
    Klopp has instilled champions mentality in this team.

  6. Abraham said: We will take our anger out on Liverpool……..ha ha ha ha!! be humble boy. use your legs do the talking and not yr big mouth. Kante scored a beautiful goal and was humble

  7. I don't like Liverpool , no chemic between us , I still remember the era (which I mostly hate ) of kennedy , Dalglish , Rush og Souness ufffffffff

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