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Hey guys! my name is James and welcome to
my youtube channel! Today I’m going to share with you some of the best museums
to visit in Barcelona and also some tips on saving money when going to some of
the museums. Before we get going be sure to Subscribe to my channel if you
haven’t already and like the video down below. if you like me and you enjoy visiting
museums, ten Barcelona is fantastic! because it’s full of them! However, in unlike some
other places, like London for example. Where it’s free to enter, here you have
to pay to enter the museums unless you visit on the first Sunday of every month
at selected museums. I will tell you about a few places to visit that are
free on the first Sunday and afterwards I will also discuss some other places
that are good to go to, but they’re not free to visit. The first museum on the list is Cosmo Caixa, it is my favorite museum and it’s only 6€ to enter.
It is a Natural History Museum of Barcelona, even though it may not be
close to the city center, it is still worth going. It is located just
outside of the city center, a little closer to Tibidabo which is the
amusement park. If you have children then this is a fantastic place to take the
kids! As they have many interactive exhibits that will keep the kids
entertained for hours. The second place on the list is the Museum of history of
Catalonia. it is only about 4.30€ to visit and is another great
place to take the kids! it covers everything from prehistoric history, up
into modern day. It is located between Barceloneta and Port Vell, the Aquarium
is also located nearby and Barceloneta Beach so you can easily make a day of
visiting The third Museum on the list is
MNAC, it costs about 12€ to enter, they have several different
collections of art. However, it is best known for having an outstanding
collection of Romanesque art. It is located in Montjuïc which is near Plaza Espana, you also have the Olympic Stadium there, a park and the Castle of Montjuïc and Poble Espanyol. Which is basically, a mini Hollywood set, they have
copies of all different architectural style buildings from all over Spain. So
this would be another great place to go if you want to enjoy and spend the day
in the area. You also have the Picasso Museum which is located in the Born District of the city center. Admission is 12€ and it is free on the first Sunday
of every month, as well, as on Thursday afternoons of every week. However, you
have to make a reservation online before your visit. Including the free days and
holidays. The Picasso Museum contains one of the most complete collections of
Pablo Picasso with over 4,000 of his works so I would suggest that you take
your time with your visit. The last place on this is the History
Museum of Barcelona. it cost only 7.30€ to enter and
admission is free on every Sunday after 3 p.m. It located in the Gothic Quarter
and it is more than underground tour of Barcelona during the Roman times. The tour lasts about an hour and you can easily spend the rest of your day in the city
center enjoying the Barcelona. You also have the Wax Museum which is
not free because as a private Museum and so is the Museum of chocolate, that’s
another private Museum. Anyway I hope you guys have enjoyed the
video be sure to Subscribe and like the video down below, it means a lot to me! If
you have any questions or comments please comment down below and I’ll be
sure to get back to you! Thank you for watching!


  1. I hope you guys will find this helpful when you visit the museums in Barcelona!! Many of the state museums are free to enter at one time or another,
    I have a list of the most popular in the video! I also explain the price if you decide to visit while paying!

  2. Useful information for visitors from around the world even for us, the locals who want to spend the first Sunday of month or a day of the week visiting one or each of these museums that you have mentioned during the video. In addition to this, I would recommend the MNAC, the Museum of History of Catalonia or the Museum of History of the city among the others.
    Thumbs up for the content, keep working the way you are doing.

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