Barcelona wonderkid Marcus McGuane | How to score goals from midfield | Train like a Pro

Barcelona wonderkid Marcus McGuane | How to score goals from midfield | Train like a Pro

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This session focuses on shooting, finishing
and scoring from midfield – an area and objective Marcus had set himself to improve
on this season. I like to start training with ball mastery
exercises – this sets the tone for the session, gets the body warmed up and helps the player
with their rhythm. Whatever the desired outcomes of your session, whether they be technical,
tactical, physical or psychological – the ball should always be central. Always progress to some simple ball striking
and receiving, then move onto some sharp turns. We’re still warming up here so we don’t want
the player moving at full pace – we’re just getting the body ready for all the dynamic
movements coming in the session. Here we progress the warm up to passing and
receiving – two essential skills for a midfielder. In this exercise, I’m challenging Marcus to
produce a quality first touch and a zipped pass into the far corner – always working
on both feet. As we increase the tempo, we introduce turning,
combination play and shooting – three more skills a top midfielder must have in their arsenal. We then open up the practise, working around
the edge of the box, focusing on first touch and finishing. Here’s a key coaching point:
Ask the player to receive the ball on the move – this imitates what they experience
in a real-game scenario. It also challenges them to think, ‘Make a move more receiving
the ball’. In a match they will need to find space by losing their marker. Then, when they
receive the ball they must take an explosive touch into space and shoot into the corner. We vary the angle, Marcus receives the ball
from, but we’re always asking him to control and finish in two touches. Most goals scored inside the box are with
one touch so it’s important to practice this. To make yourself effective in a match, training
must replicate game day and this session is designed to do just that.


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  2. Not necessarily just midfield, honestly this was more for stikers and finishing inside the box. Great video though!

  3. Don't believe this, the guy hasn't scored a goal in 2 years after this video was uploaded, just learn about timing your runs and the goals will come.

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