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Then Antonio we do a general review to see how you are put, On Sunday is the game with those … do we play against them on Sunday? Juventus.. No Antonio! We’ll play agains ‘gobbacci’. They are called ‘gobbacci’.. Oh sorry ‘gobbacci’! They are called ‘gobbacci’… those play in?
How many do they play? This is eleven.. No! in 12 there is also the referee .. sometimes 13 or 14 when there is the linesman .. you will not be one of them yet Antonio ?? No no..i have changed.. ask me another question Ok…
This is fundamental for us .. how many are Juventus championships? Thirty… Thirty… But did you ask me how many are in the field? but go and take a shit yourself and the field! sorry antonio! we need to improve .. Guys! Finally with Sarri we play a sparkling football. Not like that of your Allegri, Andrea, who made me fall asleep Bravo Maurizio! You deserved a pack of cigarettes! Thanks Pavel! Look at these ungrateful! Two games played well and they got their heads set up .. I also wanted to emphasize the great intuition of the coach to put Cuadrado and Matuidi fullbacks .. No! And those are my ideas though! Cuadrado fullback, Matuidi fullback .. try putting Ronaldo as central defender if you dare! Bene vediamo la formazione contro l’Inter! In porta come si chiama? Il polacco! Scempzi! Yet?? But if he has already played in Champions League? You said one by one! Then agains Conte’s Inter I care… No Gigi the agreements were clear you are the second! Real Maurizio? Yes… Is this gratitude? Who was the one who brought you the packages of cigarettes secretly when you had pneumonia and you couldn’t smoke eh ?? But I didn’t smoke .. I swear to you … I didn’t smoke with pneumonia … Well! Then give me cigarettes Maurizio! I gave you back if you win against Conte’s Inter … Pavel, please give me back my cigarettes! Maremma Paolo, tell me why we haven’t kicked that one out yet ?? Calm Zvone! Giampaolo is a master must give him time .. You have to give him time to escape before I take it and fill it with slaps .. Zone stay calm.. Paolo’s my hands are itching! if we don’t win in Genoa it ends badly .. Head up and play soccer! Don’t forget to play football is the most important thing! So master how is training? Good Paolo! According to my calculations, by December we will be able to make 3 passes in a row … Now I beat him … Stay calm Zvone.. Come on guys run, the relegation zone is only one point away! Lecce and Spal are on our heels … head high and save! It is you who must save yourself when you run away from me .. Ouch! Boban pissed! Head up and run! Come on, strength is the most important game of the year! I can’t figure against Juventus … against the gobbacci excused … Antonio I see that you went to class with Moratti eh .. There are still some reminiscences. Juventus soldiers … eh nerazzurri sorry! Run faster! Avoid grenades Lukaku! How are you?
Tell me you recovered.. Yes mister! I’m good! But Borja Valero in difficulty does not hold your pace. Can I go help him? Lukaku good giant. Lukaku thinks of your cocks .. by now it’s too late for grandpa Valero is done for! Continue to run! Here is the medical bulletin, the injured and missing of today’s training … Thank you Javier… then it goes well. Giant Lukaku we must have recovered it, dispersed Lazaro, Lazaro get up and walk … okay give me the response of the fastest in the military path .. here it is mister Surely the best will have been my pupil Sensi.. What ?? Javier Zanetti? Have you still been the best? Fuck but you quit !! Run half saws that after Messi we have to face CR7!

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