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Hello readers ! Syd your happy host.. ..very excited to welcome you to another episode of Kan Football Club.. I’m with a well-known face. This smile this look. Aurélien Collin! Hi Aurélien Collin! All good? I’m good thanks Welcome to Montreal! Finally.. I thought you were going to ended here but it did not happen You’re now an Orlando player. Talk about this new franchise. From an MLS standpoint.. even though a team already existed and now they adopted you as family.. since you left Sporting Kansas City Orlando…. is already a big club! Before the first game they had already done a tremendous job Professionally they had great facilities.. we have a soccer stadium that was filled the first game.. and also a city waiting for a club This is why the first day I went there to sign my contract.. I felt a desire and a passion.. from a city that know what soccer is all about there are a lot of Brazilians living there.. And Latino and Europeans so.. …That creates a interesting melting pot Speaking of fans.. “Purple Nation” Exactly! I’ve been really surprised by the opening game vs New York City FC.. you guys filled the bowl! That was the marketing slogan created for the occasion.. and that was a winning bet First game.. Kaka ! David Villa ! Sellout crowd ! How did you live the moment? Amazing ! That was one of the greatest day of my life to be honest And passionate fans who cheered from the kickoff until the final whistle. We had fun. We played our game. It was a closed game New York wanted to draw.. but that was a great moment First we parked downtown.. and then we took the bus to go to the stadium.. for about 1.5 miles.. we went really slowly.. there were fans everywhere.. that was a great experience. What are Orlando’s goals this season? We labeled you as an “expansion club”.. But you won D2 championship last year.. You have a lot of arguments with Brazilian star Kaka.. So what are you aiming at? The goal is to make the playoffs It’s not even a goal it’s mandatory! The front office really worked hard to put us at the best position possible at the end of season That’s really something we have to do Once in playoffs this is american soccer’s beauty Even the 5th seed could win MLS Cup Anything is possible! That’s soccer! I know you’ve always set some personal goals as a player That was already the case back in Sporting Kansas City So what are your personal plan for the season? Are we talking goals numbers? Red cards? So what’s your plan this year? To help the team as hard as I can! At Kansas City I had individual success but my #1 priority is to win and clean sheets That’s the two most important things And most of all to be part of a family Purple Nation It goes well at Orlando I got great relationships with everybody The staff constantly seeking for the best We work really hard It’s the first time I’m that exhausted at the end of practice They want me to get better on every level My goal is to help team as hard as i can And go as far as we can Sky is the limit Quick words on your fashion line What’s the latest on the project? Because you moved from Kansas City Little stand-by There are still shops at Kansas City My focus is on soccer at Orlando Once i’m settled and deep into season I’ll see the next fashion trends Now i’m 100% into soccer Even my clothing size? Of course ! I’m in good hands? For sure! I’ll take care of you! Thank you Aurelien Thanks to readers If you like it please, comment, share on Facebook or Twitter We need you. We love your input We read everything We need your support See you next time !

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