‘A miracle moment’: Thai football team describe being found

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Which member answered ’13’ when the diver
who discovered them asked ‘how many of you are there’? How many of you? So that was a
miracle moment. So he said ’13’. And that man said to you ‘brilliant’ right?
He answered ‘brilliant’. 13? Brilliant. He was so happy to
discover all 13 of you. And then I heard someone say
‘Hey! Translate for me!’ Someone said ‘translate’, who said that,
who said ‘translate’? It was the coach. It was the coach who said ‘please translate that for
me, I want to understand what happened’. He’s asking him to say what he asked
the divers in English again. You said ‘how many days’,
didn’t you? What day? What day is it,
he’s asking. Monday. Monday.
One week, Monday. You have been here ten days. Who said ‘I was hungry’? You said you were hungry, right? You saw someone and the first thing
you said was ‘I’m hungry’. They’re saying ‘eat, eat, eat’
because they were so hungry. And so your heart was filled with hope.

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