49ers Sign Arik Armstead & DeForest Buckner Traded to Colts (2020)

49ers Sign Arik Armstead & DeForest Buckner Traded to Colts (2020)

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Ayo! It’s Bryan here. Today, talking
about the San Francisco 49ers as always.
Finally got some news in terms of the offseason, free agency, the draft, all
that cool stuff. Going to be talking about Arik Armstead getting that five-year, $85 million deal. That’s pretty cool right there. I’ll be getting
to that in a second. Another big news for the 49ers, they have gotten another draft
pick. The 13th pick overall in the first round of the 2020 draft. In exchange we
gave the Indianapolis Colts DeForest Buckner. Love him. Going to be talking
about him in a second as well. Stuff to talk about. I’m excited to talk about
this. I think this is going to be good for the 49ers in the long term. Let’s just
get into it right now, but before I do, please “Like” and
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49ers Arik Armstead and DeForest Buckner. Let’s talk about our boys Armstead and
Buckner, the Oregon Brothers. They did go to college together at the University of
Oregon if you didn’t know that. There’s your interesting fact of the day.
Anyways getting back on track. Armstead great deal five years, $85
million dollar deal. I’m pretty sure Paraag Marathe and John Lynch were able
to negotiate some deal where it’s really team friendly. We don’t know the
contracts details exactly, but we do know that he will be a 49er for the next five
years, minus any injuries or anything crazy like that. This is going to be a good
signing in my opinion for the 49ers. You still got the core guys with Nick Bosa,
Dee Ford and other guys on the defensive line like Sheldon Day, DJ Jones, Ronald
Blair coming back from injury. I think this defensive line is just
another scheduled dominance in the 2020 season in terms getting to the quarterback and
sacking quarterbacks. I believe this is a great signing for the 49ers. A lot of
people have questions on whether or not they were going to keep him. Were they going
to try to trade him or something like that? John Lynch, Kyle Shanahan,
Robert Saleh, they are all in on this guy. So I blame them at all? Not at all
because we want to keep our guys as much healthy as possible. We’re going to keep our
guys in this team as much as possible. I said the championship window is about
three years including this year. If they want to make a championship run. If
they want to win the Super Bowl for the next three years, this is it right here.
They’re going all-in. I can’t wait to see what happens and you look at the other
contracts that we have. Bosa, he’s on his rookie contract. Dee Ford, he’s on his
second year of a five-year deal. There’s just a lot of good positive things
coming out of this. Hopefully it all works out, I think it will. Armstead I’m
rooting for you. I doubted you for the past couple of years ever since you got
drafted by the 49ers. Everything is working out so far and
hopefully keep up the hard work. Get us to a Super Bowl. That would be awesome.
Speaking of his Oregon brother DeForest Buckner, he is not with us in San
Francisco anymore. Kind of sad news right there. I do love me some Buckner, number
99. Dominating in the interior line. He will be getting a $21 million a
year extension deal with the Indianapolis Colts now. He’s going to be the
second highest paid defensive lineman behind Aaron Donald. That’s good news for
him. He definitely deserves it. I think outside the 49ers, he’s a very underrated
defensive lineman. If you’re the Colts; if your Colt fan watching this for some
reason, you’re getting a very good player and he’s still a young player. I believe
he’s going to change life for you guys in the defense. You guys have a pretty good
defense in Indy. Build upon him, I think you guys can make another championship
run as well. Looking at it, I think everybody wins. The 49ers they do get
some draft picks, well particularly the 13th pick overall. They also have the
31st pick overall. So I’m pretty sure they’re going to package some deal where
they can trade down with the 31st pick overall. Draft somebody that they like
in the 13th pick overall. A more manageable first-round pick. Going to be
interesting to see what they do. For DeForest Buckner, I think he’s going to a
great team in the Colts. I feel like they wanted to take him to a contending team.
They didn’t take him to some lousy team like the New York Giants or something like
that. Got to give credit to Lynch for doing that and yeah. Chris Ballard and
the Indianapolis Colts, they’re trying to do the same thing like the 49ers. Build
on the offensive line, defensive line. They have a stout offensive line.
Defensive line, it’s kind of okay but with Buckner in their lineup, I think
it’s going to be fantastic for them. So John Lynch, Kyle Shanahan, everybody in the
front office, I think you guys did a great job on this. Also with Buckner, we
were going to have to pay him eventually and not going to be sustainable because we
have to pay our man George Kittle next year. There you have it right there. I’m
excited for this. If I had to give a trade grade, I’d probably give it
probably an “A.” I think this is going to be good for the long term. Initially it’ll
be a little bit of a struggle without having Buckner, but I believe with our
talented defensive line, our coaching staff they can get this through. Have a
great year and hopefully win the Super Bowl. That’s pretty much it you guys.
Please let me know what you guys think about the Armstead/Buckner deals? I’d
like to hear what you got to say in the comments below. If you guys like this,
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a great rest of your night. Go Niners all day. Hot Boyzz!


  1. Big day for us! What did you think about these moves? Thanks Buckner for all your hard work all these years!

  2. Sad we lost Buck but we not gone be able to keep everyone… In 21 mill a year we wasn't paying him that… 9ers got a 1st Rd pick and we can see what DJ Jones and the other boys can do know… Got have faith in Kyle and Lynch

  3. I wanna see Aldon Smith back.. Give the man a tryout… In let's see what he got left n the tank… He got the help he needed.. Let's bring some old 9ers back on the Vet deal

  4. Man that stings ,Defo was a big hit I dont know, wonder what they will do in the draft ,gonna need a fast ass corner cuz the cardinals just got D Hop

  5. Anyone that disagrees with trading Buckner really doesn't understand the economics of salary cap football. With Te Kittle and Bosa in a couple years it's the right move. Sign Buckner lose Armstead you only get a compensatory pick at best. 13th in the first rd gives SF the real ability to get a desired player or trade 1 of the 2 1st rounders for more draft capital. John Lynch is very good at what he does n I also believe he needs to limit Kyle's input into the draft. Cause we don't need his Kirk Cousins and CJ Beathard decisions anymore.

  6. I still don’t like it don’t know why we would let go of him but it is what it is hope he does good in in the colts

  7. Not a fan of 1st rounders who don't do anything for 4 years and then have a career year in their contract year. I know it's been more a matter of injury than effort, but either way, Armstead has been a waste until this last year…and now he is an 85$ million man and our best defensive player is leaving. I know it's about money and draft picks, but it still sucks.

  8. Armstead balled out more than buck so to get a 1st round 13 the pick for buck was awesome,we definitely need Dee Ford to stay healthy cause if not then we gonna miss buck real quick

  9. I like it Arik Armstead is here to stay as a niner for a long term contract let's go ninerss whoohoo!! #quest4six#

  10. Losing Buck stings but we got good value out of him. We will be able to do good things with the 13th overall pick. Plus it gives us room to get Kittle signed. Can't keep em all

  11. I am sad, very sad man today. Buckner was my favorite Niner but I know we cant pay all of them so now this is S. Thomas time to shine

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