36 Hours In Barcelona–Including La Masia, Nou Camp, Sagrada Familia and More

36 Hours In Barcelona–Including La Masia, Nou Camp, Sagrada Familia and More

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Champions League matchday 6, the last of the group stage. We are in Barcelona, the waviest city in Spain. A football country and city through and through. We’ve got a little bit of time ahead of the match with Tottenham. I’m not afraid of being a tourist unlike some of you. We are at La Masia. This is the training ground for Barcelona but it’s not just football. They’ve got basketball they have other sports as well. This is where the players that don’t come from this region are actually housed. So right now our studio analysts Stu Holden and Steve Nash are on a tour with the board members and they’re voted in like political folks it’s not really like a corporate structure here. These are all the players that have lived in this dorm. 1995 obviously quite a year. Look Puyol here, Iniesta. And this is the structure where it actually all began. This is the original dorm. Steve Nash has a complex because he didn’t really play football so I know he’s going right because it’s kinda like the harder one to do, watch. He went left. We’re out here in Barcelona and I brought one of my friends, the host of HQ Trivia. Scott – Edward Quizzerhands. Fernando – We’re just gonna go to a random open mic and… Scott – In a basement of a restaurant. I’ve been in Barcelona for 36 hours and I’ve already been bitten by Suarez twice. Oooh, we’ve got some football fans here. But Barcelona is a very green city, very eco-friendly, It’s actually the only city in the world powered exclusively by Messi’s Napoleonic complex. Napoleonic complex, Napoleon. You get it, he’s short. He’s short, I’ve had some wine, you get it. We are out here checking out one of Gaudí’s works. This dude is the Messi of architecture. Seven of his works were declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Here in Barcelona, Gaudí’s stuff is everywhere. Gaudí has been dead for 100 years but his masterpeice, Sagrada Familia, is still unfinished. It is almost time for the match. We have “Texas Stu Holden” here but then also we have Steve Nash. The real white Iverson, honestly. Post Malone, you need another decade of hits. I know you are very very excited, but tell us how did you get to this moment you are broadcasting a soccer match. Steve – Such a passion for the game and grew up playing the sport, loving the sport. My family is all from Tottenham, North London. Stu – Come on Tottenham. Steve – Come on you Spurs! Stu – It was kinda meant to be that your first game was gonna be Tottenham right? Steve – Yeah. Stu – At the Camp Nou. Steve – Yeah, let’s hope it’s not my last. The Camp Nou is a coliseum this place is massive. It holds 90,000 people. I’ve honestly never seen so many people just taking photos, like they’re making a pilgrimage. You have so many tourists and then fans of other clubs just coming to see, possibly the most amazing football stadium in the world. Stu – We are live inside the Camp Nou Stadium. We just heard the Champions League anthem and we are seconds away from kickoff. Fernando – Dembele! Stu – It’s 1-0 Barcelona. Fernando – When that goal was scored, it’s straight CGI. Everybody loses it. Stu – Heung-Min Son is in on goal and it’s saved by Cillessen. And there it is. That’s the half-time whistle. Fernando – Tottenham down one. I want Tottenham to pull it out. However, I’m so close to the Barca supporters that they’re hitting me with there flags so I have to keep it under wraps. Stu – Here is Kane. And he’s squared across, he’s found Lucas. Steve – Lucas! Stu – It’s in the back of the net. Steve – Spurs fans erupting up there. Stu – Spurs have equalised. Fernando – Wow, that is the bravest man in Spain right now. Stu – And there it is. You can see the celebrations. Steve – Yes! Stu – They know they are through. How you feeling my friend? Steve – I’m beaming! Fernando – Tottenham are through. I know AJ Tracey, friend of the show, is thrilled with that result. Late heroics will see them both in the knockout stage.


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