2019 Daily Fantasy Sports 😈 Top 3 Mistakes for LoL DraftKings [Skill, Roster Construction, Carries]

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– On the last video we gave you 10 tips to dominate League of Legends on DraftKings, now we’re gonna talk about the top three mistakes,
and we’re starting right now. (thunder cracks) What’s up guys, Joe Holka here, welcome to another daily fantasy
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smash that Like button and we’ll get rolling. The first mistake that people make when they’re playing League
of Legends on DraftKings is that they don’t realize that
everyone is getting assists so you really don’t have to
prioritize individual skill. (thunder cracks) Three biggest eSports
mistakes you can make and how to avoid them. Your first mistake is
prioritizing individual skill. So I would assume that’s
somewhat similar to what you were just talking
about, so how would you kind of correlate to that, so like a LeBron James type figure in NBA. – So, I should have mentioned
this when we were talking about the scoring earlier. The thing that makes League different from all the other games, I’ll put it in a basketball analogy because it’s easy to understand, imagine if any time that anybody on the Lakers scored a basket, everybody else on the team got an assist. – Yeah. – So that makes it so it’s not that important to have LeBron, who’s gonna score the 30 points, because Jake Hart is gonna get 30 assists. – If you do any damage to them, you get an assist type thing? – Yeah, and when the team
fighting phase comes, which is when the majority
of the kills happen, the whole team will be there usually. And so, a kill is worth three points, and an assist is worth two, so the difference just isn’t that big. It’s more important to have
as many players as possible from the team that’s going
to get the most kills. It doesn’t really necessarily matter. You don’t want to do in League of Legends what you would do in another sport where you go like, I’m gonna take the guy
that’s gonna score the most from the Lakers, the guy
that’s gonna score the most from this team and that
team and this team. You want to have four
guys from the Lakers. If you think they’re
gonna score 140 points, you want all the guys from the Lakers. (thunder cracks) – The second mistake that players make when playing League of Legends on DraftKings is not stacking, and really just diversifying too much because a lot of the points are coming from getting the win, and like I said in the last tip, basically you really need
to get those assists. (thunder cracks) – Yeah, the biggest mistake
that you’ll see people make is putting four or five
teams on their lineup, like players from four
or five different teams. For the most part you
should be playing players from two teams in every lineup. The only times that that is not true is if you can’t afford it,
that’s basically the only time it’s not true. If you have two teams
that you really think are the best two teams,
and you can’t afford to have players from just those teams, you might have to roll
away a spot, as we call it. Put a guy that you think is gonna lose, but you just can’t afford
to not have a loser on your team somewhere. – Yeah. – But for the most part, you
should be rostering players from two teams, and
you’ll see a lot of people that will have, they’ll
go with name recognition and they’ll say, oh, well, the mid laner from this team is really
good and the AD carry from the other team that he’s playing against is really good, I’ll
take both of those guys, but whichever team wins is
gonna score significantly more points than the team that loses, so it doesn’t matter how good your guy is. Lead games are not like basketball games where it’ll be like 140 to 138. Essentially, they end
up being the equivalent of like 140 to 75. – Got it, so they’re big pullouts, almost. – Yeah, you don’t want
anybody from that team that’s scoring 75 points
if you can help it. – Yeah, I mean, it would, just
kind of what you’re saying. If you kind of just pick
and choose who you think are the best players on a
lot of different teams, it’s just gonna lower
your ceiling in general if you don’t hit on every single
one of those games, right? So how many games are
even happening per slate, typically, if you do
have that many options? – It’s between two and five. – Okay. – The biggest slates we ever really have are usually five games. I think there’s been a couple sixers, but five games is usually
the biggest they get, and there are slates
that only have two games. The ones that only have
two games are the ones where you might end up having
to roster a losing player in there, or a guy that
you know is gonna lose just because there’s two huge favorites, and you think they’re both gonna win, you’re not gonna be able to afford to build your lineups with
only guys from those teams. – There we go, man. That’s a perfect transition
into Buddha’s question. So, what you were saying
in your article is, you were talking about rostering players on winning teams is super
important, so stacking in general, but Buddha was asking is there any merit to rostering a team in the
captain spot and stacking that team as well, and I
assume that answer is yes. – So if there is, if you need
to for the sake of money, that’s a fine idea, but
what I would say is, teams have a set maximum
that they can score. They only get points for a
certain number of things, and the most points you can
basically get from a team in a game is about 25 points,
whereas players have caps that can go up to 50 or 60 points if they have a really huge game. So, if you think that a team, once that you think
Invictus Gaming is gonna get the most kills today, I would advise against playing their
team if you can help it. I would much rather have
four of their players, ’cause the players have a much
higher ceiling than the team. – Okay. – So, your team, if you’re
gonna play two teams today, you think one of them is gonna dominate, and the other one’s gonna do all right, just put the all right
team in your team slot. The team variance is not that high, whereas the player variance is super high. (thunder cracks) – I spent a lot of time on
these videos for you guys for all these different sports. If you want to support what
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community, I also do a ton of content exclusive only to Instagram, so if you’d take a few seconds, make sure you’re following
me over there as well, I’d really appreciate it. The third mistake, and this is
probably the most important, that a lot of people make
with League of Legends on DraftKings is just by playing some of these support players, and really not prioritizing
their captain spot. Guys, they’re gonna get a lot of carries and really get a better chance at scoring a ton of DraftKings points. (thunder cracks) – So this applied more before
they changed our format, so they changed how they
scored eSports DFS recently and they added the captain’s spot. They took away our two flex positions. – Got it. – It all does apply to some degree, which is, if you’re going into
a bigger slate in particular, like in a five game slate,
having someone like a support as your captain, a lot of people will say, I really think that these
two teams are gonna win, so however I can fit them in my lineup, that’s how I want to fit in it. Let me put a support in the
captain or something like that. Because of how much
that limits your upside, you want as many mids and
AD carries as you can get. At the moment, the maximum of those that you can get is three. If you can put one in the
captain, one in the mid slot, one in the AD carry slot, then
you can get three of them. You used to be able to get four
when we had two flex spots, but putting a support in your captain slot on a big slate is almost
impossible to win the slate with, because League has enough variance that in a five game slate, at least one of the underdogs is very
likely to get a win. If you take underdog players, you can almost always
get three carries, and so if it comes down to my lineup
that has two AD carries and a mid with one AD
carry in the captain slot, and your lineup that has a
support in the captain slot, which means you’re gonna
be playing two supports, I’m just gonna beat you. And so you should really
be looking for teams, you should be looking on a bigger slate, you should always be looking for what underdog you think is gonna win. There’s five games, one
of them’s gonna win. – I love the confidence, man. Either you’re like, yeah,
I opened this lineup and it had no chance of beating
me, and now you’re like, yeah, if you do this,
I’m just gonna beat you, so I love the confidence, man. (thunder cracks) That’s it. League of Legends on DraftKings,
hope you want to kind of dive in a little bit
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definitely check out some of those as well. Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you guys next time.

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