2 DAYS Travel Vlog in BARCELONA by Pickapictour!

2 DAYS Travel Vlog in BARCELONA by Pickapictour!

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Hey travellers hello from Barcelona
today I have a 2 days travel guide around Barcelona just for you
so before we start subscribe to my channel Welcome back to my channel travelers if
you’re new here I’m Valerie I’m a local in Barcelona and I help travelers like
you to make the most out of your trip also me and my girls we run the most fun
photo shoot experience in Barcelona through the Instagrammable spots in
the city if you want to find out more click here in my video. We have already
done a video about the things you can do in Barcelona if you’re going to stay
here for just one day especially if you’re going to take the hop-on hop-off
bus tour but this time I wanted to do it the way I would do it by foot or by public
transportation the places I would go and how I would organise it so watch it till the
very end I would start the day by visiting Sagrada
família, the icon of Barcelona created by Antoni Gaudí since 1882 still in
progress and they say it would be finished in 2026 – 2 tips from a local first one buy tickets
in advance a couple of days before or even a week because they are usually
sold out I told you second tip would be to make sure it is a sunny day so that you can see the
rays of light through the colorful glasses in the inside the visit lasts
around 1 or 2 hours if you don’t feel like going inside just stay outside
and check the pashion side and the Nativity one. okay travelers so now it’s time for us
to walk down towards Passeig de Gracia the most expensive Avenue in Barcelona where two of Gaudi buildings are so here we go travelers! here we are in Passeig de Gracia travelers, in front of Casa Milá, La Pedrera . by Antoni Gaudí as well, you can buy the tickets at the entrance, online or you can help me, you can collaborate with this channel by buying the entrance in the link down below. It is at the very
same price or you can just watch it from the outside up to you travelers but you are
so lucky today because I have already been inside so if you want to check how
it is in the inside just check here in my video. Now we are in Casa Batlló, another Gaudi wonder in Barcelona super worth it the entrance you can buy the
ticket at the moment or you can buy it through the link down below, in my
description at the very exact price and lucky you guys because i have been
already inside and i can show you everything about it click here in my
video check it out Just a few minutes away from Passeig de Gracia we have Plaça Catalunya which is the heart of Barcelona where we are right now and
from here we can take three different directions the first one could be to go
back there to Passeig de Gracia, the second one could be to go towards that direction to
Rambla de Catalunya which is the most famous pedestrian streets in Barcelona where
the most famous market is “Boquería” and if you go all the way down towards Rambla
you will finish at the port of Barcelona But if you go that direction over there
we have Portal del Ángel, this is where we locals go to do
shopping to buy cheap stuff, we have Zara we have the big Zaras, the big Mangos
and also we have there the Gothic neighborhood So as you can see I would really
recommend you to stay in this area the rest of the day because we have so
much to see and we are going to see all of it and pay attention because I have
already done videos about all of these so they may be displaying right here so
you can click on them if you want to continue watching ok travelers I think
we can call it a day. Keep in mind that you’re gonna have to stop for lunch and
dinner as well so see you tomorrow which is gonna be in about 2 seconds to
complete our two days travel guide around Barcelona. Hello travelers welcome to our
second day in our sunny Barcelona, today we are starting in the Arc de Triomf as you can see and later
we will go into the Citadel park which is at the very end of these streets and of course we are going to visit the beach which is beyond the park
also we have here on the right the old city of Barcelona “El Born” neighborhood
with amazing beautiful narrow streets and full of bars, restaurants and boutiques so as you can see we can do everything by foot here we are in the Citadel Park, the
only Central Park we have in town If you come here don’t miss the lake, hire a bote, go to the zoo visit the greenhouse take a picture
with Mammath and don’t miss this absolutely beauty that I have behind me this is
amazing for a photo shoot tour with us your local photographer friends in Barcelona if you see those tall buildings behind
me guys it means you are right at the beach those are the tallest buildings we
have in town except for Sagrada Familia and Torre Agbar, just a disclaimer if you
see other related videos appearing in this part of the screen just click on
them if you want to find out more and now we are at the beach and a nice
thing to do around this area is to walk all along the beach from the end of Ramblas in the port of Barcelona till the Vila Olimpica or the other way
around if you don’t wanna get tired you can rent an e-bike or join an ebike tour. now we are in Barceloneta, the most
crowded beach in Barcelona but it’s also an old fisherman village with tiny
houses little narrow squares little narrow streets and a huge range of tapa
restaurants, paella and healthy food as well. if you are not tired yet continue
walking towards Christopher Columbus monument which is at the very beginning
of the Rambla so i don’t know if you have realise it guys but we have done a circle in
these two days around Barcelona so if you still want more there’s so many
things move around like for example visiting the Park Güell I’m gonna leave
you the link right up here in case you want to plan your visit hope
you have enjoyed our two days travel guide around Barcelona, subscribe to my
channel and see you next week travelers with more things to do around the city


  1. One more beautiful video of a beautiful city.
    In our visit we missed the casa vicens .
    Unfortunately it was closed by the time we reach it.

  2. Amazing videos! Ill be returning to Barcelona in March and could love to do a collaboration video with you. Been following your videos lately and i love all the great information that you provide!👍🏾

  3. Great video! We will be visiting during Semana Santa, the dates of April 9th-April 14th 2020. Please do a video on tips for visiting during that time

  4. Love your videos and Barcelona! Your page is so inspiring I made my own Italian travel vlog and just posted it, I would love for you to check it out!!! ❤️

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