16-0 take that to the bank NFL Week 3 picks 2019-2020 NFL football season

16-0 take that to the bank NFL Week 3 picks 2019-2020 NFL football season

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NFL Week 3 picks 2019-2020 NFL football season
Check it out went 1-0 so far week 3 picks going 14-0 by the Sunday Nights football game
then 15-0 then 16-0 after Monday Night Football 100% correct predictions for week 3 NFL games
NFL Games I will be talking about today for week picks
NFL teams NFL standings year to date records win / loss Y.T.D
Arizona Cardinals 0-1-1 record Atlanta Falcons 1-1 record
Baltimore Ravens 2-0 record Buffalo Bills 2-0 record
Carolina Panthers 0-2 record Chicago Bears 1-1 record
Cincinnati Bengals 0-2 record Cleveland Browns 1-1 record
Dallas Cowboys 2-0 record Denver Broncos 0-2 record
Detroit Lions 1-0-1 record Green Bay Packers 2-0 record
Houston Texans 1-1 record Indianapolis Colts 1-1 record
Jacksonville Jaguars 1-2 record Kansas City Chiefs 2-0 record
Los Angeles Chargers 1-1 record Los Angeles Rams 2-0 record
Miami Dolphins 0-2 record Minnesota Vikings 1-1 record
New England Patriots 2-0 record Goats this year
New Orleans Saints 1-1 record New York Giants 0-2 record
New York Jets 0-2 record Oakland Raiders 1-1 record
Philadelphia Eagles 1-1 record Pittsburgh Steelers 0-2 record
San Francisco 49ers 2-0 record Seattle Seahawks 2-0 record
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-1 record Tennessee Titans 1-2 record
Washington Redskins 0-2 record ✔Make sure to do my weekly pick’em polls
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http://www.youtube.com/c/Beastrocks NFL Games I will be talking about today National
football league games for week NFL football picks fantasy football Yahoo Sports for each
game also The NFL Pick’em watch We are going to go over NFL football games
from week NFL games scores highlights what Teams won and loss
NFL injuries and game highlights what teams tied went into overtime close games upset
games blowouts high score games Classic football
NFL Picks week 3 NFL football picks every week best expert NFL predictions 2019
PICKS week 3 best of NFL picks must Locked wins
Put your picks in my comments need to think who I should
take this week 3 National football league games football picks help me out by helping
me think who I should take thanks mnbeast MNBEAST woo if you think took the wrong team
For your Fantasy football leagues office pools family and friend pick pools
or even ESPN Pigskins Pick’ems Fox NFL picks or your local sports paper picks Like me I
do this always for fun each year love watching football and most all sports. NFL Week Picks ATS upset picks Football picks
2019-2020 NFL season 🏈NFL week 3 picks get them now trap week
like always 🏈NFL week 4 picks Big winning week ahead
🏈NFL week 5 picks lots of winning picks 🏈NFL week 6 picks big wins this week
🏈NFL week 7 picks solid wins don’t miss these
🏈NFL week 8 picks locked wins 🏈NFL week 9 picks big upset wins
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🏈NFL week 16 picks 🏈NFL week 17 picks
wildcard playoffs NFC AFC Divisional playoffs AFC NFC Superbowl straight up picks week picks
straight up wins against the spreads upset picks over and under point spreads Tennessee Titans vs. Jacksonville
Jaguars Jaguars win 7-20 Sunday NFL football games for September 22
2019 Cincinnati Bengals vs. Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills will win week 3 prediction Miami Dolphins vs. Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys win week 3 pick Denver Broncos vs. Green bay Packers
Green bay Packers win Locked week 3 pick Atlanta falcons vs. Indianapolis colts
Atlanta falcons win locked pick for week 3 NFL football pick’em
Baltimore ravens vs. Kansas city Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs win locked pick
Oakland raiders at Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Vikings win
New York Jets vs. New England Patriots New England Patriots win
Detroit Lions vs. Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia eagles win
Carolina panthers at Arizona cardinals Arizona cardinals win
locked week 3 pick New York giants vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers win
Houston Texans vs LA Chargers LA Chargers win
Pittsburgh Steelers vs. San Francisco 49ers San Francisco wins
New Orleans saints vs. Seattle seahawks Seattle Seahawks win
LA Rams vs. Cleveland browns Cleveland browns win locked pick for Sunday
night NFL football Monday Night NFL football game week 3 pick
Chicago Bears vs. Washington Redskins Chicago Bears win
those are my NFL week 3 picks and predictions woo
for the National football league 2019-2020 NFL season games


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