👑MO SALAH – EGYPTIAN KING👑 (All 32 Goals Mohamed Salah song)

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Mo Salah lifts the golden boot! Time to crack open the Ribe-ner! Harry Kane is gutted. He’s probably off to appeal more goals from the Premier League *Kane cries* more goals from the Premier League *Kane cries* *Ronaldo cries* Ronaldo is gutted Salah’s broken the record he shared with Suarez *Suarez cries* Suarez is gutted or maybe he’s just remembering Crystanbul 🙁 Klopp: he scores in his sleep Firmino and Mane: He’s world class! And he is ours We signed him on the cheap Boom! To Roma’s dismay *Roma team cries* His hair is like Milner: Like a sheep Klopp: I was thinking more like Sampson long hair And unlimited power Milner: Oh Henderson: Goals 32, 10 assists Salah: I score, I pray Firmino: Watford A debeut goal! Klopp: Arsenal the 3rd of 4! of 4! Boom! Milner: Burnley a thunderbolt Klopp: This guy sure knows how to score Mo Salah Mo Salah Mo Salah Running down the wing Salah VVD: Lah Mo: La Mo: La Mo: Lah Stoke: L-argh! Klopp: Egyptian King Rooney: No Salad! Firmino: Mo Salah Cech: Mo Salah?! Many players chasing: Running down the wing! Klopp: Salah, La Lah Ha! Milner: Lah! Firmino: Lah! Kane: L-argh! Klopp: Egyptian King! Better than Harry Goal Thief Salah Egyptian King Henderson: Better than Raheem Sterling Klopp: Salah Egyptian King Milner: Better than This Ribe-ner Just Mo Salah Egyptian King Mane and Firmino: better than Rom! Klopp: and half the fee Lovren and VVD: Better than Hazard Klopp: And he stays on his feet TAA and Robertson: better than Ozil Klopp: Not hard Karius: And Lacazette All: not bad for a Chelsea reject Mo Salah Mo Salah Running down the wing Gini: Salah Lah Henderson: Lah Ings: Lah Lovren: Lah Egyptian king Mo Salah VVD: Mo Salah Suarez: Mo Salah?! Klopp: Keep running – Don’t sign a thing! thing! Salah, La Lah La Laaa Egyptian King Milner: Ribe-ner Ribe-ner Ribe-ner Ribe-ner My favourite drink! Ribe eeeeena eeeee na Don’t pour it down the sink! James Milner has left the building even though we were already outside.

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