Сборы пумы Месси на прогулку. Puma Messi is going for a walk in the rain

Сборы пумы Месси на прогулку. Puma Messi is going for a walk in the rain

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Let’s get dressed It’s raining! I know you don’t like to walk around in a jacket. Messi! let’s get dressed! Baby, let’s go outside! Baby, it’s raining! you should wear a raincoat. Come and get dressed, my precious. I love you very much too! sit down! give me paw There’s a downpour, a cold downpour Autumn already… I don’t want to walk in the rain.. I want to always was summer))) Messi purrs loudly)) But he doesn’t like to walk in a raincoat)) He rustles.)) Messi is glad that everyone came home! He kissed me when I got home.))) Messi, you look like a foreman in that suit.)) all, I put on my shoes and we go! Handsome boy! ready? All, we went for a walk I think we won’t be long) Kira went out to check the territory) Kira!)) she said hi.)) My affectionate kitty! beautiful! We came.)) Terrible weather! You are such a wet cat!))) take the cat, undress him. Messi, sit! Wait, I’ll take it off!) Oh my God! So much water!))) Do not shake the legs, I’m wet)) Keep down now we will wash the paws Paws are not dirty, just wet My good boy! Attaboy! somersault It remains to wash the 2 paws and you’re free And you will eat You can go!


  1. impressed af when your big wild cat is better behaved than most domestic canines lol maybe he's just master feline and is like "clean my feet slave." Lol

  2. AWESOME [email protected] Russian Puma Lynk looking sharp in rain gear.. All that's needed is bootz … Meanwhile Alien Lynk just doing the usual thing.. It's obvious that BOTH of you deserve each other!! :} :}

  3. The thumbs down are from people who don't think this is possible. A little of heaven on earth! Thank you. 😻

  4. Hi guys, Messi and Kira are full of love. So cute watching another day with Messi’s adventures. Greetings from Vancouver, Canada 🇨🇦

  5. This cat is so gentle and kind i just want to hug him. Also you both are a loving and sweet couple. God bless you for taking Messi in. I can't get enough of your videos of Messi. Take care. Love from Houston,TX USA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. I 'm always so sorry about wild animals. Because inhabitant where they can live is being destroyed by capitalism. Global warming caused by fossil fuel threat existence of human. And almost living things like lion, puma, elephant, hyena, hippo and so on are being disappeared right now. But the oil company don't take any responsibility at all.
    That's why I feel sorry for wild animals. 🙁
    anyway, plz take care of messi until he die. Without you guys, he may die. Thanks a lot.
    From someone from korea.

  7. 호랑이는 고기를 먹고살기째문에 돈이없으면 못기르는 동물이다. 때문에 그 여자를 주의해야한다. 그여자뒤에는 거물이 많다.

  8. He sits there so good I could just squeeze and hug him how he listens so well to him while he gets him dressed

  9. That puma is unusually docile. Is he… mentally… normal? I mean felines are not like that. Especially wild breeds. He is lovely, but just seems too gentle.

  10. Your babies are so good. More than I can say for some children… They act like wild animals. 🥰🥰🥰🥰
    His raincoat is so cute! He hates it, but he’s being a good boy for you guys. Thank you for sharing your videos.

  11. Wow, you guys are so loving and tender with your animals. Messi is so sweet. I would be so afraid but you guys are totally devoted and that's beautiful.

  12. Все хорошо, прекрасное животное, чудесная пара. Но вот один вопрос – дети. Как это чудо чудное к ним относится?

  13. Englishhhhhhh yessss! Thankyou very much. I love hearing russian and just watching but having english subtitles just makes it even more enjoyable as now i can follow along with exactly what u guys r saying instead of just going off of context clues and body language. (Which works but isnt as exact as your english subs)

  14. I really really fall in love with messi. He is really adorable & extraordinary pet. Lots of love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  15. What a beautiful family. I love how Mess I understands everything you both say! Gorgeous….simply beautiful!

  16. Не перестаю восхищаться терпению Месси он чудесный мя гкий свой родной милый котик спасибо что не бросили такого милашка за воспитание члена семейства и кошечка супер

  17. У таких глаз, есть мама и папа , которых ещё поискать надо! Спасибо Вам большое за заботу и любовь о таком ЧУДЕ!!!


  19. Oh dad don’t make me wear this. You’re embarrassing me. 😹❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋
    I’m such a good boy.

  20. I’m sure this cat doesn’t like any clothes on it’s body. Just, what is the purpose? He already has a coat of fur….why the clothes?

  21. You’re both very loving parents to both kitties. This is a home filled with beautiful love.
    G d bless you and your kitties.😻

  22. Messi is so beautiful and well behaved. the people that care for are so wonderful. I start my day at work checking on new videos of messi. Greetings from Orono Maine USA

  23. Ну он прям ребёночек 🤗 А вы…. А вам…. Я даже не знаю, что сказать 🤔 наверное спасибо большое за то что забрали малыша себе и не просто для галочки, а именно забрали в семью 😊 душа радуется, когда на вас смотрю 😇😍😍😍

  24. Скажите, пожалуйста,а в ванне лапки мыть Месси отказывается или вам неудобно?

  25. А как соседи реагируют на вашего котика ?) вам дом надо свой на земле

  26. Детей заведите… не занимайтесь хернёй… ато привыкнете … нюхать кошочие дерьмо!

  27. О! да у вас тут "Кошкин Дом" 🙂 кстати,а вы полноценную ванную принимаете? можно процесс увидеть? 🙂


  29. Кирочка такая красавица,у меня тоже сфинкс,такого же окраса,очень умные коты,Киру тоже снимайте!

  30. Я безумно люблю Вашу семью. Каждый день смотрю ваше видео, и настроение прекрасное.

  31. У Меськи даже морда другая стала(довольная,милая).А у диких морда хищная,злая.

  32. Ребята, спасибо вам за Месси. Я уже несколько дней болела. Чувствовала себя не очень хорошо. Случайно попала на ваше видео. Бросить уже не смогла. Я стала лучше себя чувствовать. Ваши видео очень лечебно действуют на меня. Я очарованна Месси, а ещё больше очарованна вами мои дорогие хозяева Месси. Спасибо вам за вашу доброту, за вашу ласку и за ваше терпение к этому необыкновенному животному.

  33. Получаю от вашего видео такой позитив..!!!!!! Просто чудо!!!!

  34. What an ordeal just to go outside for a walk. It's the same with the snow, but that's less muddy, I guess. It's nice to see them take care to stay clean throughout the house. Many folks would not bother. They do. How often does Messi have to go outside to relieve himself? Will the new house have a pet door to allow him to go outside by himself? If so, how will you keep him clean when he comes back in?

  35. I At First Wasn't To Fond Of Kira…..No Fur! But, As Time Past, I Started Noticing Cute Things About Her, Like Her Ears, Eyes and Her Tiny Meow! How Her Mommy Raps Her is Soft Towels To Help Keep Her Warm due No Fur! And Seeing Kira In This Video Looking For Messi When He Went For Walk With Daddy…Kira's Really Cute! Little Precious!

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